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«Warrior’s Promise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1463: Really Very Strong

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Chapter 1463: Really Very Strong

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Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

After hearing the compliment from Yun Youyou, Yang Tiancheng was elated. Then, he turned his head towards the southern stands and chose his opponent.

He picked a disciple of the Imperial Sword Faction and defeated him with a breath using a soundwave technique.

The disciple of the Imperial Sword Faction wasn’t weak and was even comparable to Lin Huang and Yan Huo. He could control 72 Natal Spiritual Swords that amassed together to be a very powerful array. However, before he could do that, he had already been defeated.

This was because Yang Tiancheng’s soundwave technique was even more terrifying than it had been last time.

With that, the battles continued and, after 10 hours, the second round of the fight meet finally ended.

Lu Gang, Lin Huang and Tang Gu did not lose again as no other godly talent challenged them.

However, a group of True Path Sect disciples had been heavily defeated.

Originally, there was an even number of contestants who participated in the fight meet. Although Su Mo had entered the contest suddenly, Mo Lang had been forced out and hence, the second round did not end with anyone left behind.

“The third round will begin!”

The moment the brown-robed elder’s words fell, the third round officially began.


A large shadow flew down onto the stage at lightning speed. It was the godly talent You Lang of the Roaring Sky Wolf Tribe.

The crowd was mildly surprised upon seeing this. You Lang actually stepped up first. Was he very eager to challenge someone?

“Su Mo, get down here!” You Lang stared coldly at Su Mo. A blood-red murderous aura flashed through his eyes.

“What? You Lang wants to challenge Su Mo?”

“Ha ha! He is exacting revenge for Mo Lang!”

“This match will be interesting!”

“Su Mo will definitely lose. Although that purple haze just now was strange, it definitely wont be able to defeat You Lang. His cultivation and strength can definitely not be compared to You Lang’s!”

“The likelihood of the True Path Sect relying on Su Mo to turn the tables is low!”

The crowd discussed among themselves. The majority of their attitudes towards Su Mo were bad as they thought that they could very well discern the strong from the weak.

“Su Mo, you…!” Feng Guang was just about to stop Su Mo from accepting the battle but he immediately swallowed his words upon recalling that the fight meet’s rules did not allow it.

“Su Mo, do your best!” Sage-to-be Zhen Gu sighed. He didn’t think too highly of Su Mo either but gave him a word of encouragement.

“Mm!” Su Mo nodded and stood up. He was actually relaxed and did not feel the slightest hint of pressure. This was because he had the confidence that he was unrivalled.

However, what made him rather upset was that accepting You Lang’s challenge would mean that he would lose the opportunity to challenge another person for this round. He couldn’t challenge Yang Tiancheng this round and would have to wait for the next one.


Taking a step out, Su Mo’s body was like a flash of lighting as he landed opposite You Lang.

“You seem to be very bold.” Looking at the cold-faced You Lang, a smile tugged at Su Mo’s lips.

“What do you mean?” You Lang frowned, bewildered.

“I mean that you must be very bold to challenge me.” Su Mo said in a deep voice.

You Lang’s face instantly turned ugly upon hearing Su Mo’s words. Su Mo was actually looking down on him.

“My god, what bold words!”

“Su Mo completely disregards You Lang!”

“What audacity! Is he really confident that he can defeat You Lang?”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, the crowd was flabbergasted. Su Mo’s attitude seemed to show that he completely disregarded You Lang.

This made everyone curious. Was Su Mo really not thinking highly of You Lang? That was definitely not possible.

Even the True Path Sect’s disciples and elders were stunned by Su Mo’s words. They were afraid that Su Mo would suffer a crushing defeat and they didn’t think that Su Mo would be so arrogant.


Feng Guang’s wide mouth was open. However, upon hearing Su Mo’s words, he was so shocked that he unwittingly bit his own tongue.

“You are insane!” You Lang coldly scoffed as his eyes glimmered with battle spirit. A silver glare flashed through his eyes.

“Attack, then! Otherwise you won’t have the opportunity to do so later!” Su Mo lightly said.

“You are really seeking your own death!” You Lang was thoroughly angry now. Su Mo’s attitude towards him was like how one would treat an ant. This made the raging fire within You Lang’s heart burn even more ferociously.

