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«Land Key Fairy (Web Novel) - Chapter 1813: One Sword For One Life

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Chapter 1813: One Sword For One Life

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The elder was, of course, the libationer. He said calmly, “The two of us are already mortal enemies, anyway. Even if some dishonorable methods are used, it is still worth it.”

Zhao Han replied with a cold snort, “Do you think you can defeat me with just that? Could it be that you are going to rely on Sect Master Yan next to you?” His gaze landed on the white-clad beauty next to the libationer. His expression turned ugly as he continued, “Does Sect Master Yan know what your actions represent right now? Once this emperor leaves this secret dungeon, the entire White Jade Sect will have to pay the price for your actions.”

The white-clad woman was indeed Yan Xuehen. She said with a sigh, “Even if I stayed out of this affair, could it be that your majesty really would have left the White Jade Sect alone?”

She already knew about Li Changsheng’s participation in the scheme against the emperor. The entire White Jade Sect was already hanging on the very edge, so anything she did at this point was reasonable.

Zhao Han was already unhappy about the Baopu Sutra. He couldn’t help but glower, saying, “This emperor has treated Sect Master Yan with considerable respect over the years. I never expected that we would face each other like this.”

Yan Xuehen remained silent. She didn’t want to fight against Zhao Han either, but with how things stood, she had more important concerns.

Just then, the libationer said, “Sect Master Yan, you should head into the great tomb to look for your companions.”

“But…” Yan Xuehen began.

She was a bit nervous, because she knew that the libationer would be a bit weaker than Zhao Han if they fought one on one. Furthermore, the libationer had gotten injured, and for her sake, no less. Of course, there was no way she would be foolish enough to reveal that information. Otherwise, Zhao Han would have even more confidence.

“It’s fine,” the libationer said, shaking his head. “You will not be able to offer much in a battle on this scale. Furthermore, you have something more important to do right now, which is contacting your companions.”

Yan Xuehen looked conflicted. She knew that what the libationer said was true, but leaving her benefactor at such a life-saving moment didn’t agree with her principles at all.

The libationer chuckled and said, “Don’t worry. He was wounded just now, so I might not lose. Besides, when you deal with the situation there, you might even be able to bring people over to help me.”

Yan Xuehen gritted her teeth and replied, “Then I will be leaving for now. Sir, please take care of yourself!” She did have something really important to tell Zu An. She wasn’t the indecisive sort, so after bowing to the libationer, she sped toward the great tomb.

“You want to leave?!” Zhao Han yelled, his expression changing. A large hand appeared and tried to grab Yan Xuehen.

Even though he was stronger than the libationer, he had been completely immersed in the immortal opportunity, and was wounded due to carelessness. If Yan Xuehen brought over some more helpers to face him, perhaps he would really be finished here. After all, he didn’t even know what Zu An’s hidden cards were yet. Zu An had even been able to kill his own split soul, so it was likely that he could pose a threat.

A large sleeve moved to block the hand as the libationer said, “Your opponent is me.”

The two of them exchanged a few blows, and both staggered backward.

Zhao Han was stunned. Then, he roared with laughter, exclaiming, “So you were injured as well!”

The libationer replied indifferently, “Isn’t your majesty also injured?”

Jing Teng said, “I don’t know where the inner manual is hidden, but it might very well be in the depths of the great tomb. If Sect Master Sun is interested, you can go and look around.”

Sun En chuckled and replied, “Little lady, aren’t you taking me for too much of a fool? You want me to look around in a place even the immortal ruler felt apprehensive about?”

He even shivered a bit when he heard those roars. They were clearly extremely powerful creatures, so how could he dare to go in deeper?

“Then there’s nothing more I can do for you,” Jing Teng said with a helpless expression. “I already told you the only possibility I know, but you’re too scared to do it.”

Wang Youjun, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly spoke. “No, there seems to be another method…”

“What do you mean?” Jing Teng exclaimed, stunned.

“…which is to seize your lover and force you to speak the truth,” Wang Youjun finished. At almost the same instant, he appeared next to Zu An and grabbed his shoulder.

His Flash Talismans were incredibly precious. He’d only had two left before, so he normally wouldn’t use them unless it was to save his life. However, Sun En had ordered him to use one, so he didn’t dare to say no.

Wang Youjun had been observing Zu An the whole time, but this pretty boy didn’t have any ki fluctuations. He really was unbearably weak.

This kid probably relied on his looks and flowery speech to mooch off of the women around him.

Among the women, Yun Jianyue was the strongest, but she couldn’t compare to him in speed. By the time they reacted to his sudden ambush, Sun En wouldn’t just watch without doing anything, and would restrain all of them. If they tried to do something, Sun En would definitely stop them.

As such, all he had to do was to instantly close the gap between him and that pretty boy, and then restrain him. That task didn’t seem difficult at all. The only unfortunate thing was that to do so, he would be wasting a precious Flash Talisman.

Damn Sun En, you’re too ashamed to ambush your juniors, so you’re making me do the dirty deed. F*ck you!

Just then, a streak of resplendent sword radiance appeared before Wang Youjun’s eyes. He was absolutely certain that he had never seen such a dazzling sword strike in his life. It was like the brilliant cosmos, and also like limpid moonlight. It resembled the rise of a blazing sun.

One’s sword strike could often signal the end of another’s life.

Wang Youjun was surprised by the speed he suddenly seemed to be moving at, wondering when his movement skill had become so fast. Even his body seemed to have become lighter.

Huh? Wait, why is that person’s back in front of me so familiar?

That person was grabbing Zu An’s shoulder, but its head was missing. Quite a bit of blood was gushing out.

I’m dead?

Wang Youjun felt as if his hair were standing on end.

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