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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 421 Trap Of Memories VII Peace

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Chapter 421 Trap Of Memories VII Peace

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421 Trap of Memories VII - Peace

"Did you draw them all?" Asher asked as he looked around.

It had been two months since the Dungeon Exploration, and Alyssa was still participating with Asher in all the team-related events.

"Yeah, this is something I started doing to gain some extra money but strangely I started liking it," Alyssa replied.

"These flowers were the ones that mother used to grow in her garden," Alyssa said with a smile on her face that was covered by her mask.

Among the numerous drawings, she had kept the one that depicted a garden of particular blue flowers in the center.

"They are not that good though," Alyssa said as she touched the canvas.

"If you want one, I can make one for you just tell me what you want me to draw,"

"I don't have anything that can repay for all the help I have received till now, so I can only repay with things like these," Alyssa said as she touched the canvas.

She knew that the rumors were hurting Asher's reputation, and she even offered that she would step back from the party, but Asher denied her request.

This made her both happy and regretful. She was happy that she could stay with Asher who was the first person that resonated with her, but she knew that her being near Asher would only create trouble.

"You don't need to repay me, but I will take the offer for a drawing," Asher replied.

"I will think about one, and tell you later," Asher said as Alyssa nodded.

"Take this," Asher took out a bracelet.

"This artifact will help you with your mana," Asher handed it over to Alyssa.

"Thanks, I will use it well," Alyssa took the bracelet and wore it.

It was an A Rank artifact that Asher paid a lot of GP for but Alyssa didn't deny it as she wanted to be more helpful for their team.

While the two were chatting, things weren't that good outside the rankers dorm.

"I can't do that Amelia," Damian said with a straight face.

"Why?" Amelia said.

"Even Mom agreed with my choice, but he isn't listening to anyone," Amelia added.

"You are asking something impossible from me," Damian replied.

He wanted to help Amelia, but he couldn't.


"I can't betray my friend, you know my personality well," Damian said looking directly at Amelia.

"IT'S NOT BETRAYAL DAMIAN!!" Amelia shouted.

"Have you gone mad staying with him?" Amelia said.

"Do you not listen that these rumors are even spreading outside the World Academy?"

"After Grandpa's death, people have been looking to target our family constantly," Amelia said with a look of anger on her face.

She took pride in the name Greville, but seeing that their reputation was being harmed, she couldn't stay silent anymore.

"Elena and Kevin said they would help with the rumors but he needs to kick her out of the team,"

"They are only doing this because I asked them as a friend," Amelia said as she grabbed Damian's hand.

"And I am supporting him as a friend, Amelia," Damian said with a cold look in his eyes.

"He isn't hurting anyone in the World Academy, why can't all of you just leave him alone?" Damian asked as he removed Amelia's hand.

"And do you think they are helping you as a friend?" Damian countered.

"Why can't they just suppress the rumors?" Damian asked.

"It's not like that girl wouldn't have been in any team, it just happened to be Asher who took her in his team,"

"And if you just ignore her past, she is a ranker so it makes sense why someone would choose her," Damian added.

"Just leave him alone, or is it because he is the Heir of the family, do you dislike him for that-,"


Amelia's eyes started tearing as she glared at Damian.

"I thought y-you of all people would understand me," Amelia said as she turned leaving behind Damian who was standing in the lobby alone.

"I am sorry Amelia, I can't choose one of you," Damian touched his face.

"I guess that's what you get for being a coward," Damian chuckled.

"Sigh, when did things go wrong for all of us?" He questioned.

Usually, Damian would have acknowledged Amelia's request and would have tried to persuade Asher, but he simply couldn't.

"He has changed since meeting her, maybe you couldn't notice but I can, and I don't want to make him go back to the person he was in the past," Damian muttered to himself.

He left the lobby to go outside the Rankers dorm, as he wanted to clear his head.

Amelia on the other hand had returned to her floor and she was sitting on her couch while hugging her knees.

