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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2624 – A Terrifying New World

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Chapter 2624 - A Terrifying New World

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Gladeus had grown old. After winning the first battle against the ebon’s expeditionary forces, it had now retired from the stage. Even though curses resounded throughout the entire planet at the moment, Lin Xiaodao endured it. All of it was inevitable.

“Everyone has their own standpoint, which is understandable. We’re only making choices that benefit our clans and ourselves the most under the current circumstances.” There was no perfect decision that benefited everyone. That was why they needed to bear the greatest pressure and fight a war where winning was the only option. This war would secure their future by deterring external enemies.

Experience had taught Tianming’s trio that a new emerging power needed to fight a real “battle of establishing independence” to truly shock and awe its rivals. The previous two times didn’t count, obviously, as they hadn’t truly intimidated their opponents yet. Only by knocking out their opponents’ teeth could they make these people think twice before even mentioning the Sun. With an ether-class New Sun, Tianming’s trio was thirty percent stronger than hiding on Gladeus.

The Sun’s first transformation occurred in the Flameyellow Fusion Formation. Its size and grade increased to the ether class and billions of new divine patterns appeared, making the fusion formation over ten times more complex, locking down the turbulent nova source within.

The current nova source of the Sun was primarily derived from the death storm of Gladeus, along with various other attributes. However, strangely, the Sun didn’t turn gray like Gladeus, but remained gold and red, burning as fiercely as golden fire.

“It should be related to the fusion formation.” The color was only superficial, and the attributes of the nova source, including divine hazards and cosmic impulses, wouldn’t fundamentally change.

Next, Ji Ji, as the First Aeonic Ancestral Star, integrated about half of its body into the nova source of the Sun. A pink storm rapidly swept across the globe, signifying that the power of the genesis ancestral nova source had been added. As a result, a seemingly delicate, colorful, and even somewhat “charming” ether-class world was born in the starry sky, like a magnificent young girl. However, only when one got closer would they realize how violent it was. The pink nova source imbued everything, making the flames fiercer, the thunderstorms more violent, and the storms more ferocious.

“It’s finally gotten a bit bigger. It’s comfortable… This house isn’t bad.” Ji Ji’s spiritual body lazily stretched in front of Tianming.

“House?” Tianming was dumbfounded. A world that was ten thousand times the size of a heliacal-class world was just a house to Ji Ji. It would take an astralship to fly from its bed to its bathroom.

“Godfather! Godfather! Quickly check the guard formation and the Flameyellow Coffin!” Combat capabilities required Wudi to monitor. That was fortunate, as otherwise, it wouldn’t be convenient for Tianming to leave.

While the Sun was absorbing Gladeus, Li Wudi had been lying in the Flameyellow Coffin while it wandered within the Flameyellow Guard Formation. He personally felt the changes in the Flameyellow Coffin and the formation accompanying the Sun’s upgrade. When Tianming asked him, he leaped out like a fire-red carp from the Flameyellow Bloodsoul.

Tianming could see that the Flameyellow Coffin had grown. Previously, it was roughly as big as a deific-class ship, but now it was equivalent to a sanctuary-class ship. “It’s quite exaggerated for a cosmic artifact to reach that size.” The ore of a cosmic artifact was much more refined than an astralship’s.

Moreover, artifacts didn’t rely on divine astralship formations to lock down the power of cosmic impulses, but only ores and some divine patterns. It was hard to make them as large as an astralship like this. The size of the Flameyellow Coffin was indeed a miracle; while it couldn’t match the mass anti-army capabilities of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, it could still shatter a sanctuary-class ship.

Of course, Wudi was still too weak, so its range of use was limited to the Sun.

The significant increase in the size of the Flameyellow Coffin also resulted in a tenfold increase in the Flameyellow Bloodsoul. “That means that the upper limit of the bloodline talent of my citizens has been increased tenfold, and it’s more than I can use as of now!”

From the moment the Flameyellow Bloodsoul had appeared, Wudi had been absorbing it for a long time but there was still no sign of reaching his limit. But now there was even more! The upgrading of talents was a long-term plan for generations to come.

