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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2457 – Cheap Master

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Chapter 2457 - Cheap Master

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Tianming hadn’t been back to Brokensword Peak since Tianxi and the alien monster had shown up. Lin Xiao used an ether-class astralship to fly him back.

“After I take him as my master and get his protection, I can swagger to the Myriadsword Emporium and use my merit points. My cheap master ranked even higher than Tianxi.” Tianming had nothing but respect for the hero who had dared to kill the tenth rex mundi. “If it weren’t for him, the Dongshen Clan’s three hundred million people and my grandparents would’ve had a bad ending.” Lin Xiaodao was someone who Tianming was indebted to. “Since fate has brought us together in these troubled times, I have to make sure to get this backing!”

Right now, apart from Lin Changkong, who wasn’t back yet, more or less everyone that still held office in the council hall were escorting Tianming. They were all original traditionalists, which showed that the Lin Clan was united in heart now. Once the main line for the third, fifth, and seventh branches were replaced, Lin Jie and the rest’s connections would weaken even more.

Dongshen Yue, Feiling, Xiaoxiao, and Moran were accompanying them as well.

That made Tianming have a small doubt. However, he didn’t voice it as he was sure his grandparents had their own arrangements. “If it was for safety, wouldn’t the council hall have been safer?”

They soon reached Brokensword Peak. The black sword fell from the sky and landed in the sea next to it. Lin Xiao opened the door and shouted outside, “Come in, Xiaodao!”

Tianming looked outside and saw a dark green gourd surfing toward them on the waves. “That gourd… it’s not just any ordinary cosmic artifact.” If it had such a design, it definitely had some special abilities. Tianming’s Prime Tower and Wudi’s Flameyellow Coffin were similar.

The gourd entered the giant sword, revealing the man with gray robes and messy hair seated on it. Such a messy alcoholic look could be said to really show a personality! Tianming couldn’t imagine this beggar-like fellow mightily slaying his enemy at Mount Taia.

Even his eyes were murky and unfocused. Combined with his eye bags, he looked like a middle-aged man. However, Tianming didn’t want to judge a book by its cover. That’s how someone who’s above the mundane world should look!

Tianming hurriedly put on a serious expression. “Junior Li… Lin Feng greets Senior Lin Xiaodao.”

“Eh, so you’re Li Lin Feng.”

“I stumbled on my words.” Tianming sweated.

“You can’t call me senior even if you stumbled on your words. Just call me Master.” Lin Xiaodao stroked his beard with a confident look.

“So straightforward? No tests?” Tianming wasn’t sure how to react.

“Test what? I watched the minor reges mundi rankings. You’re just qualified to be my disciple. I’m eighth and you’re first, so it isn’t embarrassing for me,” Lin Xiaodao chuckled.

“Master, the reges mundi ranking and minor reges mundi ranking are very different.” Tianming smiled. The word ‘master’ meant that if they got along in the future, Lin Xiaodao would have a similar position to Ye Shaoqiu in Tianming’s heart. Ye Shaoqiu had done a proper job back then and had taught him a lot in the Grand-Orient Sect, as well as given him an important status. Similarly, Lin Xiaodao could provide Tianming a lot.

“Very different?” Lin Xiaodao’s eyes sparkled. “Second Patriarch, your grandson is right! A tiny minor reges mundi ranking isn’t enough to be worthy of me.”

“What do you want?” Dongshen Yue frowned.

“Fee increase.” Lin Xiaodao coughed.

“Scram! The world’s filled with people who want to take in my grandson. No raising the price!”

“At least some protection fees, right…” Lin Xiaodao muttered as he jumped off the gourd. He circled around Tianming. “This astral god physique is really tough. How does it belong to a first-astral phaser!”

Tianming could no longer hide how spectacular his talent was; it simply shone too much. All of the seniors present were shocked.

“Having talent is like being pregnant. You can’t hide it as it’s too eye-catching,” Lin Xiaodao sighed.

“So why haven’t you stopped with the nonsense?” Dongshen Yue said.

