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«Versatile Mage (Web Novel) - Chapter 1799: Evil Caning Spirit

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Chapter 1799: Evil Caning Spirit

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

At the Canton Tower in Guangzhou…

A stall selling grilled chicken wings was in the plaza in front of the building. Mo Fan was taking the lift to the higher floors, where the Magic Association was headquartered.

“HAHA, Brother Mo Fan, you finally came to visit me! Here, I’ll show you my new discoveries recently!” Feng Zhoulong immediately went up to Mo Fan, who was holding some aromatic chicken wings. Feng Zhoulong conveniently took a chicken wing from the box and ate it.

“Did you make any progress on your research on how to merge different Elements?” Mo Fan asked, raising his brows.

“Oh, I was not referring to that. If I could really solve such a difficult problem, the world would see me as a great person. By the way, did you find the Darkness Corruption useful?” Feng Zhoulong inquired.

“It’s great, able to kill the target sneakily or track down the target from a long distance away! My Darkness Corruption was strengthened recently, too. I came today to see if you have any way to help my Dark Material evolve. I’ve also found something for you to take a look at. I have no idea what its uses are,” Mo Fan told Feng Zhoulong.

“I just happened to be looking for you, too. Our lab… oh, our Research Union happened to find some cursed material. Although I haven’t really figured out an actual way to merge Elements, you can combine the cursed energy with your Dark Material. The price isn’t too high, just pay us a billion, and I’ll immediately ask someone to help your Dark Material evolve,” Feng Zhoulong reached his hand out, trying to grab another chicken wing from Mo Fan’s box.

Mo Fan moved the box away to dodge the man’s hand. He said, “Is this a bandit’s nest or something? A billion? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Our Research Union needs some funds, too! Hehe, we might be close, but we can’t just give it away for free. How about if I give you a discount? Eight hundred million, the thing is called the Flogging Curse! It has the ability to corrupt, permeate, and tag its target, similar to your Fiendish Night. It also has an imperious Domain, the Evil Caning Spirit! It’s a kind of undying cursed spirit that exists in the Domain. If anyone is hostile toward you or tries to harm you in the Domain, the Evil Caning Spirit will have a certain chance to Possess the target and punish it,” Feng Zhoulong seemed to greatly admire the Dark Material. His eyes were glittering like a salesman, as if he was hoping Mo Fan would buy it right away.

“I don’t have the Curse Element. Are you sure that thing is compatible with my Fiendish Night?” Mo Fan asked, confused.

“Yes! If you are interested in it, I can slightly modify its compatibility. I can guarantee that your Darkness Corruption is going to be insanely strong!” Feng Zhoulong declared.

“Eight hundred million is still too expensive,” Mo Fan was a little intrigued after hearing Feng Zhoulong’s description.

The Fiendish Night might be outstanding, but it still lacked a little offensive and destructive power. Feng Zhoulong was a reliable man. He was the one that had passed on Bei Jiang’s Dark Material to him. If he highly recommended something, it would most likely make his Dark Material extremely powerful, but the price…

Was he really going to spend all the money he had earned from completing the quest for the Tear of Medusa? He was thinking of buying himself some Super Level equipment, since he had now achieved the Super Level, but he was struggling to make up his mind after meeting Feng Zhoulong.

“Give me a little more discount. You know how poor I am,” Mo Fan said.

“It’s already the best price I can offer. We only developed it not long ago. It’s possible that some Councilmen, generals, or elders might take it away if they see it. I can easily sell it for a billion or two since it’s my project, but if you didn’t bring Bei Jiang to me, which helped me with a breakthrough, the project wouldn’t have been a success. Therefore, you’re the first person I thought of,” Feng Zhoulong exclaimed.

“If you say so… fine, I’m taking it!” Mo Fan finally made up his mind.

“Then you’ll have to stay in Guangzhou for a few days. I’ll make the preparations. It’s the same thing again, I’ll guide it into your Dark Material to let your Darkness Corruption evolve completely!” Feng Zhoulong said.

“Not a problem, give me a call when you’re ready… I’ll be going if there isn’t anything else,” Mo Fan seemed like he was in a rush.

Feng Zhoulong nodded. He was looking at Mo Fan like he was studying his favorite guinea pig.

“Damn it, I almost forget why I was here in the first place. How did I end up letting you trick me into paying you eight hundred million?” Mo Fan returned a moment later.

“Are you regretting it already? I guarantee you that the thing is more valuable than what you are paying,” Feng Zhoulong exclaimed quickly.

“No, no, I came here to show you something. I got it off a rare species of demon creatures at Dingcheng,” Mo Fan took out a bag and untied the rope on it. He showed the broken crystals to Feng Zhoulong.

“These crystals don’t look that valuable,” Feng Zhoulong reached his hand into the bag to touch the crystals, but his expression immediately shifted. His eyes widened, “Mo Fan, where did you find these crystals?”

“Dingcheng, I already told you! So, are they anything useful?” Mo Fan pressed.

“Of course! They are very useful!” Feng Zhoulong was able to identify the crystals right away, even when Lingling was totally clueless about what the crystals were, as expected of a reputable nation-renowned researcher!

“How do I use them?” Mo Fan asked immediately.

“Have you heard of Growable Magic Tools?” Feng Zhoulong said.

“Er… yeah, equipment or Magic Tools that can become stronger by absorbing certain magical items,” Mo Fan remembered.

How could Mo Fan not know what a Growable Magic Tool was? The Little Loach Pendant on his neck was a perfect example. He would not be where he was right now without its help!

“These crystals are the most important material when crafting a Growable Magic Tool. We call them Receiver Crystals, which is closely related to its purpose. Think about this; equipment and Magic Tools are usually objects. They don’t have a mouth and the ability to digest like most living creatures. The Receiver Crystal basically gives the Magic Tool and equipment a mouth so they can ‘eat’,” Feng Zhoulong told him.

Mo Fan suddenly recalled the Mud Morphing Monsters after Feng Zhoulong was done with his explanation.

The Mud Morphing Monsters were supposed to be a low-level species, yet they had the ability to absorb humans to improve their strength. Was it because of these Receiver Crystals in their bodies?

“Brother Mo Fan, do you have more of these crystals?” Feng Zhoulong asked excitedly.

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