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«Vampire’s Slice Of Life (Web Novel) - Chapter 795 Putting Some Damsels In Distress

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Chapter 795 Putting Some Damsels In Distress

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A month passed.

Neo's experiences were quite a lot, but it was good study material and helped Lith understand the ways of debauchery.

Although he was capable enough to handle the ladies all by himself, going through some reference material never hurt no one, did it?

Finishing with his tasks, Lith went out of his bedroom to go check up on his maids and the ladies.

As he walked out, he saw no one in the hallway.

"Oh, so my maids are slacking. Hmm…"

Lith chuckled and began walking around the inner part of the castle, in search of some damsels to put them in distress.

Roaming from hallway to hallway, courtyard to courtyard, Lith finally found his first target of the day.

It was none other than the red haired Time Path girl Lith had scammed into becoming his maid. She was sipping tea and relaxing in a courtyard reserved for maids.

The inner ring had many such places since it was quite big. The areas for the maids didn't overlap with the areas meant for the three royals, but it did have easy access in case the royalties wished to see them.

Fanny was unaware of Lith's presence since he had masked himself.

It was only after he was really close to her did she get startled and notice him.

"Y-Y-Your Highness!?"

Lith raised an eyebrow and asked in an exaggerated haughty tone, "My maid, your Prince is here and you didn't even notice him or greet him? Tch. Tch. Tch."

"I am sorry." Fanny bowed and said respectfully with slight knitted brows. She had some rough idea as to what was going to happen with her.

Lith sighed and said, "What am I gonna do with such slacking maids? Anyway, where's your mother?"

"Mom?" Fanny looked up at Lith and tilted her head in confusion.

"Yeah?" Lith said. "It's Keith, your mom, that I am referring to. Why are you so confused?"

Fanny's face flushed with embarrassment a bit. She had just said this out of reflex, but didn't think that the Prince would catch onto it.

She cleared her throat and said, changing the topic, "Mom is probably in the white lily courtyard, taking a nap or relaxing."

All the courtyards had their respective names to distinguish themselves. The one Lilith usually stayed in was called the Verdant Pavilion because it was a garden filled with vibrant flowers and stuff.

White lily courtyard belonged to the maids and it was the resting place for them, in case they needed a short nap. They could place a mat on the grass and sleep or simply sit on the chair and sleep on the table.

There were a lot of ways and if they didn't want to do any of that, they could just go to their rooms and sleep.

After all, they were free to do whatever they wanted. Nobody was ordering them and even if there were orders, they were free to do whatever they wanted after they finished with their duties.

Since the Vampire Society was self-reliant and managed itself, there was pretty much nothing to do and these guys were always free.

Among the two hundred staff members, hundred were on a vacation while the rest were working.

Keith and Fanny belonged to the group that was not bound to this. They didn't have to work on rotation basis as they were Lith's personal maids.

The same applied for Luna, Qingyue, Freya, and Bella.

Bella was back to serving Lilith since Qingyue was inexperienced and Luna was with Lith. It was not a problem anyway since Lith could summon her whenever and wherever he wanted.

Lilith obviously would never say no or ask anything, so Bella was chill with it and not too worried for not being with Lith.

As for Lith, hearing Keith was taking a nap, he said, "She's taking a nap? And she forgot to greet this Prince? Hmm… she needs to be punished."

"Your Highness…" Fanny bowed and softly called out. "Can you please let this insolence of my mother slide for one last time?"

Fanny was trying to cover for her mother like a filial daughter. She didn't want to see her punished.

Lith looked at Fanny and chuckled internally. What was she even thinking to ask something like this? Lith would never hurt his maids and had no plans to do so either.

His maids were cute and they served him well, so there was no reason to be rude with them.

Though, he had no reason to clear up Fanny's misunderstanding and said, "That will depend on my mood. Anyway, take me to your mother. I gotta knock some sense into her."

Fanny was sad after hearing that but she couldn't go against the Prince's orders. She was strictly warned by her mother to not disobey the royalties as it would not end well with them.

Fanny believed in her mother blindly and didn't question it further.

With Lith, she went to the white lily courtyard and as expected, Keith was resting on a chair.

Lith walked close to her and as Keith noticed a disturbance around her, she woke up and turned to the source of it.

As she noticed Lith, she immediately did a bow out of instinct.

"Greetings, Your Highness." Keith said. She had been well trained by Luna by now and felt no shame in saying so.

Lith's tall and imposing figure looked down at Keith. With seriousness in his voice, he said,

"You weren't there when I woke up from my nap. You didn't greet me when I got out of my room right now. You've been slacking quite a lot now, yes Keith?"

Keith bowed and didn't respond. She knew punishment was inevitable now, so she braced for it.

Lith walked close to her and put his hand out. Keith knew it was coming any minute now. She deserved it though since she hadn't fulfilled her maids duties, she thought.

As Keith braced her butt for a spank, Fanny sighed and put her head down in shame. She couldn't bear to watch her mother be violated like this.

Lith's hand moved closer to Keith and he was going to spank her at any minute now. It was here, so close, and…

'Huh?' Keith thought to herself, as what followed was not a sting at her buttocks, but a warm and cozy feeling.

"Fufu… don't stress so much. I understand that you might be busy. Anyway, relax and rest, you need it."

Much to Keith and Fanny's surprise, Lith didn't punish Keith, but hugged her and said those gentle words.

He also kissed her head from above in a gentle manner and rubbed her back, comforting her and not making her feel uncomfortable.

Keith was genuinely dumbfounded and so was Fanny. The two, from this point onwards, looked at Lith in a new light.

Lith didn't want to hurt this little lass here. She had suffered far too much already. He had no dirty thoughts regarding Keith and the only thing going on in his mind was to love and protect her.

"Fanny, come here, join us." Lith instructed and Fanny had no choice but to join.

Hugging the mother-daughter pair, Lith said with a chuckle, "You both deserve punishment and this is what it is. You'll be hugged tightly, almost to death, for the next ten minutes by me."

Lith did exactly as he said and dumbfounded the girls even further. They honestly had no idea what Lith was even up to and were seriously confused.

Their confusion became even more intense as Lith kissed their foreheads and left the place.

After Lith was gone, Keith and Fanny looked at each other with an expression that read: 'what was that?'

Things were far too good to be true and they had to pinch each other multiple times to check whether this was a dream or did the pervert Prince actually act like a good man and hugged them.

Lith was oblivious to their thoughts and was now on his way to find the blonde loli. She wasn't a loli, since she didn't look like a child, but just a young petite girl.

Lith only called her a loli because she didn't like it. She was an adult and much older than Lith himself, but he didn't care and teased her anyway.

The little loli was not in any of the courtyards, but in the Time elemental chamber, cultivating.

Lith went to see her and saw that she was busy cultivating. He left her be and didn't disturb her. It was a pity that he didn't get to tease her.

Lith then went to go check Luna and found her outside the throne room, awaiting any instruction that his mother may have for her.

As Luna noticed Lith, she came to him and greeted him while bowing.

Lith held her hand and pushed her to the wall beside him. Pinning her hands to the top, he asked in a serious tone, "You've been slacking a lot lately, haven't you, Luna?"

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