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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2865 Myriadpath Valley's Reputation

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Chapter 2865 Myriadpath Valley's Reputation

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“The disciple of Mister Taihe?” Some light finally returned to Shenxi Xingtian’s darkened eyes.

“As requested.” The old-looking child brought a specter with long orange hair into the Ebonfiend.

He looked incredibly young and vigorous and had nearly a million stars in his eyes, perhaps more. When Shenxi Xingtian’s gaze fell on the youth’s heptastar cosmic body, he solemnly praised, “As expected of an absolute monster of Myriadpath Valley. Such a powerful physique with incredible astron density… I’ve never seen anything like it! I’m impressed!”

The Li Fan here was different from the form he had at Skyhold Bridge. He was about two thousand years old, completely different from his five-hundred-year-old self. If Lin Ke and Fengqing Youmeng were both at the ninth level of the Cosmic Cartographer stage, one could imagine how powerful Li Fan was, considering that he could join Myriadpath Valley.

“But of course! With Li Fan’s astron count, if their density was the same as normal lifebound beasts’, his volume would be higher than the biggest lifebound beast on Ebonia!” the male child exclaimed.

“Lifebound beast? No, not even that. Apart from the bloodline wisteria, I think that none of them could rival Li Fan in pure size,” Shenxi Xingtian said. All those astrons so densely packed together were a sure sign of physical toughness. “One could say that Brother Li Fan’s shown us what specters are truly capable of achieving! Perhaps the strongest specters seek not to increase their size beyond that of humans, but instead to increase their astron density while remaining in human form!”

Though praises were being thrown around aplenty, Li Fan had been showered with them as far back as he could remember. Not to mention, these two reges mundi weren’t that impressive to him. He gave them a basic greeting and said, “Reges Mundi, you two truly flatter me. I’m but a normal member of Myriadpath Valley.”

“You’re also humble,” Shenxi Xingtian said. The fact that he could still smile after sustaining all the losses he had showed how tough he was mentally. He was a talent in his own right.

Li Fan didn’t want to linger on pointless pleasantries and leaned against the edge of the long table. “Before I came, Myriadpath Valley learned of what befell the ebons. Yi Daiyan’s attacks not only caused Taixi City to fall, but also resulted in the deaths of billions of your kind, right?”

“That’s true. She even killed many of my infinitum-class warbeasts,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

“The warbeasts aren’t important. The crucial thing is that she started a war that resulted in the deaths of far too many innocents,” Li Fan sternly said.

“That’s right!” Shenxi Xingtian wholeheartedly agreed.

“Rex Mundi Shenxi, you should know that Myriadpath Valley can’t interfere in the internal affairs of other mundi, right?”

“Rex Mundi Meng Ying informed me of as much.”

“Very well.” Li Fan cleared his throat. “Rex Mundi Shenxi, the luxdaemons that migrated from Intrepidus have invaded the Infinitum Mundus. One of their members now boasts unparalleled combat capabilities and started an astral war against your kind, resulting in the loss of countless lives. Yi Daiyan and her luxdaemons have committed a grave sin. They can’t be forgiven. Is that why you, the rex mundi of the Infinitum Mundus, have requested aid from Myriadpath Valley to address this grave injustice?!”

“That’s right! We ebons shall never submit, even in the face of death! We’re trying to protect the Infinitum Mundus from Yi Daiyan and her luxdaemon invaders!”

“Given the heinous acts Yi Daiyan has committed, Myriadpath Valley decided to send out Mister Taihe to right these wrongs on your behalf. At the same time, the godshades of Intrepidus gravely apologize for the invasion of the luxdaemons and have decided to work with you and Mister Taihe to subdue Yi Daiyan!” Li Fan said.

“We of the Skydome Mundus are willing to send elites of our own to help our fellow brothers of the Infinitum Mundus. May justice be carried out on Rex Mundi Shenxi’s behalf and peace be restored to the Infinitum Mundus,” Meng Ying said.

“Please accept my humblest thanks! I’m eternally grateful!” Shenxi Xingtian agitatedly said.

They all locked gazes and smiled.

Li Fan shrugged and added, “While things like reputation and banners are boring, they’re actually really important. When my master meets our friends from Intrepidus and they make their move, all of you have to spread this narrative to legitimize our actions!”

“Will do!” Shenxi Xingtian said in all earnesty. In fact, in one of the previous losing battles, he’d had quite a lot of popular support.

“While victory is contingent on power, having a righteous cause sweetens the victory and prevents other troubles,” Li Fan said.

“May Myriadpath Valley be assured that nobody else in Ebonia will be able to keep us down after Yi Daiyan’s death. I’ll be the one to set the narrative however I please,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

“Of course. We believe in your authority, Rex Mundi Shenxi.”

A round of laughter broke out among the people in the Ebonfiend, Shenxi Xingtian included. Though he had been suffering a lot from those losses, he could still endure as long as there was hope. His expression contorted as he imagined the day he would be able to stomp Yi Daiyan beneath his feet.

“Whether we succeed or fail is still uncertain. Don’t celebrate so soon,” Shenxi Xingtian said, flames of vengeance burning in his heart.

After agreeing on the narrative, they sat down to discuss the details of the cooperation. Li Fan said with a strong emphasis, “Yi Daiyan and Li Tianming have many trump cards and are unpredictable. While I have a treasure that can breach their divine astralships and it seems like any of the three of us would be sufficient to take them down without my master or the seniors from Intrepidus, I believe we shouldn’t act hastily. We should wait until our reinforcements come in full.”

“You speak sense.” Shenxi Xingtian had believed on quite a few occasions that he’d had what it took, only to lack one crucial thing that resulted in his loss. His impatience had dearly cost him. “I really didn’t think they’d defect to the Infinitum Bodhimanda! Perhaps Lin Feng and Lin Xiaodao got wind of Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus’ involvement somehow.”

“Who leaked it?” Li Fan coldly asked.

“Perhaps the chief of the Star Hunters was discovered,” Shenxi Xingtian said. He knew that Fengqing Youmeng was still a captive on the Sun, but he wouldn’t bring it up while Meng Ying was there. The milk had already spilled, anyway, so there was no point in fussing over it.

“It’s pointless even if they’ve learned about it, unless they want to abandon the Sun and flee into the depths of empty space,” Meng Ying said.

“As far as I’m aware, Lin Fang and Yi Daiyan definitely won’t do that. They don’t know exactly how many reinforcements are coming from Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus. Their pride might make them believe that they can take us on,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

“Let’s hope that’s the case. Perhaps I’ll have to get my master and the rest to hurry up,” Li Fan said.

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