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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 3168 Director Mu’s Shoulder Massage

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Chapter 3168 Director Mu’s Shoulder Massage

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Mo Fan successfully sent those people back to Song City three days later.

After happily saying goodbye to everyone, Mo Fan stood in the square and faced the setting sun.

As Mo Fan stood against the setting sun, his shadow appeared taller.

"Hey, your shadow looks scary," a young girl on a skateboard suddenly said.

"Isn't it supposed to be handsome and impressive?" Mo Fan chuckled. He turned to look at his shadow and noticed something strange.

His shadow appeared distorted, like a reflection on rippling water.

Then, the shape of his shadow began to change. It became longer and more slender. He felt as if his shadow had transformed into someone elegant and mysterious, like a delicate flower blooming in the dark.

Mo Fan looked at his shadow and felt a familiar aura coming from it. It was at that moment he understood what was going on, so he smiled.

"Brighty, you're here!"

The shadow responded. A strikingly beautiful face appeared.

"You've been back in the mortal world for a while now. Have you encountered any troubles? I haven't sensed any respect offered from your country," said the Bright Blood King.

"I've been caught up in some issues. I'm about to carry it out. I'm sorry for causing you to worry," Mo Fan apologized.

"Do you need my help?" the Bright Blood King offered.

"No need. I can handle it myself," Mo Fan declined.

"No need. I can handle it myself," Mo Fan declined.

"Alright. May you find peace."

"And may you always be as beautiful as a flower," Mo Fan replied.

The Bright Blood King smiled. It appeared she liked such words.

Amid the sunlight, the shadow gradually returned to its handsome form.

Mo Fan scratched his head. The Bright Blood King's abilities were impressive. She had entered the mortal world unnoticed and merged into his shadow.

If she had any hostile intentions toward him, it would be a serious problem.

Mo Fan used up the magic energy for Space Elemen, so he could not create another teleportation portal to get to Pearl Institute.

He thought for a moment and decided to take a regular train instead.

After the Ocean Demons had retreated, some cross-city transportation had resumed.

He did not need to rush to carry out his plan. Along the way, he also wanted to enjoy the scenery.

The route from Song City to Pearl Institute had a well-developed network of waterways. Previously, Ocean Demons had taken over these waterways and used them as nesting grounds for laying eggs.

It was odd, though. Ocean Demons lived in the ocean, yet they preferred to lay eggs on land and islands.

Lingling and Chen Maiya's main job was clearing out these nests to prevent mutated and advanced demons from entering the city.

Mo Fan reached the station in about an hour.

Feeling lazy to fly, he opted for a taxi instead. He noticed the city was recovering faster from the disaster than he expected. It seemed like everyone was determined to rebuild their homes and restore peace quickly.

At a street corner, Mo Fan saw the reopened spicy lobster restaurant. Even from the car, he recognized the familiar lady boss welcoming the first customers after reconstruction.

"Everything has returned to how it was before."

Mo Fan felt a rush of emotions. They had finally endured through the tough times. Things were looking up.

Mo Fan entered Pearl Institute and made his way to his old apartment.

Earth Element Architect Mages reconstructed the apartment to its previous state.

Surprisingly, it had become a trendy spot to check out for students and magic students. Some students from Pearl Institute were there acting as guides. They shared stories about Mo Fan's past glory at the institute. Of course, they also talked about the romantic entanglements between Mo Fan and several campus beauties.

"You know what? Mu Nujiao, the school director, once had a touching story with Mo Fan. They used to live in this apartment together. Hehe. Just imagine it. A young man and woman as roommates. Even if they clarify their relationship countless times, it's useless."

"Wow, he is really a role model among men."

"Ugh, what a jerk!"

"You can doubt his character, but you can't deny his strength."

"He's undeniably powerful, but I can't approve of his character."

"That's true!"

"Well, nobody's perfect. Apart from being rude, flirtatious, selfish, domineering, lacking in manners, and arrogant, he still has some good qualities."

Mo Fan hid in the crowd, and his expression grew darker.

Given this judgment, what was left of Mo Fan?

He could not visit the apartment.

Mo Fan had no choice but to head to the office area.

Mo Fan arrived at Director Mu's office in the boardroom of Pearl Institute.

Seeing Mu Nujiao transition from student to school director surprised Mo Fan. It showed that she had indeed dedicated herself to magic education over the years. With her high profile and likable personality, she was well-loved by everyone. The only downside was probably that cohabitation apartment.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Mo Fan politely knocked on the door.

"Come in." Mu Nujiao's voice was clear and gentle.

Even as a school director, Mu Nujiao kept things simple. She did not have an assistant at her door, and her office was basic. However, it had a view of the whole institute and… the apartment.