Tears fell from her eyes, as she didn't want to hurt Damian.

"I thought you would understand why I am doing all this," Amelia said.

"Even Mom and dad decided to overlook his actions,"

"Am I wrong for caring about our family," Amelia would usually suppress her emotions in public, but all of the pent-up frustration caused her outbursts.

After a few days, while Asher was attending the Potion Crafting class with Alyssa, Amelia was sitting in the Student Council building with the other candidates of the Seven Seats.

The meeting had just ended, but Amelia's mood was down despite her chance of being one of the Seven Seats high.

"Cheer up Amelia!" Elena touched her shoulder.

"Don't let the small things trouble you," Elena said.

"Both me and Eva are working with Kevin to calm things down so don't worry,"

Amelia touched Elena's hand and nodded with a small smile on her face.

"Thanks for the help," Amelia said.

"Come on, friends don't need to say thanks to each other," Kevin chimed in.

All the other people had left the room so it was only the four that were still present.

Kevin had the lead as students who supported Raelyn were voting for him, and it was similar for Elena and Amelia.

Eva decided to not participate as only three people from the Second Year could nominate themselves and the rest were from the Third Year.

Outside the Student Council building,

"Is that all you observed till now?" Jack asked.

"Yeah," Sam replied.

"Good job, keep your eyes on both of them, Leonard entrusted this job to me so I don't want any mistakes," Jack said.

"No need to get friendly with any three of them, just keep your distance and observe them,"

"Did I make myself clear?" Jack grabbed Sam's shoulder.

Sam's face scrunched up as he nodded at Jake.

"Good, be the obedient dog you are and father will be happy," Jack laughed.

Sam waited for Jack to leave as he turned to go back to the rankers dorm.

It wasn't just a coincidence that Professor Argas placed him on Asher's team. Sam was told to relay information regarding Asher and Alyssa.

He didn't know why, nor did he want to know.

"Obedient dog, huh," Sam muttered as he kept moving.

His face had an intense look of hatred, but all he could was keep it hidden.


The classes were ongoing as the Second Year Students who were studying Sword Arts under Professor Erwin were present here.

Erwin was looking at everyone's posture when suddenly he stopped as a Staff member appeared causing everyone to look at him.

He went directly towards Erwin and spoke to him directly.

"Asher Greville?" Erwin asked.

The Staff member nodded.

Erwin turned towards the student, as he looked at Asher.

"Asher Von Greville, you have been called by the Faculty Council," Erwin spoke out.

Asher who was doing his training stopped as he wiped the sweat on his face.

"Please follow him," Erwin said looking at the Staff member.

"Did something happen?"

"Is he in trouble?"

The murmurs of other students started getting loud as they were confused.

Asher walked up removed his training gear and followed the staff member.

"Enough! Stop wasting time and continue the training," Erwin shouted.

It didn't take long for Asher to arrive at the Faculty Council building as the staff member guided him to the meeting room where many 3 Star Professors including Farnus were present.

"You can go inside," The staff member said as he opened the gate for him.

Asher entered as he noticed all the Professors and Farnus that were present in the room, sitting in their respective seats.

Some of them had a strange look on their faces.

"Asher Von Raven Greville, you have been summoned here because of a certain news we have received," Farnus spoke.

"As we all know, you were receiving direct lessons from Vice Principal Xander, am I correct?" Farnus asked.

"Yes," Asher replied.

Despite being surrounded by so many powerful individuals, Asher's face didn't change even a single bit.

"We have received a very unfortunate news, but we need to ask you something first,"

"Do you know what were the reasons that made Sir Xander leave the World Academy?" Farnus asked,

"No, I don't," Asher replied.

"Are you sure?" Farnus asked once again.

"Yes," Asher replied.

Asher could hear the whispers of some professors.

"Unfortunately, we have just confirmed that Vice Principal Xander Demarcus has died," Farnus said.

"The news will be shared with all the students soon enough, but please refrain from telling anyone about it"

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