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«You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman (Web Novel) - Chapter 888 (I Want The Red Packet!)

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Chapter 888 (I Want The Red Packet!)

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Upon hearing Yang Haotian's sweet talk, Qing Yutong couldn't help but feel a tingling sensation on her scalp. Even her brother-in-law had never said such cheesy things; it was too cringe-worthy.

"Fine! I'll let you merge with this world right now!" Suddenly, Ye Zizi's twin ponytails attacked Yang Haotian.

He must be sucked dry; 'Your Honor probably knows about his actions now, definitely laughing…'

'And those people, all because of this jerk!'

Seeing Ye Zizi's hair suddenly lengthen, Yang Haotian was frightened, but he didn't retreat.

He even knelt on the ground with a thud.

"Even if you can kill me, you can't kill my soul. My soul will be immersed in this love, unable to extricate itself, Shuang'er~"

Qing Yutong: "······"

Kai Yun: "······"

Brittany: "······"

Yue Hua: "······"

However, Kai Yun had stars in her eyes, "Such a romantic confession. If he said that to me, I would have definitely agreed."

Yue Hua gently said, "Leader, you can't trust a man's words."

"And why did you trust Lie Gu?" Kai Yun didn't believe it and retorted.

"Well… I just found out now."

"I see. Yue Hua, then divorce Lie Gu and be with me."

Yue Hua: "······"

Qing Yutong hugged Ye Zizi and said, "Forget it, forget it. Don't get angry. It's not a big deal. It's just an infatuated man who likes you. Why do you want to kill him?"

"You guys! I don't want to play with you anymore! You just know how to make fun of me!" Ye Zizi stamped her foot and sat aside in anger.

Brittany slowly sat down, saying lightly, "Women, after all, need a home."

"Old woman, I'm not a woman!" Ye Zizi snorted and turned away.

"That's true; women are not as flat as you."

"Brittany! What are you saying! Are you trying to fight?" Ye Zizi immediately stood up and shouted at Brittany.

Brittany chuckled, "I'm so afraid!"

Qing Yutong hurriedly ran over to mediate, "What's wrong with you guys? How can you start fighting without saying a word? If my brother-in-law sees this, he will definitely criticise you."



The relationship between Ye Zizi and Brittany was so-so; they often teased each other.

Ye Zizi called Brittany an old woman, and Brittany said Ye Zizi was a flat-chested girl. The two had been arguing for at least a millennium.

At this moment, Kai Yun looked down, then glanced at Yue Hua, immediately silent.

Self-comfort: She hasn't fully developed yet.

But after thousands of years, still not fully developed…

"Hey, you, come over here," Qing Yutong shouted to Yang Haotian not far away.

Eager to get a red packet, Yang Haotian immediately stood up and rushed over. His eyes occasionally glanced at Ye Zizi's buttocks, where the enticing red packet was located.

In fact, Qing Yutong already knew some details.

This man also had a system, a red packet system to be precise.

According to the system's explanation, the red packet for this man should be on Ye Zizi's buttocks, causing this situation.

Qing Yutong was curious; could life not go on without taking this red packet?

The system explained that the red packet system is meant to be taken. It's a mainline task, and if it's not obtained, the mainline task will stop. The red packet system can be tricky, sometimes landing on powerful individuals, just like Ye Zizi, directly on someone's buttocks, making it more challenging.

With a cold face, Ye Zizi suddenly threw a punch at Yang Haotian, who didn't even have a chance to react.

However, a small hand grabbed Ye Zizi's fist.

"Zizi, how can you be like this, always resorting to violence." Kai Yun held Ye Zizi's hand and smiled.

Ye Zizi snorted, considering him lucky!

Kai Yun could easily hold Ye Zizi's fist; it seemed that her strength was quite substantial. After all, Ye Zizi's fist was not to be underestimated.

Yang Haotian was genuinely worried that he hadn't gotten the red packet and would be killed first.

"You're Yang Haotian, right?" Qing Yutong asked.

"Yeah, that's me."

"Where are you from?"

"I'm from the southern region."

Except for Ye Zizi, the four women felt that this man might be useful, especially since they weren't very familiar with the southern region.

Well, they weren't familiar with the northern region either.

"What do you do? Be honest, or we won't save you." Qing Yutong said seriously. Some matters couldn't be joked about. If they didn't find it interesting, they would just let Ye Zizi kill him.

Yang Haotian pursed his lips, frantically thinking during this brief moment.

After much consideration, Yang Haotian thought it was better to tell the truth. Otherwise, if he really didn't get the red packet, he might lose his life here.

"Actually, I am the emperor of an empire in the southern region." Yang Haotian chose to tell the truth.


This surprised the five women.

"Why did you come to the Voidless Empire?" Qing Yutong asked curiously. If there wasn't a good reason, he might as well be sent to the afterlife.

"I… I heard about the Voidless Empire, so I came to take a look. Suddenly one day, I saw…"

Ye Zizi suddenly turned her head, her expression ferocious, "Say one more word and try, no one can save you!"

"I won't say, I won't say anymore. Then I saw Shuang'er, and after that, I lost interest in everything else, you know…" Yang Haotian whispered, afraid of being punched by Ye Zizi.

Qing Yutong currently needs information from the southern region, especially since this person is an emperor, and he should know a lot.

"Who's the most formidable in the southern region?" Qing Yutong asked curiously, seemingly intending to seek out these formidable individuals.

"If we talk about the most formidable entities in the southern region, it would be the Broken Vein Mountain and the Divine Scripture Academy," the response came.

Qing Yutong had certainly heard of them. Ah Li and the others were sent to study in these two sects.

Since they were already in the southern region, she planned to see how they were doing.

"Besides these two, are there any other formidable forces?" Qing Yutong asked again. When causing trouble, it's important to choose allies wisely.

Yang Haotian was puzzled. What exactly were these women planning to do? Were they going to challenge someone?

Directly challenging the Broken Vein Mountain and the Divine Scripture Academy, where there were Overlord existences, was risky. One could easily end up dead.

"Other than these two, it's pretty much similar to the northern region. Many forces are scattered throughout the area."

After hearing Yang Haotian's words, Qing Yutong paused and said, "You step aside; we need to discuss something."

"Alright, if there's anything you need, just call me." Yang Haotian decided that to get the red packet, he first needed to please sister Shuang'er. Only then would he have a chance to get his red packet.

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