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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1527: Helpless

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Chapter 1527: Helpless

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Yun Youyou had always wanted to know about her past. She didn’t want to be ignorant about her past but there was simply no one who knew about it.

Hence, Yun Youyou had planned to attempt to regain her memories once she became stronger. Perhaps, once she was a Martial Sage or even an Empty God, she would have the powers to find out who she was.

However, someone had suddenly come before her and told her her original name. This took her by surprise and Yun Youyou didn’t know whether she was happy or unsettled.

Yun Youyou was taken aback because she had not imagined that someone would tell her about her identity. She was also excited because she had found out about her past. Yet, she was unsettled since she was afraid her past would be complicated.

“Are you telling the truth?” Taking in a deep breath, Yun Youyou questioned. She did not completely trust Su Mo.

Since she did not have any memories of her past and there were few who knew about it, she could not confirm whether Su Mo was telling the truth. It would be easy for her to fall for a trap.

“Of course. We were friends a long time ago and I know you very well!” Su Mo nodded his head emphatically.

“Then tell me everything you know about me.” Yun Youyou wore a serious look as she asked.


Su Mo nodded his head lightly. Then, he turned to look towards the mountains beside him and the forests as he went through his memories.

“We knew each other 20 years ago. At that time I was a disciple of Gale Island while you were…!”

In the following moments, Su Mo went on and on to explain what happened between the two of them, Hong Qingxuan’s identity, past incidences, and so on.

Of course, he only briefly mentioned the relationship between the two of them.

It was not until two hours later that Su Mo finished telling Yun Youyou her past. Then, he quietly stared at her, waiting for her to react.

Yun Youyou’s face was uncharacteristically calm after hearing what Su Mo told her. She stood at the peak of the mountain and gazed far off in the distance.

A light breeze lifted her silky hair and caressed her white shirt.

“How are you going to prove that everything you said is true?” Yun Youyou asked doubtfully. Although her tone was doubtful, she was already half a step to believing what Su Mo said. This was because there wasn’t a gap in anything that Su Mo had told her.

Furthermore, she could tell through Su Mo’s eyes that he was deeply reminiscing in his past. It would be hard to fool her.

“I have many ways to prove myself!” Su Mo exclaimed. With that, he waved his hand and a translucent coffin appeared in front of him.

This translucent coffin was the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin where Qian Xunyue had rested.

Through the light passing through the translucent walls of the coffin, one could clearly see Qian Xunyue resting calmly and peacefully in the coffin.

“This here is your senior, Qian Xunyue!” Su Mo told Yun Youyou. As Su Mo looked at Qian Xunyue in the coffin, his heart shrivelled in pain as she felt her loneliness and regret.

The loneliness was because Qian Xunyue had already been lying in the coffin for so long. There was no telling when she could be revived.

The regret was because Qian Xunyue and Hong Qianxuan had only managed to meet again after so many years, and with so much sorrow.

Back when Su Mo defeated Shangguan Hao and the Netherworld Devil Sect members attacked him, Hong Qingxuan and Qian Xunyue had rushed forward to save him without giving a second thought.

However, right now, one of them was captured away and another was had one foot in the grave. The calamity that had befallen the two was great.

When the two met again, over ten years had passed.

Yun Youyou stared at the coffin and her eyebrows furrowed together as she quietly looked at Qian Xunyue within it. However, no matter how much she tried, she could not recall anything.

“Your parents and relatives are all in the Ancientspirit Galaxy!” Su Mo told Yun Youyou again. Back when he led the Firmament World and waited for the Sorcerer Tribesmen to arrive, he had sent men to bring Qingxuan’s family and the people of the Great Hong Empire to Firmament Palace.

“The Ancientspirit Galaxy?” Yun Youyou muttered to herself. She maintained her calm expression but in actuality, her mind was like an ocean, with large waves crashing over each other.

She was already 70% of that way to believing what Su Mo said.

“Then how did I come to Sun Moon Tribe?” Yun Youyou asked in a serious tone. Su Mo did not tell her previously how she ended up in her current situation.

“After you were captured by the Sorcerer Tribe, the Grand Priest of the Heavenly Underworld Star Sorcerer Tribe sold you to the Sun Moon Tribe. A strong female expert of the Sun Moon Tribe wiped out all your previous memories!” Su Mo explained.

Yun Youyou was shocked upon hearing Su Mo’s words. Her memories were wiped out by Sun Moon Tribesmen?

“Which expert?” Yun Youyou asked.

“I don’t know who exactly she is but she was wearing a palace robe and was a very grand person. Her face…!” Su Mo explained in detail the appearance of the female expert to Yun Youyou.

Yun Youyou lightly nodded her head. She knew who the female expert was from Su Mo’s explanation.

The female expert who wore a palace robe was an elder of the Sun Moon Tribe, a Martial Sage.

Yun Youyou was flooded with information now and her mind was in turmoil. she believed what Su Mo said, but she did not trust him fully.

Most importantly, she felt no sense of familiarity with what Su Mo said. It was as though she had just heard a story of a stranger.

Because of her loss of memories, she could not relate at all to anything about this ‘Hong Qingxuan’.

However, despite that, Yun Youyou was greatly moved after hearing Su Mo’s words.

After all, this could possibly be her past.

“Thank you for telling me this!”

A few moments later, Yun Youyou slightly bowed and thanked Su Mo.

“Qingxuan, I came to Ming Xu Galaxy specially for you!” Su Mo declared.

“Thank you!”

Yun Youyou thanked Su Mo again before she said, “I will go and verify whether what you told me today is true!”

Although she believed Su Mo’s words, Yun Youyou would not take his words to be the truth and hence she wanted to verify the facts.

After all, the Sun Moon Tribe had given her everything and allowed her to live in Sun Moon Tribe without any worries. They even gave her an endless supply of resources to cultivate.

Furthermore, Grand Elder Jin Yang treated like her own daughter while she was Yun Youyou’s master. Yun Youyou couldn’t possibly start hating Sun Moon Tribe just from hearing Su Mo’s words.

“How are you going to verify the facts?” Su Mo frowned. He had explained everything in detail but it seemed like Yun Youyou still did not trust him fully.

Yun Youyou did not reply Su Mo after hearing his question. Her mind was utterly confused and she needed some time to sort things out and calm herself down.

“Su Mo, I have to return to the tribe already. I will see you next time!” Yun Youyou explained before she turned and flew off into the sky.

“But…!” Su Mo’s was surprised. He had not thought that Yun Youyou would leave in such a hurry, even though he had not fully explained matters.

As he sighed to himself, Su Mo felt helpless. It seemed that helping Hong Qingxuan regain her memories could not be done in such a short time period.

Most importantly, he could not close the distance between the two of them based on mere words alone. Unless… there could be a way to help Qingxuan regain her memories!

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