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«Why Should I Stop Being a Villain (Web Novel) - Chapter 419 Trap Of Memories V Crumble

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Chapter 419 Trap Of Memories V Crumble

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While everyone's eyes were on Kevin, Asher was looking at Alyssa's direction.

Although they looked lifeless, he had never seen that look in her eyes.

It was this moment when Alyssa Astaria lost her hopes, and it was also the moment when another person who wasn't looking at Kevin was also surprised.

"Isn't that interesting," Leonard muttered as a smile erupted on his face.

Meanwhile, Alyssa's hands were shaking as her eyes which looked helpless couldn't help but show a hint of her hatred.

"Why, why, why, why him of all people?" Alyssa muttered.

Alyssa turned to leave as she felt helpless with all the voices screaming in her head.

She arrived in the ranker's dorm and she used her gravity magic to quickly go towards her floor.

Arriving there, she rushed to the bathroom and she couldn't hold it anymore as she removed her mask and puked.

She felt nauseated, while her head was hurting.

Her hands were shaking, as the plans she had made her whole life were slowly shattering before her eyes.

She touched the button on the wall water started pouring over and her hair fell on her face.

"M-Mother, it seems I am too powerless," Alyssa muttered as her voice faltered.

Till now, she had withstood all the remarks and attempts to bully her so that she could finally achieve her revenge.

Her goal of becoming a ranker was also fulfilled and she also found someone that she could find comfort with.

But this day marked the point in which Alyssa Astaria faced hopelessness.

After a few minutes, soaked in water, Alyssa walked into her room as she looked at one of her drawings.

She touched the canvas where the pink petal was floating in a blood river, her hands were stained with paint.

Days went by, and Asher was sitting in the class alone.

Alyssa was absent for a few days, but Asher kept going to the classes and doing his research from the books he was doing.

The library filled with countless books, felt empty to him as the sounds of flipping pages echoed in the large room.

Asher's classes with Xander were also on hold because Xander was still on leave and hadn't returned.



His eyes glanced at the seat in front of him, as he kept thinking about Alyssa.

Ever since the day, their bloodline ability ranks were measured, Asher never saw Alyssa.

But on the next day, Alyssa finally came to the class as both of them attended their lecture and went together to the library.

Asher didn't say anything till, as he took the books he was reading and sat opposite to Alyssa and kept reading.

"Do you want to join my team?" Asher asked.

All of the Second Year Students were told to make a team with other students for their dungeon exploration.

"Sure," Alyssa replied.

Asher raised his eyes as he didn't know that Alyssa would agree so easily.

"I am not sure I will be much helpful as you know my condition," Alyssa looked directly at Asher.

There was a reason why Alyssa immediately accepted Asher's offer, as she had been suffering from her nightmare for the past week, when she finally arrived in the class, the screams and agony in her head calmed down.

"It's fine," Asher replied.

This was a day when both of them took a step forward.

Asher who didn't want to burden Alyssa with being seen with her decided to stop doing that as he didn't want to see her get hurt anymore.

And Alyssa, who was burdened and buried in the thoughts of revenge finally realised that she wasn't alone in the world.

She had a person, she felt comfortable with.

A feeling Alyssa had forgotten for the past ten years.

It felt like finally they were moving past the hurdle they both needed to cross, but it wasn't as easy as they thought.

Soon enough, a rumor was being spread in the whole World Academy.

"Is it true that you are friends with Alyssa Astaria?" A girl with black hair and crimson-red eyes spoke.

"Why does it concern you?" Asher replied.

"Amelia, let's calm down" Damian tried to intervene.

"Enough Damian!, he is the Heir of the family, and things like these would cause so much trouble," Amelia shouted.

"Why do you always do things that will make things difficult for our family?" Amelia asked with a hint of anger in her voice.

Asher was silently listening to her, while Damian was trying to make sure the situation didn't escalate.

"Just make an official announcement that you are not associated with that damn girl," Amelia said.

"What if I don't?" Asher replied.

He stepped forward and looked down at Amelia.

"Why does it concern anybody who I associate myself with?"

"So you will not listen to me?" Amelia asked.

Asher stayed silent as he stared at Amelia who was glaring at him.

"Fine, I will let Mom and Dad know about this," Amelia turned to leave as Damian tried to stop her but she slapped Damian's hand and left.

Damian looked at Asher.

"Do you think the same as her?" Asher asked.

"I-I don't know, I don't care about such things after all," Damian replied.

"But are you sure about this? I mean you didn't tell her that she is in our team as well," Damian said.

Damian was part of Asher's team, and he knew that Asher had invited Alyssa to their team. He didn't know why Asher was taking so much interest in Alyssa but he didn't care much about it.

Damian was happy that he was on Asher's team, and he even wanted to invite Amelia today, but looking at things he was sure it would not work out.

"If you want, you can join her team," Asher looked at Damian.

"Seriously? Do you think you can find a better tanker to replace me?" Damian asked with a frown on his face.

"Come on, I was so happy that you invited me to your team," Damian said.

"Do as you wish, don't regret it in the future," Asher said.

Damian just smiled at him, but internally he was a bit worried about when the team names would be revealed, it would only fuel the rumors even more.

"By the way, there were discussions about the Seven Seats that will be filled soon," Damian said out loud.

"Do you want to become one of the Seven Seats?" Damian asked.

"No," Asher replied.

Damian was a bit relieved that Asher wasn't aiming for the seven seats as Amelia was aiming to become one as well.

After the battle between the Student Council and Blood Faction was over, Blood Faction's win resulted in a change where a new system of student council was introduced.

In this system, unlike a single person holding all the power like the Student Council President, the power was distributed between seven people, which would be called the Seven Seats.

Leonard Tarvian announced that the Seven Seats would be chosen from the Third and Second Years, and those will be decided by the votes of the current Top 100 students, of both the Third and Second Year.magic

"Ok, by the way what do you want to do with this situation?" Damian asked.

"I will deal with all the issues," Asher said as he turned to leave.

"It can't be right?" Damian thought of something but quickly dismissed that idea.

"I should go talk with Amelia as well," Damian turned to leave Asher's floor.

Asher turned and opened his ID Bracelet; he expected things to turn out like this when he started hanging around Alyssa. But till now there weren't any rumors about them.

The time they would spend together was during the free research time, and both of them were the only students in their year studying that subject.

He had a choice, to stay away from Alyssa and the rumors would die down.

But it was not a choice he wanted to take. This was the reason Asher stayed away from standing out like other rankers or taking part in the selection of the Seven Seats.

He didn't want any unwanted attention, as the more he would stay away from others, he hoped that they would stay away from him.

On the path of his endless madness, at last he found his peace.

Far from the path of glory, he remained distant.

But alas that hope…

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