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«Versatile: Alternate World (Web Novel) - Chapter 668 Break Through The Barricades

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Chapter 668 Break Through The Barricades

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The soldiers that are fighting this time are now affiliated with the church. According to the intel, all the soldiers who allied themselves and devoted themselves to protecting the church, are no longer innocent and are no longer part of the angels that we are going to spare.

"Remember, only kill those people that are allied by the church!" Alain shouted as he pulled his sword out and slashes through the enemies.

In the eyes of the angels, the act that we are doing is heresy. One that defies religion and something that defies the beliefs of all people. However, I have a question for them, who are they even praying for? According to the sources and from what the info I can gather, the church keeps saying they worship their "god" but it never mentioned who it was. After all, there are multiple gods in the game.

They indeed have the church, but there is one thing that I know. This is just a church that cultists worship in and instead of worshipping the gods, they worship the demonic entities and other things that bring ruin and destruction. I suspect that the one this church is worshipping is none other than the Pope himself.

The soldiers came pouring out of the streets, way more than we realized. We are getting overwhelmed when Popo came rushing to the crowd and jump into the air.

"[Transform: Berserk Bear]!"

Popo's transformation happened mid-air so the moment he transformed into a big bear, every enemy below him was crushed by Popo which I think he intended. After that, he started attacking and swiping the enemies around him. Popo didn't hesitate to go all out and lash his anger at all the enemies coming at him.

"Popo! Be careful!" Tsuru who was just behind him warned of the impending dangers around him.

"We can't lag behind either! Charge!" Harmless Sparrow charges ahead alongside the other rebels as well.

Sigma remained standing and made all the chains do the work. I kind of envy Sigma's playstyle as she does her job by standing still while letting her skill do the pesky job.

To be honest, I tried doing what she does, but it ended up in big failure. Not only do my habits kick in during battle, but controlling multiple of those chains takes a lot of pressure on my mind. Which is why I dropped the idea of copying her play style. I liked it, but it was not up to my mental power to continue doing it for long.

The angels who are allied with the church continue to arrive. But there is a bit of a problem. It was like the enemies are endless. But I am quite sure that there are not so many soldiers allied to the church as some remained their neutral stance and I don't remember the City of the Clouds having these many soldiers with them.

I keep defeating them but something seems to be amiss. There is something that is bothering me. The battle is too heated and all enemies attacking seem to be mindless machines.

That's when Alain decides to suggest a better solution.

"Everyone, keep moving while we fight. We can't keep staying here while we fight or else, we will not see the end of this. With all the soldiers appearing to stop us, they are just stalling for time! Go!"

Everyone nodded and we started moving slowly. As we fight and kill, we continue moving as well, keeping everyone struggling to also catch up and not be left behind to fend off for themselves. It was an effective tactic but soon enough, we faced another little problem that the enemies made to slow our progress.


The road to the church is filled with barricades. Not only that but we also saw a few angels holding weapons that allow them to shoot down anyone who tries to fly to bypass the barricade. It's annoying and there is no other alternative as there is only one road. Not only the barricades are the problem here but also the players stationed as well.

Because players are stronger than NPCs which is pretty obvious, we will surely suffer casualties if NPCs are going to engage in battle against them which is why we already formulated a battle plan.

We spotted 5 players stationed at the barricade, waiting for our arrival. All of them are melee-oriented classes which are good since we don't want those range players to increase the problem.

Kylan flicks open his pocket watch and a large [Time Sphere] consumed the players inside, slowing their movements and reaction time. Since [Time Sphere] only works for those enemies captured inside the moment someone cast the skill, anyone who entered the [Time Sphere] will not be affected by the effects of the skill, allowing allies to do the finishing blows.

The players didn't expect that and before they are able to react, our silent and stealthy assassin, Viola, appeared out of nowhere, wielding her dual daggers in both hands, and jumped inside the [Time Sphere]. Because reaction times of everyone trapped inside the [Time Sphere], those who entered of their own volition will have twice the reaction time to them and that is what Viola decided to abuse to eliminate the players as fast as she can.

She was quick with her moves, fast in her strikes, and fatal on all attacks. She raised her dagger, for a few seconds, swing them a few times, and she was done. The moment the [Time Sphere] duration ended, the players also fell dead as well.

"Destroy them all! Don't let the barricade remain standing!" Alain shouted.

Harmless Sparrow grinned this time around and raised her sword.

"Destroying barricades? I am your girl. Let's do this. HA!"


Her sword's tip dropped to the ground, and a lava spout erupted, right into the barricade, effectively destroying it in the process and burning the remnants. Those soldiers who are also nearby got burned and killed if they have gotten to close the attack site.

"Push on! Make sure the Pope knows that we are not just going to let them abuse their powers! They will have to pay for their sins and show the world that the angels they are trusting in are the true demons after all!"

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