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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 809 - Fighting the Sea Monsters in the Maritime Fortress

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Chapter 809: Fighting the Sea Monsters in the Maritime Fortress

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Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Jiang Yu had just arrived in the middle of the alleyway when a sharp leg appeared and hovered in the air at the other end he was running towards…

Jiang Yu was startled. He turned around and saw the Blue Valley Ferocious Beast still chasing after him. The creature was only a few dozen meters away. The creature would have eaten him by now if it weren’t for the buildings slowing it down.

Jiang Yu finally realized why the person was warning him not to run toward the other end!

Damn it, the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts were cutting him off at both ends of the alley!

Jiang Yu felt the urge to cry. What did he do wrong? Why were the two Commander-level Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts giving him special treatment when there were so many people on the streets? Where could he possibly run to now?

Jiang Yu’s face turned pale as the other Blue Valley Ferocious Beast was smashing the buildings apart to force its way through.

“Jiang Yu, up here!”

A voice suddenly appeared. Jiang Yu raised his head and saw Mu Ningxue on the roof. She was controlling an ice chain and lowering it down before Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu did not hesitate. He immediately grabbed the ice chain and made his way up along the walls of the buildings.

The ice chain pulled Jiang Yu onto the roof. The top of the buildings was mostly flat, designed to allow Magicians to move freely while fighting the sea monsters.

The two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts were incredibly hot-tempered. They waved their arms wildly and tore the buildings in their way down when they saw the little mouse trapped in the gap had escaped them!

“Let’s leave at once!” Mu Ningxue exclaimed.

The building below them was on the verge of collapsing. The two did not dare to stay any longer. They quickly ran away from the two creatures and jumped a gap of ten meters to land on the roof of the next building.

“They…they are coming!” Jiang Yu turned his head around and saw the two Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts still chasing after them by smashing their way through the buildings.

The structures made of seemingly new concrete collapsed consecutively, sweeping dust into the air while crashing loudly. Despite that, the Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts were unstoppable. They were still chasing after Jiang Yu and Mu Ningxue stubbornly.

“Luckily the sea monsters don’t have much jumping ability… they can’t jump onto the roof!” Jiang Yu gasped in relief when he saw the Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts were gradually left behind.

“Look out!” Mu Ningxue was alert at all times. She quickly used the ice chain to set up a layer of defense in front of her when she sensed something flying toward them at high speed!

Before Jiang Yu could react, he saw dark blue spikes pouring down at them like rain. The spikes punched through the sturdy buildings that were providing them cover easily!

Mu Ningxue quickly backed off while summoning more ice chains. However, the spikes were incredibly powerful. The ice chains soon broke into pieces and fell to the ground.

“Go down!” Mu Ningxue realized that the ice chains had no chance against the Commander-level creatures’ magic. She quickly summoned a gust of wind to carry Jiang Yu and her away as they glided down.

“This way!” Nan Rongni’s voice appeared to the back of the street.

Mu Ningxue grabbed Jiang Yu and sprinted across the street to regroup with Nan Rongni, Zhou Xu, and Nan Yu.

“Are you injured?” asked Nan Rongni.

“Just some bruises, I think Mu Ningxue was hit by the spikes!” gasped Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu glanced at Mu Ningxue and saw red stains on her arm. He was utterly respectful and grateful toward her for risking her life to save him. Without her help, his life might be over after he was cornered by the two Commander-level creatures!

Nan Rongni quickly summoned two Healing Spirits; one for Jiang Yu, one for Mu Ningxue.

The Healing Spirits were able to locate wounds and heal them. They mainly focused on injuries dealt to the skin, muscles, blood vessels, meridians, etc. However, if the inner organs, bones, mind, or soul were damaged, the Healing Spirits would have minimal effects. They would need a Healer to cast the Basic Spell Healing Light to slowly heal the injured part…

Mu Ningxue’s arm was soon healed. The bleeding stopped in no time, before the wound closed under the effects of the Healing Spirit.

“They seemed to be affected by captain’s Curse,” Zhou Xu noticed.

“Mmm, these creatures are stronger than the Scarlet Rending Demon. Our attacks are basically useless against them. We can only split up and fight them in skirmishes, yet it’s risky for us, too. We would be dead if we got separated from the team and the others could not provide assistance in time,” said Nanyu.

“Yeah, the only ones that can cast Advanced Spells are captain and Mo Fan, but that idiot had already run off with the Japanese woman. We won’t be able to defeat the creatures if we can’t find a way to penetrate their scales,” said Jiang Yu.

It went without saying that Mo Fan’s combination of Fire and Lightning was incredibly destructive. With him on the team, they could have easily broken through the Commander-level creatures’ defense.

Nanyu gave Jiang Yu a death stare. Jiang Yu immediately realized Mu Ningxue was standing right beside him. His expression stiffened as he quickly explained in an awkward manner, “Just… forget what I said.”

Mu Ningxue had an unpleasant look. That asshole who ran away with the Japanese woman had nothing to do with her. A man like him who stuck to the Japanese woman just because she was hot, it was better if he never showed up again!

One of the Blue Valley Ferocious Beasts was in great pain because of the Demon Torture cast upon it. It was screeching like metals being scratched.

The other Blue Valley Ferocious Beast found Ai Jiangtu hiding on the roof of a building and channeling the Curse Spell. The cunning creature simply ignored the cries of its companion and sneaked around to the back of the building!

Four spiked arms rose high into the air before slamming down on the roof Ai Jiangtu was standing on.

Ai Jiangtu immediately stopped the channeling and blinked away.

The Blink was successful, but the tunnel also transferred the force exerted by the Blue Valley Ferocious Beast. When Ai Jiangtu blinked down to where Nan Rongni, Mu Ningxue, Jiang Yu, and the others were gathered, they saw him being knocked flying and crashing into a shuttered shop…

“Was…was that captain?” said Jiang Yu softly.

“I wasn’t able to get a clear look…” answered Zhou Xu.

Ai Jiangtu was blinking over to his teammates. As soon as he came out from the other dimension, he was propelled like a missile before anyone could react. In the end, the kind-hearted Nan Rongni quickly went into the shop and treated Ai Jiangtu’s injuries with a Healing Spirit.

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