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«Void Evolution System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1700 Preparation [5]

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Chapter 1700 Preparation [5]

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August didn't really have time to leave a message for people to see before he vanished, but their plan for the time before the third stage began was thoroughly fleshed out, so there wasn't a need for them to have someone giving direct orders.

One would expect there to be complaints about such a sudden disappearance, but everyone on the team was at least a little perceptive.

August had left to find troops to make up the other half of their army. Until he came back with good or bad news, nobody was going to say anything.

His most fierce opposition came from Raphael and Iridia, but they were especially understanding in this case. Raphael was the one who pushed the responsibility onto August in the first place, so he had the least right to complain.

For the most part, all they had to do was individual training. Since there wasn't a way for them to form actual bonds in the time they were given, most of their strategies relied on each of them acting mostly independently from the rest.

However, they still tried.

August's worries were mostly unwarranted. The Holy Clan geniuses definitely weren't happy to have to work with commoners, but they prioritized winning over prejudice.

Not all of them were as short-sighted as Eris.

Rather, even Eris wasn't short-sighted. She had acted on her emotions in that moment, but it was a weak point for her. She usually had more sense than that. She had a calculating mind that was bred into her by the Noct Clan, but when she got too emotional, it all disappeared.

Still, in this situation, there wasn't a single person who wouldn't willingly cooperate with their teammates.

And though August and the rest didn't know about it, there were definitely rivalries between the Holy Clans.

The tournament administration didn't sort them randomly.

The Ignis Clan and Liqua Clan had several grudges against each other because both believed themselves the pinnacle species of dragonkind.

The Aurora and Aureat Clans had conflict over their interests, since the Aureat Clan insisted on monopolizing control over the economy.

And the Noct Clan liked to make enemies with everyone, but they were mainly hostile to those two clans: Ignis and Aurora.

The Ether Clan was the only one among them who didn't specifically have conflict with another clan. They were obviously still involved in everything since they were also a Holy Clan, and if it had to be decided which side they stood on, then it was relatively clear. Fôll0w current novÊls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

The main incentive for the Holy Clan geniuses was the opportunity to humiliate the competition from hostile clans in front of an audience of millions.

Perhaps that was why Raphael and Iridia stopped raising as much of a fuss when it was decided that they'd lead the armies from the frontlines and take all of the glory.

It only happened three times over the course of two weeks, and August was only present for one, but the team had indeed trained together for several hours, learning each other and understanding how they could fit their skills together in one cohesive picture.

They were playing a delicate game. Each and every one of them understood that, at the end of the day, they were all enemies.

When this round ended, they'd go back to being at each other's throats.

Yes, they needed to work together to succeed.

However, they could never truly express themselves to the people around them. Their best cards and real strength had to remain forever hidden in wait for the day when it truly needed to be released.

The days passed slowly for each individual, but the world experienced them quite rapidly.

The public was unaware of what was happening in the third stage at first, but it was hard to hide it from them when such massive preparations were necessary.

Two large swathes of land just outside of Arrion, another city bordering the central region like Arragon, were claimed by the tournament administration and transformed.

Both territories were roughly the size of a European country. They were large enough to fit several million people if necessary, but still small enough to be easily traversed.

Not only were palaces built at the far ends of both territories, but several cities were also erected throughout to simulate a war between two real kingdoms.

When the competition started in stride, the cities would be filled with simulated populations to make the situation even more realistic.

The preparations made on all sides were extensive.

August's group had some troubles. Their opponents, on the other hand, had fluid cooperation from the very first day.

August was able to establish control over the group because of his unique position. He was both the smartest person on the team and the most trusted. His original group alliance made up the majority of the group, which meant that he already had established control that others couldn't interfere with.

Mikael had control over the other team, sure. The problem was that they had only come together to deal with a mutual enemy. There wasn't anything like trust among them.

When the Holy Clan geniuses were delegated to their team, they instantly took control. Wilhem Liqua took the position of general, and though many people tried to oppose her, Eris Noct became their primary strategist.

They'd heard news about the other team just as the other team heard about them. They hadn't done any real reconnaissance, but Eris at least knew that August was the one who held her position on that side.

She had been waiting for the day she could have her revenge for a long time now. If she fought him, nobody would acknowledge her win. The strength difference between them was too much.

But, if she beat him in his own game, in a strategic battle, she could both defeat him and redeem herself in the audience's eyes.

It was a good plan if she could execute it properly.

Still, it wasn't confirmed that she and August wouldn't fight.

After all, August was now a 4th class dragon as well, and the power he gained access to when he reached that milestone wasn't small.

August's aura was completely hidden by the artifacts Damien gave him. They were meant to keep his lineage hidden, but the aura concealment was an extra benefit.

Nobody knew that August had ascended. Not even Valerie or Melania.

He didn't need to use that power actively since he was taking a backline role in the war, but he couldn't contain his excitement for battle.

Especially once he returned from Bastille, the world that Damien created.

Originally, August thought that Damien would give him troops when he came out.

He made real connections in Bastille and met people that he had gotten extremely close with, but he had to treat them as illusions.

Knowing that he had to return at some point, August hid most of his emotions from the people who came to follow him and respect him.

It was a bittersweet feeling returning to the real world, but since it was expected and there was much to do, August tried to put it away.

That was until he truly took note of his surroundings.

Eventually, a wide smile appeared on his face.

This round of the heir wars…

August didn't even have to question it anymore.

This round belonged to him.

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