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«Di Ba (Web Novel) - Chapter 5941: Heavensealing Bracelets

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Chapter 5941: Heavensealing Bracelets

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“Clank!” The bracelets connected and sealed the sky, turning into an unbreakable fortress. Its light enveloped all living beings and commanded attention.

It didn’t exude any pressure or power yet even a fool could discern its peerless value.

“Bam!” The world-cleaving sword struck the fortress, causing sparks to fly like fireworks and shockwaves reducing everything to dust.

Spectators felt their knees buckling from the spectacle and dropping to the ground, amazed by the successful stop.

“Boom!” A Grand Emperor finally appeared in the sky.

“Crunch!” However, the flood tiger had already chomped the twins’ head off, stopping their screams abruptly.

It had no qualms about killing the duo in the presence of a Grand Emperor and finished the meal.

“Clank!” Li Qiye raised his hand and the bracelets returned to his wrist, looking as normal as ever.

Meanwhile, the Grand Emperor had waves of energy pulsing from him, slamming weaker cultivators in the chest like a tsunami. This automatic aura alone was beyond the crowd’s tolerance.

“Iron Thorns Grand Emperor, here in person…” An expert murmured.

They trembled while feeling a sense of reverence toward this middle-aged man. He seemed to have metal instead of flesh beneath his black robe and cloak. A trace of red glow could be seen amidst the cloth as if he was walking in the night. Nevertheless, he also exuded a majestic life force from being connected to the earth.

His origin was a thorn tree demon managing to reach the dao. He hailed from Skytree City and joined Immortal Suppression later, obtaining three dao fruits there.

“Fellow Daoist, where are you from?” He asked with a piercing gaze.

Other cultivators had nowhere to hide and lacked the courage to stare directly at him. They focused their attention on Li Qiye instead since they had the same question.

No matter how they looked at it, he was just an ordinary mortal. Where did he get this high-level treasure capable of stopping an imperial attack?

Moreover, it appeared that he had just tossed them into the air. There was no activation or dao empowerment.

Iron Thorns activated his heavenly gaze to scan Li Qiye repeatedly and came to the same conclusion as everyone else - just a mortal.

“Raa!” As he observed Li Qiye, the flood tiger prowed nearby while displaying its teeth.

Iron Thorns couldn’t help becoming cautious and grabbing his sword’s hilt. He felt a threat coming from this unknown beast.

Li Qiye whistled and the tiger hurriedly ran back and lay down next to his feet, playing the role of an obedient dog again.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this. Just seeing its teeth terrorized and made them see images of being devoured by it.

Iron Thorns relaxed after seeing the flood tiger acting docile again. He knew the beast could be at the imperial level.

“Fellow Daoist, you interfered with our dynasty’s mission. I doubt this is a simple misunderstanding.” He spoke calmly.

“So what if I did?” Li Qiye shrugged.

Listeners took a deep breath after hearing this - a mortal daring to speak disrespectfully to an emperor.

“You must be antagonizing us on purpose.” Iron Thorns said, not becoming angry and only wanting to find out more about Li Qiye.

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