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«Zhanxian (Web Novel) - Chapter 689: Trading

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Chapter 689: Trading

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In addition, there is one most important reason, but the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t say it. But basically everyone can think of it, that is, the Demon Sealing Formation is not like a fifth-grade alchemist and can easily succeed.

Even a nouveau riche like the Pure Yang Palace can easily set up a demon-sealing formation, so those sects with deep foundations are no problem. Once the members of the Demon Sect obtain the formation map of the Demon Sealing Formation, then with the financial resources and manpower of the five sects of the demonic dao, they will definitely be able to arrange it.

The benefits of the demon sealing formation to the Demon Sect are far greater than the benefits to the dao sect. Just the heaven-defying function of shielding the heavenly tribulation is enough to raise the overall strength of the Demon Sect to a higher level. With the blessing of the demon sealing formation, those demon sect disciples who lack confidence will definitely have a straight-line increase in combat effectiveness when their cultivation base and confidence are simultaneously improved.

The most common common sense that almost all cultivators understand is that between dao and demonic cultivators with the same cultivation time, without the influence of other factors, the realm and combat effectiveness of the demonic cultivator far exceed that of the dao cultivators. Because of the quick cultivation speed of the Demon Sect, the only shortcoming is the lack of cultivation of the state of mind, which is the strength of the dao sects.

But if there is a demon sealing formation, when this only shortcoming is no longer a shortcoming, then the blow to the dao sect will be fatal. Starting from this direction, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s suggestion is also reasonable.

Of course, for Yang Chen, he doesn’t care about these things. It may not be obvious when you arrive in the spiritual world, but after you arrive in the Immortal world, the heavenly court is already regardless of origin, and all dao sects and demons are accepted. In the face of a powerful enemy, it is only right to unite all forces that can be united.

Theoretically, the Profound Heaven Sect has been in charge of the Heavenly Court for so many years, there should have been news brought down a long time ago, informing the Greatest Heaven Sect not to kill the Demon Sect like that, and it is enough to maintain the balance between the two sides as much as possible. It’s a pity that after the Greatest Heaven Sect’s guiding formation was detonated by Yang Chen, at least for hundreds of years, before the new guiding formation was set up, it was impossible for the Greatest Heaven Sect to receive any news from the upper realm.

On this point, the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect, Five Elements Sect and Pill Cauldron Sect are not so active, they are no longer so active in the battle between the dao sect and demon sect, and they even seem to be quiet. No need to ask, there must have been a message from above. Basically, those who are still active on the front line of eliminating demons and guarding the way, only the Greatest Heaven Sect is left.

In the eyes of many small dao sects, the Greatest Heaven Sect is the leader who maintains the tradition of the dao sects. Naturally, in the eyes of the demon sect, the Greatest Heaven Sect is a thorn in the flesh. Didn’t they see that the other big dao sects gave them face, the Greatest Heaven Sect is deceiving too much, really think that the Profound Heaven Sect can do whatever they want if they control the heavenly court?

There is nothing wrong with eliminating demons and defending the Dao, at least many people in the Greatest Heaven Sect think so. In essence, there is nothing wrong with this, but now demon cultivators, who are just cultivators with a different way of cultivation, are no longer considered demons in the heavenly court, the real devil is someone else. Unfortunately, the current Greatest Heaven Sect is not very clear.

Thus, a representative of the Greatest Heaven Sect came to persuade the Pure Yang Palace, and the news reached Yang Chen’s ears from the palace master.

“Is this the meaning of one sect of the Greatest Heaven Sect, or the meaning of the five major sects?” Yang Chen asked with a frown. If it is a collective decision made by the five major sects, then it really has to be taken seriously. Don’t look at the Pure Yang Palace being proud of it’s strength now, but it’s not enough to wrestle with the five major sects.

“The other sects have no objections, it’s just the meaning of the Greatest Heaven Sect.” Of course, the master of the palace knew what Yang Chen meant when he asked this question, and he answered very accurately: “Besides, the Greatest Heaven Sect also said it, it’s just a suggestion, how to deal with it specifically, It still depends on what we, the Pure Yang Palace, think.”

Yang Chen quickly figured out the key point, and he suddenly had a calculation in his heart.

“Since it is the meaning of the Greatest Heaven Sect, then, this disciple feels that we, the Pure Yang Palace, can’t do such a deal with an enemy.” Yang Chen smiled and said to the head of the palace “Although this move will make our sect suffer a huge loss, but as a member of the dao sect, it is natural to respond to the call of the Greatest Heaven Sect, whether it is the Zhao family’s demon sealing formation, or the cultivation inheritance, it will only be sold to the members of the dao sect, what does the palace master think?”

The palace master has also become a fine role, otherwise it would be impossible to sit in this seat. With a slight twist in his heart, he immediately understood what Yang Chen meant.

Not selling to the Demon Sect and those neutral sects would greatly offend these sects. However, the Pure Yang Palace only acted according to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s wishes, not intentionally offending all parties, otherwise they would not have sold the secret of the fifth-grade alchemist last time to all parties, presumably all parties would understand.

If you say this, it shows that the Pure Yang Palace can’t provoke the Greatest Heaven Sect, so it is forced to bow its head, but in terms of the dao sect’s righteousness, it is just and awe-inspiring. In response to the call of the dao sects leader, who can say no? And in the same way, the matter of offending the Demon Sect and the Neutral Sect was taken by the Greatest Heaven Sect. Who told this to be the Greatest Heaven Sect suggestion? If those sects are resentful, just go to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Benefits for the Pure Yang Palace, and the hatred of the Greatest Heaven Sect, is there anything that would make the palace master happier than this? After Liang Shaoming’s incident, the elders of the Pure Yang Palace hated the Greatest Heaven Sect deeply, and it was their wish that they could calmly give the Greatest Heaven Sect a hand in their destruction.

Soon the Pure Yang Palace sent out the news, and the response was so fast that even the representatives of the Greatest Heaven Sect were a little surprised. Basically, he came to make a suggestion in the morning, and the Pure Yang Palace announced it before noon, which was simply giving the Greatest Heaven Sect enough face. No matter how harsh a person is, they will not be able to pick out the faults of the Pure Yang Palace.

As soon as the news came out, there was a sudden uproar. Naturally, there is no need to worry about the dao sect, and some guys who don’t know where they are are still applauding loudly. As for the members of the Demon Sect and those neutral sects, especially some sects that have been preparing for a long time, they just waited to buy a formation map to increase the welfare of their disciples, and suddenly became furious.

The Pure Yang Palace, no, the Greatest Heaven Sect is too bullying, right? Why can only dao sect disciples buy it? Last time, the Pure Yang Palace even sold the secrets of fifth-grade alchemists, so why not let them buy this time? As long as you taste it carefully, you can know the taste. This is obviously to suppress these sects, and at the same time prevent the Pure Yang Palace from gaining more benefits.

Everyone understands this truth, so everyone can understand the Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen’s difficulties. The sentence of responding to the Greatest Heaven Sect’s call has already explained everything, the Pure Yang Palace can’t provoke the Greatest Heaven Sect, this is the truth, nothing else. All the hatred came up, all pointing to the Greatest Heaven Sect.

But at this time, Yang Chen has already fallen into another tender place.

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