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«Di Ba (Web Novel) - Chapter 5942: Snacking

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Chapter 5942: Snacking

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“You think too highly of yourself and your dynasty.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head, surprising the crowd with his untethered arrogance.

Iron Thorns’ goal was to understand Li Qiye but it didn’t seem to be working. He turned toward Demon Moon Saber Saint’s group and said: “Miss Liu, follow me obediently now. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

The crowd exchanged glances after seeing the emperor not wanting to deal with Li Qiye despite the tiger having eaten numerous inspectors.

Putting aside Li Qiye’s transgression, why didn’t the emperor simply kill Demon Moon and her clan members? Could it be that dealing with these sinners was more important than avenging the pseudo-emperors?

Demon Moon’s expression changed and the others shuddered. It seemed impossible for them to escape since their identity was now exposed.

Demon Moon might be unbeatable in the frontier but couldn’t take on a Grand Emperor. The latter could kill all of them in the blink of an eye.

“This sinner hunt belongs to the past but your dynasty continues to misuse its authority.” A pleasant voice spoke and offended Immortal Suppression.

Everyone looked over and saw a beauty with a ponytail; their eyes couldn’t help but light up from the wonderful sight.

Iron Thorns’ eyes flashed menacingly at her - Chu Zhu. The rays in his eyes resembled arrows capable of piercing the heart, causing some spectators to gasp.

Chu Zhu didn’t mind and seemed to be welcoming his aggression, flipping her ponytail without a care.

He found another potential issue - the beauty with an unknown identity and an unassessable cultivation. This minor ghost market was rather problematic.

“I agree wholeheartedly. Immortal Suppression is still holding onto this issue instead of letting it pass.” Someone laughed and offended the dynasty as well.

Powerful cultivators were shocked. What was going on today? Did everyone want to step on Immortal Suppression?

Moreover, there was a Grand Emperor present. It was rather unwise to be insulting his dynasty.

Everyone looked over and saw a slightly overweight woman with freckles. Losing just a bit of weight would make her a voluptuous and mature woman.

Most importantly, she dressed casually like a villager throwing on a plain dress. This made her look unsophisticated while leaning against a tree.

She chewed on a snack loudly and made loud noises as if she were eating a rock. Others normally turned a blind eye to such an uncultured woman, but they could sense something mighty coming from her.

Her weight wasn’t outrageous, but the earth had a hard time bearing her existence each time she walked.

Everyone hoped to stay away from her because just a slight touch could pulverize them.

“Minisun Grand Emperor!” Someone recognized her.

“From Enigma.” Others took a deep breath after hearing her title and background - an emperor with more fame than Iron Thorns.

She was considerably stronger as well, possessing a total of seven fruits. Whoever saw her for the first time would feel frustrated about her appearance. After all, emperors could change their body and appearance freely.

Minisun chose otherwise, maintaining a form unsuitable to that of a prestigious emperor. The sight of her constantly munching on snacks made one wonder if she would eventually become a chubby aunty.

Instead of having an oppressive aura, her steps contained the weight of countless mountains.

Iron Thorns didn’t dare to underestimate her despite her appearance.

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