As a godly talent, You Lang couldn’t tolerate being looked down upon by someone of a lower cultivation rank than him.

Furthermore, he had challenged Su Mo with the original intention of humiliating him. Now, Su Mo wasn’t showing any sign of fear, Su Mo was also disregarding him as an opponent.

“Get lost!”

You Lang attacked first, heavily striking down with his arm.

In an instant, Claw Radiance shot out and changed into a hundred-foot long wolf claw that rushed towards Su Mo menacingly.

This wolf claw was made of Dark Force and it harboured a lot of power. Not only was the radiance it carried dazzling, it carried a heaven-shaking amount of Dark Force.

Boom boom boom!

The large claw tore apart the sky, showcasing its mighty forces. Instantly, it closed down on Su Mo.

Everyone stared intently with their eyes wide open. Whether Su Mo was arrogant or not could be discerned in this one moment.

If Su Mo wasn’t strong enough, he would definitely lose with this one attack.

Against this heavy blow from You Lang, Su Mo took his next step. Sword radiance burst out from his arm and a massive amount of sword force shot up.

Then, the dazzling Sword Radiance was like a steely silver hook that tore apart the sky and morphed into an elegant arc shape that directly hit down on the large wolf claw.

Rip rip!

A tearing sound sounded and the large, Dark Force-based wolf claw was torn apart by the Sword Radiance. Then, the Dark Force-based wolf claw dissipated into nothing around Su Mo’s sides

Boom boom boom!!

Following which, the wolf claw crumbled apart to become waves of forces that spread out over the eight directions.

“What?” Looking at the scene before him, You Lang’s face color turned dark. Su Mo effortlessly tore apart his attack. How was that possible?

Su Mo’s strength really was strong!

At that moment, not only was You Lang shocked, all the spectators were also surprised. Even Elder Yin Ze of the Sun Moon Tribe was stunned.

They were all taken aback by Su Mo’s strength. Su Mo casually blocking You Lang’s attack shocked everyone.

You Lang’s strength could be said to represent the peak of what was possible of a Martial Emperor. Yan Lantian, Yang Tiancheng and the other gifted geniuses may not even be able to win against him. The number of Rank 9 Martial Emperors who could defeat You Lang in the Sun Moon Tribe could be counted on one hand.

As such, casually blocking You Lang’s attack was an extraordinary feat for anyone already. Furthermore, Su Mo was still a Rank 8 Martial Emperor.

Thok thok thok!

Many True Path Sect disciples and elders stared with their eyes wide open and couldn’t help standing up in excitement.

They seem to be unable to believe what they just saw and were completely stunned.

Although Su Mo defeated Mo Lang previously, Mo Lang and You Lang were of a completely different level. Furthermore, Su Mo relied on a mysterious method to defeat Mo Lang but he was now showing his true cultivation powers.

“My god! Isn’t this considered to be godly?” Elder Feng Guang mumbled to himself.

The worried expression on Sage-to-be Zhen Gu’s face instantly disappeared to reveal a smile.

Although Su Mo had only blocked You Lang’s attack, Sage-to-be Zhen Gu could see that Su Mo’s strength was not very much weaker than You Lang. Even if Su Mo eventually lost, it wouldn’t be a crushing defeat.

Furthermore, even if he did eventually lose, Su Mo would be able to withstand at least ten blows from You Lang. This was sufficient for the sect to regain some face from its humiliation previously.

In the fighting ring.

Su Mo calmly stood upright and stared at You Lang. Then, he said, “I will give you three chances. There are two chances left, show me your true strength!”

He did not use his strongest attack to defeat You Lang yet as he wanted to see the true extent of You Lang’s powers. After all, the first attack of You Lang was definitely not his true power.

For Su Mo, it could be said that there wasn’t any point fighting Martial Emperors anymore. That was because Martial Emperor was a match for him now.

When he was still a Rank 6 Martial Emperor, he had already defeated a godly genius, Ju Mo of the Ancientspirit Galaxy. Now that he was at the peak of Rank 8 Martial Emperor, his powers had already increased sharply from True Sage Territory battle.

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