“After the citizens absorb the Flameyellow Bloodsoul and enhance their bloodline talent, it can be passed down to future generations without the need for further absorption.” Descendants would no longer need to absorb it. A dragon would give birth to a dragon! As long as this generation became dragons, it would be enough.

Furthermore, the number of reliefs on the coffin’s surface was related to its size. They hadn’t grown larger, but their quantity had increased. With a tenfold increase in the Flameyellow Coffin’s size, there were now ten times more reliefs of flameyellow fiends.

“Let’s see a miracle!” In the battle against the Star Hunters, the maximum number of fiends was ninety thousand, but later, when Tianming connected the Flameyellow Pillar, it had risen to a hundred and twenty thousand! They weren’t using the Flameyellow Pillar now, but under Wudi’s control, the new Flameyellow Coffin released one flameyellow fiend after another, directly absorbing nova source through the Flameyellow Guard Formation.

An extremely spectacular scene unfolded as one small relief after another expanded and erupted! Nine hundred thousand small painted figures went from being cute and silly to armored, three-headed, six-armed war gods! They were arranged in an orderly manner, and just like Yin Chen, were all identical.

Although Ji Ji had turned them pink, they didn’t appear girly. The nine hundred thousand flaming demon gods coldly and ruthlessly stood in formation, displaying their overwhelming aura.

“Nine hundred thousand fiends! They’re absolutely capable of battling gods and devils!”

Wudi was like the leader of the demons, standing on the Flameyellow Coffin and commanding them.

“Tenfold!” The Sun didn’t increase by ten times in its advancement, but the number of fiends had still increased tenfold. It meant that the transformation of the class was more crucial than the transformation of size. In the future, even if the Sun expanded ninefold, the flameyellow fiends might not increase, but if it were tenfold, it might directly reach nine million! Of course, that was only speculation based on the current math.

“Could there even be new weapons? It’s not even certain!” Tianming flew in front of the new Sun, and the nine-headed dragon astralship almost perfectly fused with this pink Sun. “When we guard the Sun and confront the ebon alliance’s army, our biggest advantage is that we have the foundation of a nova source world behind us, while the other side can only rely on the miniature nova source of their ships.”

“Flameyellow fiends and the Flameyellow Guard Formation both use and consume nova source energy, which is the foundation and future of an entire world! We’re staking the world’s life and death, as well as the foundation for the survival of future generations when fighting against this enemy. In that regard, the ebons’ expeditionary forces can’t compare!”

The opponent’s advantage lay in their numbers and power, as well as the large number of ships. It was an enemy that outnumbered them dozens of times over. If it weren’t for the support of nova source, the two sides couldn’t even be considered on the same level.

That was why Yi Daiyan was the queen of the Infinitum Mundus. It was because she had the greatest authority over Ebonia. Otherwise, a small race like the luxdaemons wouldn’t even be worth mentioning in the Swordgod Lin Clan.

“These nine hundred thousand fiends will be our greatest strength! Next would be the Gladean Ruins, the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, and so on.” As for the astral gods and the army… it would make little difference whether they had them or not in the face of six Infinitum Regal Clans.

“We have the confidence now!” Lin Xiaodao’s eyes were filled with tears. He had experienced the fiends’ great combat power before and was overwhelmed with emotion upon hearing the news. At the very least, the number told him that he had made the right bet this time. Even though the future was still unknown, at least their fighting spirit was ignited!

The Gladean Ruins, the Reaper, and other ships from Gladeus officially settled on the Sun. They directly transferred the old, weak, women and children of their clan to the Sky Palace Formation, while the rest set up camp around it. They used the ships as their bases and actively prepared for battle.

The situation was set!

“Old Lin, you can leave now,” Tianming told Lin Xiaodao through the transmission stone.

The Gladean Ruins was still at the edge of the Sun, and the two dragon heads looked back at the “aging” Gladeus. Next, Lin Xiaodao would hand Gladeus over to ebon control. He was about to leave!

“Wait for me! When I come back, I’ll definitely give everyone an explanation.” The vow was buried in his chest as Lin Xiaodao decisively turned away.

The Gladean Ruins and the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, one on the left and one on the right, protected the ether-class Sun and started their next journey!

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