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«Villain Retirement (Web Novel) - Chapter 1005 The Lover's Nature

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Chapter 1005 The Lover's Nature

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A tree.

Some would say the perfect summation of life itself, of creation. A victim of time, and yet in the most beautiful way; it feeds, it grows, and with its growth, it feeds others.

And in turn, those it feeds scatter its essence, furthering its roots…

…But then men came, and what was once a summation of the very essence of life itself became a mere tool.

For the nature of men is not life, but violence and death.

Try as they might to avoid their nature, they will always be reminded of it through tribulations and advancement. For without violence, they are stagnant; for without death, they have no will. Unlike the tree that waits for the water of life to fall upon, men seek it.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes. It was… very poetic, Ambrucx."

"…I feel like your attention is wasted in this."

Riley and Ambrucx's shadow were currently painting a cliff, overlooking the horizon of blue in front of them; peacefully sitting on the dry ground, unperturbed by the rest of the world. The top of their head and their shoulders were covered with all sorts of things; leaves, twigs, and even bird poop, and yet none of them moved.

"Despite your reluctance and saying that you're not capable of closing your so-called darkness…"

Peaceful, yes; but perhaps only for Riley, as Ambrucx could not really concentrate at all while the person in front of him was the epitome of calmness. They were here to meditate, and yet Riley did not even seem to need to, as his default temperament was already being as calm as he possibly could be at all times; everywhere, and anywhere he could be.

They had been here for 3 days, and yet Riley had remained sitting in the very same spot; without drinking or eating anything. Beastmen could survive 6 months without eating, and she knew that Riley could probably survive for even longer — but there was a difference between eating to survive, and eating for the sake of eating; for the tingling of the lips and the tongue.

"…Zero, I don't think you need to meditate."

"But you are the one who told us to do this, Ambrucx," Riley blinked a couple of times as he finally opened his eyes fully and looked at Ambrucx, "I am merely following your advice so that I fully get rid of the darkness inside me."

"Can you tell me again why you're doing this?" Ambrucx sighed as she broke all pretense of meditating and just fully stretched her limbs on all fours, raising her hips and muscular thighs while yawning; blowing away all of the dirt attached to her as her entire body shivered violently.

"I am doing this for my children and those who expect me to not become what I am, Ambrucx. My sister, Megawoman, the mothers of my children," Riley also let out a small sigh as he slightly leaned back. He still remained seated on the ground, however, as he looked over the blue horizon.

"Honestly, Zero—can I call you Riley instead?" Ambrucx let out a small groan before just sitting brashly on the ground.


"You know, Riley…" Ambrucx looked Riley in the eyes, "…I do feel that this darkness inside you is bigger than all of us, but believe it or not, I think the change you want has already passed and happened."

"It has?" Riley tilted his head to the side.

"Yes," Ambrucx sighed and nodded, "Maybe it happened when you got children, but honestly, I don't see this evil side of you that you keep on trying to tell me exists. Really, just how bad could it be?"

"Do you want to see it, Ambrucx?" Riley blinked a couple of times as he returned Ambrucx's gaze, "Do you want to see the evil that I have been trying to get rid of?"

"No, absolutely not," Ambrucx shook her head, "We're here to get rid of it if you just suddenly let it out, our progress would be in vain — and even if you did show it, it's not like it's bad enough that you'll just suddenly kill people without reason, right?"


"…Right? You… can't be as bad as the gods during the war?" Ambrucx's voice very slowly became meek as she saw Riley place his hand on his chin and started thinking.

"The number of people they have killed is more than me, yes," Riley then nodded, causing Ambrucx to let out a sigh of relief, "But perhaps you need to see what I was so we could proceed in this project of us better, Ambrucx?"

"Project…" Ambrucx sighed, "…It's quite funny that we even have a name for it — Project Turn Dark into Light, where did you even get the name for that?"

"From her."

Ambrucx then turned to look to where Riley was pointing to, only to see a woman emerging from the trees; the leaves and grass, almost as if being attracted to her existence as she slowly made her way toward them.

"The mother of my eldest child — I believe this would be the first time you will be meeting each other. Ambrucx, meet Katherine Reeds."

"Mother of your oldest cub?" Ambrucx's snout began fidgeting as she couldn't smell anything at all from Katherine, almost as if she was one with the world itself, "Renna isn't your firstborn?"

"Sorry for interrupting your… therapeutic session, Ms. Ambrucx," Katherine bowed her head, "And I also apologize for eavesdropping and not making myself known."

"…How long have you been here?" Ambrucx looked around, only to notice that the trees and grass around the cliff truly were moving along with Katherine.

"A few hours after you started the meditation," Katherine let out a small but very deep sigh as she looked at Riley, "I… wanted to talk to Riley, but I also got curious about what you're trying to do here, and whether or not you'll be successful in where I failed."

"…I'm Ambrucx," Ambrucx then approached Katherine and reached out her hand, "It is an honor to meet Zero's first mate."

"The pleasure's mine," Katherine shook her head as she shook Ambrucx's paw, "But please, continue what you were doing and don't mind me."

"No." Riley spoke up before Ambrucx could say anything, "Since you've revealed yourself already, Katherine — perhaps it would be best if you tell Ambrucx who I am, what I am, and the things that I have done."

"I… don't think it's really going to change anything if I knew, Zero," Ambrucx shook her head and sighed, "But if you think it'll help me to understand you more, then…"

Ambrucx then backed away and once again sat in front of the horizon, "Please…

…tell me all I need to know about Zero—no, about Riley."




"I take back what I said about releasing a little darkness."

There were a few seconds of silence after Katherine told Ambrucx everything she needed to know, but after Ambrucx's mind was done registering everything, she quickly looked at Riley from head to toe,

"…I'm glad we've met when you're… this version of yourself. By the forest, you were a monster."

"Yes," Riley nodded several times, "Yes, I am."

"Was," Ambrucx pointed at Riley, "You were a monster — and I swear to you, Riley Ross — you will never again become the monster you were. I have been holding on to this information just because I thought we didn't need it… but we do, we need it urgently."

Ambrucx then stood up and she looked at Katherine and Riley,

"My kind, you see… we have a ritual that we do to ensure that our primal instincts do not take over," Ambrucx let out a small groan, "We…

…release it, never to be seen again."

"Release it?" Katherine's eyebrows lowered, "Did you not listen to a word I said? If we let Riley release his monster, all of us are dead."

"We release it somewhere else, in another way," Ambrucx shook her head, "You want things to disappear, that's your obsession."

"And do you… have any idea in what way he could release it?" Katherine raised an eyebrow.

"…No," Ambrucx shook her head, "I will ask my people and I will also do some research — but for now, just meditate. I'll leave first."

"Ambrucx…" Katherine grabbed Ambrucx's arm before she could leave, "…No one must know what I told you here, especially not my niece and nephews."

"You have my words, Katherine," Ambrucx looked Katherine in the eyes, nodding before just quickly leaping away and disappearing into the distance, leaving Katherine and Riley alone overlooking the blue horizon.

"…We didn't get the chance to speak back in the house," Katherine let out a sigh as she glanced at Riley, "You just… disappeared again."

"I apologize, I had to take care of Joao — and I was sidetracked by my hobbies," Riley nodded before looking at Katherine, "You wanted to talk to me about something, Katherine?"

"What are we, Riley?" Katherine did not mince her words at all as she stood closer to Riley,

"Besides the mother of Karina, who am I to you?"

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