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«Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 756: Fighting With Sorcery (1)

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Chapter 756: Fighting With Sorcery (1)

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Duan Muxi sized up Ji Fengyan. His gaze was filled with indifference, as if he was not intending to waste more time on her. Then, he turned to look at other Elders.

“Dear all, please leave the matters today to me. I will make an end to it as soon as possible so that everyone can leave and not waste their time for training.”

Duan Muxi’s words earned the agreement from the other 12 Elders.

“Then we shall trouble Master Duan Mu,” Master Yue laughed softly and casually.

Obviously, the other 13 Elders did not care about Ji Fengyan, who was only a 15-year-old, at all.

If not because the Emperor had given his command, they would not bother to come.

Duan Muxi smiled gently. After nodding at the other Elders, he stepped forward and with his plain-looking and seemingly old magic staff, he slowly walked in front of Ji Fengyan. Seeing the ferocious creatures that had transformed from stone statutes beside Ji Fengyan, his gaze was unusually calm.

“Ji Fengyan, you have committed a huge offence by wrecking havoc in the capital city and intending to harm Your Majesty. If you admit your defeat now, I can still leave your dead body intact.” Duan Muxi looked at Ji Fengyan with arrogance, as though his words had given Ji Fengyan the greatest mercy.

Ji Fengyan was amused by Duan Muxi’s tone.

“Admit defeat? I’m sorry but I do not have such intentions. If you want to revenge on behalf of the Emperor, you can give it a shot,” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and said.

Duan Muxi’s brows were furrowed. He was not the least pleased at Ji Fengyan’s haughtiness.

“Ignorant fool. Did you think that you can control everything just because you’re a terminator? Pathetic… and so unfortunate.” Duan Muxi shook his head unhappily. He raised the old magic staff and his dark eyes glanced at Ji Fengyan. Suddenly, a strong magical power gathered above the magic staff.

“Since you do not wish to admit your mistake, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Along with his final warning, Duan Muxi chanted a long string for a magic spell. The chant was so long and fast that no one could hear what Duan Muxi had said. But with his chant, the magical power above his magic staff became stronger.

The little old man and burly man who were standing beside Ji Fengyan were already sheet white. Both of them were also decently strong, otherwise they would not be under close watch while locked away in the dungeons of the palace. By now, they could already sense the magical powers becoming stronger in the surroundings and it was as if the powers had lit up the surrounding air.

The powers of a sorcerer come from the accumulation of their magical powers. For an occupation with such weak defense, even if they had strong attacking magical powers, they also had a deadly weakness…

That was the chanting of their magic spells.

A spell with a more powerful attack required a more complexed chant. Amidst the chaos of a battle, the time duration taken for chanting a spell would decide the length of time they had exposed themselves to danger. For a sacred-level sorcery, just the chanting would already take up one hour or longer. A more highly skilled sorcerer would be able to shorten their chanting.

It was rumoured that a sorcery tutor would require an hour to chant a sacred-level sorcery, whereas a master sorcerer would only require a minute!

It was only a blink of an eye, but a huge ball of light had already gathered above Duan Muxi’s magic staff!

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