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«The Everlasting Supreme Immortal (Web Novel) - Chapter 2456 – Changkong Escapes Danger

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Chapter 2456 - Changkong Escapes Danger

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Tianming looked over and saw a whirlwind headed his way.

“Feng’er!” Dongshen Yue grabbed Tianming’s hands. She teared up when she saw her grandson’s hand and legs growing back, as that showed just how dangerous things had been for him.

“Don’t cry, Grandma,” Tianming comforted her.

“Nonsense, am I that kind of person?” Dongshen Yue quickly wiped her face and pushed down her feelings, trying to pretend nothing had happened. “You’re an astral god now, that’s great.”

“If you survive a disaster, there’ll be blessings after.” Tianming smiled. He was already aware of the aftermath in the Infinitum Swordsea.

The whole of Ebonia was still in an uproar over the two major incidents. Tianming and the rest’s names had shaken the region after they’d defied the odds and won.

“So even Lin Jie has a death sentence on him now? Great!” It was a pity he hadn’t been caught yet. “Where’s Grandpa?”

“He’s outside. The clan re-elected him as the Lord of Discipline. He’s now punishing the rebels.”

“Let’s go and see.”

“Be careful. Tianxi and the alien monster are still around,” Dongshen Yue warned.

“They are?” Tianming angrily grit his teeth. He could never be comfortable as long as they were around. “However, the alien monster should still be hurt for now.”

Tianming, Dongshen Yue, Feiling, and the rest stood at the council hall’s entrance. Outside, Lin Xiao was surrounded by experts. He had become the most trusted person for the clan’s disciples! The Lin Clan’s responsibilities now fully weighed on him. Before him were the rebels, all kneeling.

Tianming was especially familiar with ‘Lin Chongjing’.

“That Lin Chongjing was certain we were going to die at first. But when he heard that Chi Hun had died, he immediately found Lin Chongyao and tried to get him to intercede with the second patriarch,” Dongshen Yue disdainfully said.

“How’s Grandpa going to handle him?”

“On account of Ku and Lin Chongyao, he’s being given a chance to reform. He’s already made a blood vow in front of the ancestors, so he’ll be given a chance since his mistakes weren’t large,” Dongshen Yue sighed. That person was Lin Hongchen’s father, and if he could change his ways after being lost, it was a good thing.

Tianming also saw two more familiar faces: Lin Xiaoyun, the third branch master, and Lin Wuyi, the seventh branch mistress! Lin Xiao was currently judging them.

“They’re the masterminds and they also killed many clansmen while helping Lin Jie open the council hall!” Tianming grit his teeth.

Lin Xiao passed his judgment. Both of them would be jailed for a thousand years and the third and seventh branches would undergo a council succession override, with their main bloodline being reselected. Once upon a time, Lin Wuyi had plotted a council succession override for the second branch, and now she’d lost her branch mistress position, and even her line had lost its succession rights.

“This is karma!” The council hall and the Lin Clan disciples roared with approval toward Lin Xiao’s announcement.

Lin Xiaoyun and Lin Wuyi had no chance of a comeback. With them locked up and Lin Yun and Lin Ziqing dead, their families would likely lose the council succession override. Thus, they shot to their feet, shouting their unwillingness. However, they were quickly dragged away, shouting and cursing.

They happened to see the heavily guarded Tianming, whose body was currently sparkling with starlight and had undergone a clear transformation. His future seemed limitless.

As for those two, they would basically be cripples by the time they got out of jail. Funnily enough, Lin Jianjia was still stewing in that same jail.

Lin Xiaoyun and Lin Wuyi involuntarily remembered how they had tormented Tianming when he’d first come to the Myriadsword Mausoleum. How the tables had turned.

“Remember to think of me when you’re on vacation! A thousand years! When you’re out, you’ll have new legends of me to hear.” Tianming grinned.

“You!” The two were so furious they spat blood on the spot. But all they could do was curse at Tianming as they were dragged away.

Lin Chongjing had a higher status than them, but he wasn’t the mastermind nor had he murdered his own.

As for the last four reformists, they were stripped of their statuses and would be on probation under the clan’s watchful gazes.

The Lin Clan finally settled down. However, many still stayed outside the council hall, silently waiting.

Lin Xiao received a transmission stone. After a moment of silence, a smile broke out on his face. “Everyone, Lin Changkong just reported his wellbeing to me. Lingxiao and him have left the Lifeless Chaoshole and are en route home!”

The final source of stress for those in the Infinitum Swordsea was finally gone.

“That’s great!”

“Good things happen to good people, while bad people die or run away.”

“The civil war was shameful, but I believe we can only go up from here!”

“Yes. We have the number one on the minor reges mundi ranking, Lin Feng! And we also have the eighth rex mundi, Lin Xiaodao!”

“Right, where is the eighth rex mundi?”

Everyone looked expectantly at Lin Xiao, who rubbed his head and helplessly said, “He said he’s shy and has stage fright. Just treat him as the mysterious expert sort and forget about him normally! When he’s needed, he’ll step up to uphold justice for us.”


“Truly an expert that’s above the mundane world.”

“That’s exactly the kind of person meant to cultivate the sword. People like Lin Jie only know how to fight for authority, so how high could their sword dao go?”

“He’s a hero of our Swordgod Lin Clan!”

“Feng’er!” Lin Xiao finally had time to come over and give Tianming a hug. His eyes were red.“We were almost separated forever, but it’s all over now. We can look forward now and work on establishing our clan on this Ebonia.”

“Of course.”

Lin Xiao patted him on the shoulder. “Lin Xiaodao’s waiting for you at Brokensword Peak. We’ll bring you over.”

“What does he want?” Tianming was curious.

“He wants to take you as his disciple.”

“Did I say I wanted a master?” Tianming chuckled.

“Don’t spout nonsense. In this world, he’s the only person who can both be trusted and can protect you,” Lin Xiao said.

The ebons’ threat hadn’t vanished, but magnified instead. What came next would be a true battle.

“Alright. You lot wait for me for a while. It’ll be happy time soon,” Tianming said to Ying Huo and the rest. What they wanted was ordered manna; it was time to go and be Mr. Moneybags.

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