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«Versatile: Alternate World (Web Novel) - Chapter 713 Total Chaos

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Chapter 713 Total Chaos

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There are fewer monsters in the forest compared to the vicinity of the Insect Kingdom but you can't say they are small in numbers. There are still players fighting in the forest that didn't want to participate in the totally chaotic battlefield that is outside of the Insect Kingdom's borders. To those who are not that strong, the forest is the best way to gain levels first, slowly challenge the stronger enemies, then head to the chaotic battlefield and participate in the killing as well.

While repairing the armor of Lina and Gobu, I heard a shrill cry outside. It's not near so my guess is that kit came from the battlefield where the enemies spawn.

Since Lina and Gobu's armor is damaged after trying the mantis, I recommended that they train only in the vicinity of the cabin and fight the monsters that get near here to ensure that the monsters are controlled and the enemies don't crowd in, making it troublesome if they are in large numbers.

As for me, I made myself busy in the workshop repairing the equipment of the two. Until I finish making all their armor, they will have to retain their current armor in the meantime.

Since repairs don't take that much time to finish, I easily completed both repairs on Lina and Gobu's armor. They are good as new. But instead of giving it back to them, I started putting a few enhancements on them that will allow them to be more durable in battles. In short, I just made the armor stronger and more valuable. Of course, the enhancements I added are minor like [Hardening III], [Lightweight IV], and [Durable III], which increase the defense values of the armor with the addition of making it light enough that the wearer will not feel burdened by the armor and allow it to be integrated into their body normally like normal clothes, making them fight like they didn't wear any armor yet gain the defense all the same as wearing heavy armor.

The enhancements didn't take too much time and were immediately done as soon as I applied them. Now that they are done, my work is complete.

I went outside and realized that no more players are staying nearby. From the looks of it, they have decided to join into the fray of players trying to slay the raid boss after hearing a piece of news or rumor from the others that if the boss is slain, the monster waves will halt and the reward will be greater as well. The only ones who are there are Lina and Gobu who are chatting while guarding the area.

"How are the surroundings? Is there any immediate trouble we needed to address?" I asked.

"Not really, Master. There aren't many monsters nearby. Most of them immediately went to the battlefield after the shrill cry earlier echoed almost everywhere," Lina explained.

I took out the two pieces of armor and handed them back to the two who are grateful for the repairs and immediately wear them. Then, they realized something changed.

"Master, thank you for adding new enhancements to our armor. You shouldn't have done so since it was just a waste of materials to use on our old armor, but regardless, we appreciate them," Gobu bowed down, which was followed by Lina as well.

"Don't worry, it's not that much of a big deal and since you guys are using that armor, more enhancements mean more easy time in battles. It's not a waste if it allows you to remain alive in battle."

"Wise words, Master. Still, it's unnecessary for us to receive buffs like this as we barely did anything that would make you reward us this much. We will do our best to serve you well, Master."

"No need to repay me. Just do what you usually do, I just added them on a whim since I felt they were a little bit lacking. No need to make it a big deal."

Then, we heard another shrill cry. This time, it's much louder than before. The ground shook and the trees started shaking and dropping some of their leaves and premature fruits that has yet to enter their ripe phase.

Tina went outside after the cry ended. "What is happening, Master? That shrill cry earlier was very strong. Are there any monsters?"

"Yep. the invasion of the parasites that your parents have predicted is now currently in a heated battle with the others right now."

Tina's reaction went from surprise to grim. However, she is not surprised and sighed. "It's not my job to really interfere with the battle right now. Even without our help, the situation will be resolved all by itself. Since they outright insulted us before, then we will just remain neutral, Master. But if you choose to help, Master, then I will help out as well. Until then, I will remain passive about this event and will not bother to care what is happening."

After saying that, she returned to the cabin. Gobu can only shake his head while Lina is clearly worried.

"That young girl is clearly on his wit's end, it's clear she is not fine despite the strong persona she is showing us. But I can't blame her if that is her reaction. With parents like that and the treatment you receive is very bad, if I were in her own shoes, perhaps I would do the same. I don't want to become like those parents in the future. Thankfully, I am fair and caring about my family, I would be heartbroken if one of my daughters also do that to me." Gobu gulped down the mug of wine and slam down the mug like a pro drunkard. Sometimes, I wondered if Gobu was perhaps a dwarf in his past life or not due to some of his mannerisms very similar to a dwarf.

"In any case, Master. Just like what Tina-chan said, we will remain in a neutral stance with the current situation. We will not directly involve ourselves and we will just observe for now. Of course, our current stance will change if you order, Master," Lina reminded me.

I looked in the direction where the shrill cry has been causing waves of chaos, endangering the whole Insect Kingdom. I am not a benevolent person but I am also not cruel. I will just observe things for now. Still, I don't think we will make any significant impact if we joined in but since Tina knows something, perhaps she has a way for this crisis to end without a problem.

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