Mu Nujiao was dressed in standard professional attire, with a white shirt buttoned up high. When she lowered her head, a strand of black hair fell across her chest, which made her look serene and elegant.

She was silent, completely engrossed in the documents on her desk. She seemed to be organizing something important. Her decisions impacted the entire middle and high school sections of the magic school, so she had to proceed with caution.

Mo Fan did not say anything and just watched her.

It seemed like Mu Nujiao had forgotten someone had knocked and entered. She remained engrossed in her work.

After finishing part of her task, she subconsciously reached for her water cup. As her lips touched the cold cup, she noticed Mo Fan.

"Cough, cough!

"Cough, cough!"

Mu Nujioao choked on her water. Her face turned red as she coughed.

Mo Fan quickly moved forward to pat her back.

"Why are you here?"

Mu Nujiao removed her glasses, which gave her a charming appearance. A hint of joy flashed in her eyes.

"Am I that scary? You look frightened," Mo Fan said.

"I was just surprised. It's been a while since I've heard from you. I… I…" Mu Nujiao hesitated. She was unsure how to continue, so she stopped and cleared her throat.

What she wanted to say was that she wanted to ask people close to Mo Fan for information about him but could not bring herself to do it.

In fact, not long ago, Mu Nujiao had met Mu Ningxue at an international conference. They chatted for a while, and she had wanted to ask about Mo Fan—his whereabouts and whether he was safe. However, when she tried to ask, she did not know how to start.

"There's nothing special. I just went to the Dark Plane and cleaned up some corruption. I killed all the other Dark Kings except for Wen Tai." Mo Fan instinctively smiled. He exuded the self-assured demeanor of a seasoned hero.

At first, Mu Nujiao was quite worried when she heard about the Dark Plane. But the way Mo Fan described it made her feel like he was just making up stories.

"Did you bring back any advancements in Black Magic for us?" Mu Nujiao did not spoil the mood and asked.

"Of course. Check this out." Mo Fan opened his Space Bracelet and took out a black crystal flower.

"A Guiding Stone?" Mu Nujiao was surprised.

Guiding Stones were usually used for Elemental Magic. Awakening in other types of magic often required rare treasures.

Mu Nujiao had never seen such a pure Guiding Stone for Black Magic. Given its purity, it had a high potential of helping Basic-level mages in awakening Black Magic!

"Do you think we can incorporate this into the high school awakening ceremony?" Mo Fan asked.

"To make it widely usable, it must be stable, efficient, and easily accessible. Stones like this, which guide awakenings, are exceedingly rare worldwide," Mu Nujiao said.

"Don't worry. I've already taken care of the supplier. You don't need to worry about purity either. It's definitely better than those national treasures of dark mines in other countries. It's up to you how many you can take," Mo Fan explained.

Mu Nujiao almost spit out her lemon water onto Mo Fan.

It was supposed to be a sacred pursuit. But why did it sound like an illegal deal when Mo Fan talked about it?

"We need to start with a trial," Mu Nujiao suggested.

"You're right." Mo Fan nodded.

"After all, it's Black Magic. It's a big shock to the traditional magic education community. Everyone knows Black Magic comes with a price. Introducing it to students who are just starting…"

"I've sorted out the terms. It's all documented and legally binding. The contract holds more weight than some laws," Mo Fan explained.

Contracts for Black Magic were immediately enforceable and nearly impossible to dispute.

"Payment begins only at the Advanced Level? So, students won't have to pay anything until they become Advanced Mages?" Soon, Mu Nujiao saw the contract between Mo Fan and the Bright Blood King.

"Traveling the world isn't just about combat. I also have connections," Mo Fan smirked. Then, he gave Mu Nujiao a meaningful look to hint that his journey had been quite challenging. Would she offer him a shoulder massage?

Mu Nujiao hesitated briefly.

Considering Mo Fan had achieved such an achievement, giving him a shoulder massage seemed no big deal.

Mu Nujiao placed her hands on Mo Fan's shoulders without hesitation, but her thoughts were on the contract Mo Fan had brought back.

"If we're going to trial this, should we choose the affiliated Magic High School at Pearl Institute?" Mu Nujiao asked.

"That sounds good."

"Oh, and I saw Tianlan Memorial Magic High School at the recent conference. It's in Seal City, your hometown. I've supported it. How about choosing students there as another trial?" Mu Nujiao applied more pressure during the massage.

Mo Fan was stunned.

A rush of memories flooded his mind.

First exam, first awakening, mastering Star Orbit for the first time, releasing magic for the first time…

"Has my hometown been rebuilt too?" Mo Fan asked.


"I feel ashamed. You're the one who informed me about this," Mo Fan said.

"Will you attend the opening ceremony of Tianlan Memorial Magic High School?"


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