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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2864 Depths of Depravity

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Chapter 2864 Depths of Depravity

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Ebonia’s residents received their nth surprise of the day. All the believers of the Infinitum Bodhimanda felt as if they had personally witnessed the sight of the Infinitum Stele crushing the heartfiend ghoulbeast from within the wildbeast wall! Including the taixi fiendbeast, Yi Daiyan had killed four infinitum-class warbeasts in total, leaving only a single one—the bloodline wisteria—on Ebonia.

The bloodline wisteria’s life cycle was different from that of astral gods. It was said to have survived for tens of thousands of years, being the oldest living thing on all of Ebonia. In some way, it had achieved a semblance of immortality. Plant-type wildbeasts were truly incredible. As the ruler of all wildbeasts, the bloodline wisteria was feared by all. Not to mention, it could appear anywhere across the planet.

But alas, even though Yi Daiyan couldn’t deal with it yet, word of her slaughter of the other four infinitum-class warbeasts shook the Infinitum Bodhimanda, far more than the fall of Taixi City had.

“Yet another massive win!”

“The wildbeasts have plagued Ebonia for too long. The first rex mundi’s deeds will see her to eternal fame!”

“First Rex Mundi Yi Daiyan will usher in the biggest change of the era!”

“Those ebon rats and their warbeasts must be exterminated! Eventually, this world will be ruled by us humans!”

Mindblowing pieces of news were coming one after another without end. The many warriors in the ships of the Infinitum Bodhimanda outside of Ebonopolis who had personally witnessed the slaying of the heartfiend ghoulbeast were even more shaken. Yi Daiyan’s reputation in Ebonia could be topped by no one, even taking into account the massive contributions of Xiaodao and Tianming.

Amidst such a mood, the white-haired witch raised her sword and stepped on the carcass of the heartfiend ghoulbeast with her back facing the trillions of nova wildbeasts behind her. Facing her millions of troops, she said, “Lin Feng of the Swordgod Lin Clan has played a most pivotal role in the slaying of four infinitum-class warbeasts! It was he who managed to inform me of the location of these dastardly, hard-to-find pests.”

Many found her heavy emphasis on Tianming’s contribution rather weird.

“Why does the rex mundi almost seem afraid that we wouldn’t be thankful to Lin Feng?”

“It’s a good thing! It’s a sign that the Swordgod Lin Clan and the rex mundi’s enmity has been resolved and the Infinitum Bodhimanda is even more united than before! The fact that she’s trying to get us to accept Lin Feng is a sign that their relationship is incredibly good.”

“I did hear that Lin Feng’s eyes see everything. Nobody can have any secrets from him. Even all the informants on the Sun have been found by him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he used that same method to help the slaying of those infinitum-class beasts.”

“The rex mundi is magnanimous indeed!”

“Did you all forget the rumor that those two are actually mother and son? Even the Swordgod Lin Clan has come to accept the fact that Lin Mu and Yi Daiyan produced an heir before their relationship fell apart due to unknown circumstances. Whatever the case is, the two mended their relationship. Blood’s thicker than water, after all.”

“That makes sense.”

“How could a son like him hate his mother, considering the kind of person his father was?”

The Ebonians had countless conspiracies of their own about Tianming and Yi Daiyan’s relationship. Either way, they were still relieved that relations were becoming normalized. More than that, they no longer feared the ebons at all!

“Apart from the bloodline wisteria, the ebons have fallen to the level of the sanctlighters. A mere regal clan that’s slightly larger than the norm and can’t even rival the Swordgod Lin Clan.”

“Yeah. They’re no longer a threat.”

“Once our ships wipe out the wildbeast wall, Ebonia will be entirely rid of wildbeasts! We’re truly blessed!”

The entire world excitedly anticipated the future after the war. Most of the common folk could already see the light of peace shining through the stormy clouds.


Shenxi Xingtian listened to the reports from within the Ebonfiend in Ebonopolis. When he heard that the heartfiend ghoulbeast had perished, ink-black liquid flowed out of his eyes, dying his skeleton face black. He was beyond the depths of depravity.

“It’s fine,” someone said from behind him.

Shenxi Xingtian turned around and saw a young couple with heavy wrinkles. Their hair was pale white and their expressions were horrid. Their youthful, yet old appearance was incredibly eerie to behold. They were Meng Ying. They’d been in such a state since Wudi had wrecked many of the tanks in their ship; not even the Starembryo Fiendart could help them.

“All this, and you think it’s fine?” Shenxi Xingtian said, his voice wavering between crying and laughing.

“It really is. In terms of the war, you’ve suffered a complete loss. Infinitum-class warbeasts were never supposed to be effective deterrents against powerful cultivators anyway,” the male child said, glaring at Shenxi Xingtian as he took a seat. “All you have to do is to focus on the battle of the elites.”

The female child continued, “Shenxi Xingtian, don’t keep thinking about how much you’ve lost. As long as the elites of Myriadpath Valley and Intrepidus come to kill Yi Daiyan, Lin Xiaodao, and Lin Feng for you, the Infinitum Bodhimanda will be left with no leaders. The others who remain won’t be able to contest you at all, while the rest of the ebons can force them to take your side. You’ll easily be able to unite the mundus under your rule.”

The male child nodded. “That’s why legacies are important! Clans without long legacies rely on one or two stellar figures to rise. But once they perish, all that’s left behind is nothing but an empty shell.”

The female child said, “When you take over, you should end this Infinitum Bodhimanda charade. Forcefully limit the living space of the other regal clans. Perhaps you can even try exterminating them altogether. Let the ebons be the only remaining faction around! As long as you control Ebonia’s nova source distribution, you can starve the other regal clans while you nourish your own. In ten thousand years or less, the ebons will rise even higher than before! All that’s been lost today will be reclaimed and you’ll achieve true supremacy over your mundus like we, the divine wondersky race, have.”

The couple continued speaking each other’s thoughts as if they were the same person.

Shenxi Xingtian sounded far more relaxed when he finished listening and slumped into his chair. With a woeful laugh, he said, “Whatever. No matter whether what you said makes sense or not, I’ll believe in it. That way, I’ll at least be able to feel better. I’m looking forward to meeting our friends from Intrepidus and Myriadpath Valley even more now.”

“It won’t be long now. They’ve already transferred from Intrepidus to Myriadpath Valley. Next, they’ll transfer to the Skydome Mundus. All you have to do in the meantime is remain hidden and not stir up any more trouble,” said the male child.

“Naturally, we are able to guide you to meet a key figure in Myriadpath Valley this very day,” the female child said.

“Who would that be?” Shenxi Xingtian asked expectantly.

“The disciple of Mister Taihe,” the male child said. Behind him, a Xenoworld gate appeared. The child snapped his finger and smiled. “Come out, Li Fan.”

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