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«Worldwide Simulation Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 712 Demons Gathering

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Chapter 712 Demons Gathering

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Only the purple lightning could annihilate the black mist.

However, there was a grave problem. The demonic cloud formation had consumed the purple thunderbolts to an exaggerated extent.

Just now, he had used the divine purple thunder to purify the area within a five-mile radius, but it had consumed nearly five percent of his energy instantly.

Furthermore, consumption was still increasing as he was within the black mist domain.

It was estimated to take a few minutes to drain his energy completely!

This rate of consumption was outrageous.

One had to know that his divine lightning domain was only five miles wide.

However, the energy consumption rate was ten times more than the Thunder God Domain, which covered thousands of miles.

The area was smaller, but the consumption was greater.

Lin Qiye didn’t dare to be negligent. He compressed his territory to the point that it only covered his body. Only then did he slowly stop the rapid loss of energy.

“Damn it. It seems I have to find a way to solve the energy supply problem in the battle with demons.”

Lin Qiye couldn’t help but recall the reward he had received for killing the king of the sky-devouring demon clan - the secret technique, Devour Sky.

According to its description, after it was advanced to a high-level secret technique, it could transform almost all matter into energy for one’s own use.

If Lin Qiye were to cultivate it to the advanced level, he could directly capture and refine the demons when he had to fight an army.

The energy could be endless, and he wouldn’t be so aggrieved that he didn’t even dare to open a domain.

Just as he was thinking about this, the two Celestial demons had already arrived in front of him.

The demon’s body, which was thousands of meters tall, blocked Lin Qiye’s path of retreat.

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