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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 811 - The Price of The Arrow

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Chapter 811: The Price of The Arrow

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The ice crystalline arrow burst forward, leaving a horizontally-spiraling vortex behind it, as if Mu Ningxue had also mixed her Wind Magic into the arrow when she fired it.

The tip of the arrow drew the boundary, and everything that the arrow passed by, including the buildings, streets, and debris froze completely. It felt like the Goddess of Ice had just drawn a stroke across the sky and the town with her icy brush!

The arrow flew straight at the three buildings and the moment it landed, an overwhelming freezing energy exploded rapidly. Layers of frost covered the buildings and froze the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts on the spot.

The Blue Valley Ferocious Beast on the left of the building had already lifted its arms and was about to give the building a deadly smash, but its limbs stopped in mid-strike as its body was turned into an ice statue…

It felt like time was frozen too. The area covered by the arrow became as still as a drawing, with sprinkles of sunlight like crystals falling from the sky!


Five hundred meters away, three Advanced Magicians were flying above the buildings on their way to the battlefield. However, they were utterly dumbfounded by the sight before them. The chill seemed to have frozen their souls and thoughts.

“Is…is that…” A middle-aged Magician with a long hair-braid had trouble finding the words.

The ferocious Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts had been turned into ice statues. Even the Advanced Ice Spell, Icebound Coffin, would not be able to freeze the creatures so quickly.

“Which…which senior is helping us?!”

The three Magicians were at the edge of the area covered by the frost. Their throats contracted in disbelief. They did not dare to fly into the boundary lightly.


Meanwhile, Li Kaifeng, Guan Yu, Zhao Manyan, and Mu Tingying were on their way to provide backup, but they stood still on a building when the overwhelming frost surged in their direction!

The chill penetrated their souls. It felt like they had entered a different world when the whole place was covered in frost.

Everything in their surroundings was covered by ice crystals, but they were perfectly unharmed. It was obvious that Mu Ningxue was able to control the spell to avoid hurting her allies.

“Goddess Mu… has…has used her ult again!” exclaimed Zhao Manyan, his face blank.


Nanyu and Zhou Xu finally caught up to Mu Ningxue. When they saw her firing the arrow that froze everything in range, they somehow mistook her as the Goddess of Ice who had lost her way in the mundane world.

How could an Intermediate Magician possibly unleash such an overwhelming energy?!

In the capital, Mu Ningxue did show the team the Ice Crystal Bow to secure a spot as a substitute. However, the arrow was only fired at an empty dueling ground, so it was difficult to evaluate its power, despite seeing it.

Right now, the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts were turned into ice statues in an instant. The overwhelming freezing power totally convinced everyone that she was surely the strongest Ice Magician on the national team…

Someone finally collected their thoughts. “Jiang Shaoxu…quick, save Jiang Shaoxu!”

Jiang Shaoxu was right in the center where the arrow had exploded. Even if Mu Ningxue tried to control the spell, the girl would still be caught in it. Mu Ningxue was still unable to perfectly control the power of the Ice Crystal Bow.

Guan Yu and Li Kaifeng were the fastest, and immediately rushed into the frozen buildings. They found Jiang Shaoxu, who was also covered by ice.

Luckily, Jiang Shaoxu was wearing her armor, and Mu Ningxue had also controlled the frost to avoid her. After melting the outer layer of ice, Jiang Shaoxu was in a stable condition, apart from catching a cold.


The ice on the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beast started cracking. Li Kaifeng and Guan Yu carried Jiang Shaoxu out and regrouped with the others.

“Why is the ice melting so quickly this time?” said Zhao Manyan to Mu Ningxue.

“I was worried that I would hurt Jiang Shaoxu,” said Mu Ningxue softly.

Everyone could tell that the arrow had fully expended Mu Ningxue’s energy. Her usual pale face would normally still have a healthy color, but it was obvious that she was now completely exhausted.

Even Nan Rongni could not help with her mental exhaustion. The only way to recover was by taking plenty of rest.

“They are running away!” yelled Jiang Yu, pointing into the distance.

“Of course they are running. Even though they managed to break free from the ice, their movements are still slow and stiff. A few Advanced Magicians are already nearby. They will be killed if they don’t run now… if only the Advanced Magicians could arrive quicker, we might be able to kill one of them,” mused Zhao Manyan.

“Forget it, the situation was already dangerous enough for the team,” Ai Jiangtu sighed.

Their team could handle a single Commander-level creature, but when there were two of them, it was a relief that they all managed to survive. Mo Fan, who had extraordinary fighting capacity, was not with the team. The guy surely had outstanding ability if he was able to defeat the Scarlet Rending Demon on his own.

“We already stumbled into something like this just after we arrived in the East Maritime Fortress. As I thought, this place is far from a safe town.”

“Luckily, Mu Ningxue stood up in the nick of time.”

“That arrow was insane!”

“If we can use it against the national team of other countries, hehe…”

“Mm, mm, there’s nothing that the arrow can’t settle!”

Mu Tingying’s expression darkened when everyone was complimenting Mu Ningxue.

Mu Tingying already knew about the Ice Crystal Bow. If it weren’t for that, Mu Ningxue, who was younger and came from a little branch family in their clan, could never have grabbed the attention that was supposed to be hers for so many years.

“Thank you,” said Jiang Shaoxu sincerely.

Jiang Shaoxu never thought the person who would go all out to save her life would be Mu Ningxue. The truth was, Jiang Shaoxu was not a fan of Mu Ningxue’s sacred goddess demeanor. Jiang Shaoxu had even mocked her a few times along the journey.

Now, she was feeling guilty about it.

Jiang Shaoxu was not stupid. It went without saying that Mu Ningxue would have harmed herself by using a power that was beyond her current level of cultivation. It might even inflict incurable damage on her soul, but she was willing to act decisively just to save Jiang Shaoxu’s life.

As Jiang Shaoxu thought, the consequences of using the Ice Crystal Bow came quickly. Mu Ningxue was not able to respond to Jiang Shaoxu’s gratitude. Her body was extremely cold, as if she had been frozen.

Jiang Shaoxu and Nan Rongni quickly went up to support her…

However, in Zhao Manyan’s eyes, Mu Ningxue’s condition was a lot better than when she was in the desolated city. Back then, she had instantly lost consciousness, but she was still able to stand right now…

The only question was the price she had to pay to cast the arrow this time…

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