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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2625 – The Alliance of Justice

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Chapter 2625 - The Alliance of Justice

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The Sun’s cloaking formation had also improved, but Tianming didn’t activate it. Instead, the Sun simply swaggered to the area filled with fragmented stars. Since they couldn’t escape the ebonian fiendbats, there was no need to hide. Tianming was even aware that Lin Jie’s Judgment was nearby, witnessing the expansion of the Sun.

The twin dragons and the Sun mightily moved forward. Tianming didn’t like excessively consuming nova source, but he had no choice for survival and growth.

The Sun had to fight alone, so the upcoming battle couldn’t affect Gladeus. Therefore, it needed to move to a sufficiently distant location. Tianming chose the region where they had defeated the Star Hunters; the journey would take several days.

After reaching the destination, the only thing he needed to do aside from preparing for battle was to provide the Sun with enough soil and moisture!

“After this time, there shouldn’t be another chance for it to expand further. We can plant flowers, grass, and trees.” A barren world would be unpleasant for anyone to live on. Who wouldn’t appreciate a world filled with blooming flowers, lively nightlife, and bustling streets? Blazing nova source represented the world’s cruel nature, while the colorful mortal world above the fusion barrier symbolized humanity’s pursuit of peace and beauty.

“Every piece of debris that becomes part of the Sun will eventually become the bricks of homes, the weapons in people’s hands, or ancestors’ tombstones as generations pass.” During the process of creating a new world, Tianming was deeply moved. “Perhaps only by personally creating a world can you truly understand what it means to be an emperor.”

This time, without Huang Qi to stop him, no one should be able to hinder him from obtaining his imperial order!


The Ninedragon Imperial Tomb landed not far from the Sky Palace Formation. One of its dragon heads lay on the ground with its mouth open, allowing Tianming to emerge. The countless inhabitants of the Sky Palace Formation cheered, and through the omnisentient threads, their divine wills, heavenly wills, and even orders linked to Tianming’s albi, gradually forming something similar to a symbiotic cultivation system.

“When the imperial system reaches its peak, it becomes a large-scale symbiotic cultivation system.” That would be truly extraordinary. The Primordial God-Emperor was even more shocking than Tianming had imagined.

Tianming stepped into the Sky Palace Formation. The massive Flameyellow Coffin was right in front of him. Even people like Lin Zhongtian and Lin Zhonghai couldn’t help but partake in the Flameyellow Bloodsoul! They, too, could enjoy it.

Lin Xiaodao, of course, didn’t need to be mentioned. Because of his recognition by the Gladean Ruins, his absorption efficiency was on par with the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect’s Long Wanying. “Can this thing not only allow me to integrate with this new world but also break through to the Foundation stage? If I can, then… I should become the third strongest in the Infinitum Mundus.” He was full of anticipation.

“The Foundation stage?” In other words, he had already reached the pinnacle of the Cosmic Cartography stage! No wonder he could defeat Chi Hun.

The Swordgod Lin Clan hadn’t been in the top three on the reges mundi ranking since the two generations of rex mundi. If Lin Xiaodao could achieve that feat at his age, apart from Yi Daiyan, his achievements would be top-notch. Everything left by the flameyellow divinities had brought him great benefits.

“Brother Li, absorb it quickly too! My secret chambers are still waiting for you!”

“Don’t worry, I’m drinking it all down!” Wudi enthusiastically said.

Tianming could only think, This is Flameyellow Bloodsoul, not wine! Drink? Be careful of losing your tongue!

After the birth of the new world, there was joy and anticipation in the Sky Palace Formation, as everyone had high hopes for the future. In response to the upcoming battle, their fighting spirit was equally high.

However, even Tianming himself didn’t notice that when the doors of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb opened, a drop of water finally condensed on the broken drill hidden deep within. That drop of water continued to roll, and finally, silently fell onto the ground.

From the water droplet, a face condensed. “You still don’t understand the shenyin race, which has the greatest vitality in the universe…”

While small, the face vividly portrayed hatred and malevolence. It gazed at the vast burning world before it.

“This miracle-like world will definitely pique the interest of those lunatics from Intrepid. The Star Hunters were known by the entire universe. We won’t just silently disappear!”


On Ebonia, in the darkness of the underground world, a giant black and red demon head’s crimson eyes continued to flicker with light. It was the Ebonfiend, the Infinitum Mundus’s war machine!

Once again, there was a pitch-black hall where nothing could be seen except for the golden eyes on Shenxi Xingtian’s palms.

“Shenxi Xingtian!” In the shadows, a bizarre ripple in space opened up and a plump, snow-white baby emerged, jumping directly onto the wooden table.

“What’s going on with that world? Did it really just swallow up two-thirds of your Gladeus?” Meng Ying, the leader of the Skydome Mundus, shook his head with a furrowed brow. Even he had never witnessed such a thing. In each mundus, ancestral rules were strictly enforced, and casually moving an ether-class nova source would incur huge losses. Who would dare?

