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«Versatile: Alternate World (Web Novel) - Chapter 670 The Bishop

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Chapter 670 The Bishop

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The appearance of Atlas made the battle much faster and much swifter. Not only do we have to worry less about enemies but we can focus on many other things as we break through the enemies. With my teammates doing all they can do and the NPCs helping to prevent the other soldiers as well from destroying our formation, I ended up having the least to do. I might be a Versatile Class player and has no specialty in anything aside from being a jack of all trades, but having reduced roles in a battle is a little bit sad.

With Atlas taking over my role as the DPS in the frontline, I focused on myself as the main healer of the team. Without a proper cleric, we are not in a good run. Our little progress continues forward and all the annoyances are now minor inconveniences. Still, the necromancer did not appear before us and just continued to fight against us while summoning multiple undead. I don't know why we have yet to see one of them. But there is one thing that I think seems strange.

Out of all the Pioneers who joined, there are no Necromancers that I remembered have joined us in this expedition. I might have been remembering it badly but there is no way I will forget with my memory. So I am 100% sure there shouldn't be a necromancer here.

And yet, here we are. What's more strange is that the amount of corpse the necromancer can summon surpass the usual normal amount of undead they can call for a fight. After all, to summon an undead, they have to get a corpse to use as a catalyst. We do have left behind some corpses in our wake by fighting the NPCs but that is a different thing since if they used the angels that we have defeated as the catalyst, the undead they summon should also have their wings rotten as part of their form, even the skeletons also have that feature but without the feathers.

The undead that Atlas has been killing is visibly lacking in that characteristic so the catalysts are obviously not the corpses of the slain angels. However, where are they getting a steady supply of undead to use? You can't keep reusing a dead undead for summoning another, you will have to discard the dead undead and use another fresh corpse in a fight instead.

So why does the way he summoned the undead are a little bit similar to how I summoned my undead? Does that mean, there is another page of the necromancer book? I don't know but that is a possibility for sure.

There are no more players appearing before us and all the consistent enemies are the undead. The angels that are fighting us from behind are also reduced and only a few of them are now remaining. It might look like a good sign that the enemies we originally have are now reduced to only a few individuals and the only main problem left is the other people inside the church who are waiting for us or the Pope himself. I also cannot forget the necromancer himself or herself as well.

"It looks like we are proceeding well, and we have yet to lose any men in battle. That's good!" Tsuru is happy to see everything is proceeding smoothly.

"Hey, don't jinx it. I know we are not in trouble right now and are at a big advantage but that doesn't mean the tables will not turn back to us," Popo clicked his tongue.

"Popo is right Tsuru. It's looking fine right now but there is no way these are the only struggles we are going to face because I find everything too easy. It was like a false sense of security," Viola agreed with Popo which makes Tsuru frown.

"Are you sure you are just not getting paranoid?"

I decided to butt into their conversation. "Popo and Viola's reactions to the situation are right. It felt a little too safe and I know we have been fighting since earlier but I don't think it was indeed bad to keep our guard. Enemies are still there so there is no need for us to already drop our little guard just like that.

The final barricade is finally in sight, and the church's door is just beyond the barricade. Compared to the past timeline where the rebels were repelled at the third barricade, we have arrived at the first barricade without any casualties. Not only that but the part near the Church is the only part of the city that is currently affected by our rebellion compared to the past timeline where the whole city suffered as a result and resentment from the rebels was instead planted instead of their liberation to everyone that failed.

Not only we are fine until now, but we have yet to also use most of our aces. We have yet to call the dragon compared to the past timeline where the dragon was slain before the final fight. It's obvious whY Tsuru became smug and easygoing with how well our operations were currently going but he stopped when the next enemy waiting at us at the last barricade.

The Bishop.

For those who interacted and stayed for a while in the city while I am busy destroying the cult all by myself, the Bishop is the one giving the missions that involve the church and helping the sick and the weak around, giving players the halo effect at him as a kind angel and with the Angel form of himself, it's easy to see why many players will think he is a good angel.

However, the Bishop right now is clearly not the same bishop the players have met, especially the misfits who were able to interact with him multiple times. Tatsumaki shook seeing how oppressive the aura of the bishop was. Leoran frowned and ready the crossbow for the fight. Popo is a little bit shocked but he didn't show it much, Kylan and Viola are not happy at this and are ready to pull up their weapons to fight, while Tsuru is still normal. He wasn't even surprised by it compared to the others.

"Welcome traitors of the church and the heretics who allied themselves to the evil side of the coin. The pope is already expecting the arrival of all of you. I already anticipated all of you to come and fight the hordes of people I deploy to whittle the numbers to a better amount so that I can easily deal with you all but seeing that not a single one from all of you has fallen, goes beyond my expectations. Marvelous," the bishop started clapping. He might be saying this sincerely but I can take a hint of his little sarcasm.

"Look, if you try to get in our way, we won't hesitate to take you down even if you have helped us a lot before," Leoran aimed his crossbow.

"Heh, Leoran. Are you really blinded by these people's promises? Are they really helping the weak? They are just doing that to gain sympathy and to also build up their powers. It's not too late to change and come assist us in this battle. I can see you wavering so there is no need for you to hesitate."

"No. You were just justifying the works of the church, the evil deeds that this place has hidden from us. I might be wavering but that was because I have a positive impression of you despite that, I don't think I will be swayed to join back the cause that you believe in. This has to stop."

"Ah, such a pity. But it doesn't matter. I was not expecting much from you anyway, After all, traitors cannot be trusted. If you have decided to join us, you would die on the spot anyway as the church does not tolerate traitors. It's a little shame that I didn't get to personally execute you easily, but I don't really think that also matters. After all, there is no change, you all will fall here."

He opened the little book in his hands and it glows a faint violet light. It didn't take too long before the violet light appeared more beneath the ground and multiple of them started to pop off and suddenly summoning multiple Death Knights.

"A bishop of the church is a necromancer?!"Harmless Sparrow didn't expect to see it. It's not exactly a twist but it's just close to impossible. After all, necromancers and holy power doesn't seem to share the same sentiment as both are the direct opposite of each other.

'Why all of you are surprised? Is this the first time you all have witnessed a multiple-class person? Nah, no way. I can sense one of you is the same as me who can wield multiple classes at once as well," his eyes then landed on me.

"With the help of this, I was able to maintain my holy image, despite the way I handle evil and darkness. I may not be as strong as the Pope, but I am enough to deal with you all here. So please, donate your bodies to my collection. I will make sure you all will become lovely corpses who will forever remain alive."

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