Lin Xiaodao roared with laughter and placed his hands on Tianming’s shoulders. He stared into his eyes. “Alright, from today onward, you belong to me, Lin Xiaodao! I’ll treat you with full sincerity, so don’t let me down, my dear disciple!”

Tianming was speechless. Was the man accepting a disciple or a proposal?

“Then we’re done! Now pack up and come to Gladeus with me.” Lin Xiaodao patted Tianming on the shoulder. While he was covering his mouth, he couldn’t hide his grin. Clearly, he was pleased to accept such a disciple. With his experience, he could tell Tianming was a genius that exceeded infinitum class.

“Wait, to Gladeus? What for?” Tianming asked, confused.

“Feng’er, Grandpa will explain this part.”

“Perfect! Then you two go have a heart-to-heart chat while I take a few sips.” Lin Xiaodao leaned against the gourd, standing crooked as if he had no backbone. If he didn’t slouch, his whole body would feel uncomfortable.

“Be more serious! Don’t go, stay and convince my grandson!” Dongshen Yue snapped with disbelief.

However, it was pointless, Lin Xiaodao had already fled.

“That punk…” Dongshen Yue wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. If Lin Xiaodao wasn’t the real deal, she would have said a lot more.

Tianming stood in front of Lin Xiao and other council hall seniors. “Grandpa, seniors.”

“It’s like this, Feng’er.” Lin Xiao patted Tianming on his shoulder and showed him the Infinitum Swordsea outside. “You should know that the ebons suffered two disastrous losses this time. Their face received a huge slap and their majesty in the Infinitum Bodhimanda is in question now.”

“I know.” Tianming nodded. The matter was serious; Yin Chen told him that countless people in the ebons’ territory were furious. Many Myriadsword Emporiums across Ebonia were currently suffering wildbeast attacks, and every Lin Clan member outside was in danger now.

“Honestly, our victory this time didn’t shake their foundations. They’re so strong they’re in control of half the Infinitum Bodhimanda. That can’t be changed. When such an entity loses control, the entire mundus will suffer for it,” Lin Xiao sighed.

“Yes.” Tianming had to admit that. A true war, if one broke out, wouldn’t stop at thirteen ether-class astralships. The casualties would reach the billions! The ebons posed a huge threat with their nova source wildbeast armies, especially to the ordinary gods on Ebonia.

“Our victory erased the chance of the ebon experts being willing to settle with diplomacy. When such a huge entity has a grudge but is willing to retreat, it means something even bigger is coming. Understand?” There was still a veneer of civility remaining, but it was thin. Apex experts couldn’t stand such a humiliation.

“Yes. When the ebons break the peace, our clan will be at the front. We aren’t strong enough to handle their full attention, so the Infinitum Swordsea is in danger.”

“Right. But what can we do? We’re stuck between them and Yi Daiyan. Lin Jie sided with them, as he expected the ebons to turn to violence and he would rather be their cannon fodder than challenge them.” Lin Xiao clenched his teeth.

It was clear how much Lin Jie had been awed by the ebons’ military power, but even Tianming had to admit it was a fact.

“We used to have a choice, but now we must stand with the Infinitum Bodhimanda. Only the Infinitum Bodhimanda provides the mundus with peace,” Lin Xiao said.

“And not on Yi Daiyan’s side, right?” Tianming clarified.

“You can understand it like that! But there’s no difference while she’s the first rex mundi.”

“I heard Master was invited by her?” Tianming asked.

“Not exactly. Lin Xiaodao has his own opinion, but their interests aligned this time. However, we’d be in an inferior position if we join the ebons. In the Infinitum Bodhimanda, at least we’ll have a seat at the table as equals,” Lin Xiao said. Yi Daiyan couldn’t unilaterally command everything.

“Only being equal gives us the space to protect ourselves.” Being the inferior party would mean handing away their lives.

“Right. That’s why this is our path! We’ll be loyal to the Infinitum Bodhimanda!” Lin Xiao sternly said.

“Thus, you want to send me to Gladeus where I’ll be protected by the astralguard formation there, where I’ll be able to stay away from the battlefield and safely grow?” Tianming asked.

“That’s one reason.” Lin Xiao helplessly shook his head.

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