“It’s because they captured the ebonian fiendbats and knew they were at the end of their rope. Lin Xiaodao, as the lord of Gladeus, chose to become the eternal sinner of the Infinitum Mundus and fight to the death,” Shenxi Xingtian calmly explained.

“He’s giving up Gladeus just like that?” Meng Ying found it hard to believe. That was an ether-class world!

“Yes.” Shenxi Xingtian nodded.

“That can only mean the new world’s given them confidence. The fact that it gave birth to the Gladean Ruins means it’s likely to be a world of the infinitum-class. Having two infinitum-class worlds in one realm is a massive profit—congrats,” Meng Ying enviously sighed.

“Congrats? Our job just got much harder.”

“That’s reasonable. Otherwise, if the other side can’t even put up a fight, there’d be no need for us to get involved.” Meng Ying said.

“Yes, right now, you two are our last trump card, and the only thing the other side won’t anticipate,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

“Is that so?” Meng Ying’s eyes lit up.

“You were in a hurry earlier. Did you want to negotiate for more benefits?” Shenxi Xingtian smiled.

“Don’t look at me like that. Am I that kind of person?” Meng Ying laid down, propping up his small legs, and said, “I’m just amazed by Lin Xiaodao’s boldness. He dared to do this. Can you endure it?”

“Of course not. That’s why this news helps me a lot. My allies are all indignant, and now the entirety of Ebonia is condemning Lin Xiaodao. Seeing that Yi Daiyan is still silent, those who were wavering are flocking to our side… We should be able to increase our military strength by fifty percent with the troops. As we have just cause, the Infinitum Regal Clans are also willing to spare no expense,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

“This is like poking a hornet’s nest, making a lot of people angry.” Meng Ying chuckled.

“Are you calling us hornets?” Shenxi Xingtian asked.

“Just joking, don’t take it seriously!” Meng Ying laughed.

“So, now that the target is set and we’re only attacking one world, how much longer do you need?” Shenxi Xingtian asked.

“If the target’s set, we can speed up. Three months!” Meng Ying said.

“In that case, ten days from now, our Reges Mundi Allied Forces can set off,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

“With just cause and for the extermination of evil, and the Infinitum Mundus’ justice… interesting, interesting.” Meng Ying grinned.

“Lin Xiaodao is indeed unique. He dares to do everything others wouldn’t. Unfortunately, his madness will only lead to a more miserable demise,” Shenxi Xingtian calmly said.

“Yi Daiyan must really hate Lin Xiaodao right now. If she doesn’t suppress him, her reputation will also suffer,” Meng Ying said.

“In the past, it was my ebons that were overbearing, but now it’s different.” Shenxi Xingtian faintly smiled.

“In that case, I wish the righteous ebons a victorious start,” Meng Ying said.

“I also wish you great success in fulfilling your merits,” Shenxi Xingtian said.

They looked at each other and the flames of war ignited in their eyes. Ten days was a very short time!

The news of what happened on Gladeus had spread like a storm across Ebonia, and the news of the expeditionary army’s departure would also spread like a storm to the Sun!


In the Infinitum Swordsea’s council hall, all council members had been gathered the past few days. Every day was filled with tension; they all knew that the area around the Infinitum Swordsea had been surrounded by the ebons, and many other ships from its alliance.

The Eastpole Skyshaker Family, the Fiend Qiangnan Clan, and the Central Shuntian Clan! Once upon a time, they had been fencesitters, but now they stood on the side of ‘justice’.

As for the Lin Clan, which had once been threatened by the ebons, they had embarked on an astonishing path after their internal conflict ended. They had actually thrown off Yi Daiyan, forging their own path by boldly confronting the ebons themselves! Such an achievement had left many people stunned.

Lin Xiaodao and the Gladean Ruins had turned the balance of power from a bipolar struggle into a three-way competition! And now it was the most turbulent time in the situation.

The ships surrounding the Infinitum Swordsea, including many ether-class ones, posed a threat to its high-sanctuary-class guard formation. The core disciples of the Lin Clan, numbering in the billions, could hardly find peace.

Neither could the council hall. That was, until one day, when the news of the upheaval of Gladeus reached the council hall. They knew that it was the method used by Lin Xiaodao and the others to turn the tables after the appearance of the bats had pushed them to the brink of despair.

At the same time, they deduced that such a “rebellion” was even more serious than the previous incident of secretly seizing the Myriadstar Zone. The ebons and their allies now undoubtedly had an excuse to mobilize countless troops. If Yi Daiyan stopped them, it would be equivalent to obstructing ‘justice,’ distorting right and wrong!

“This means Xiaodao’s side really has to face a great battle alone…” The elders were filled with worries. Even at this time, their concern was still primarily about Tianming’s side.

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