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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 1804 The Immortal Hall's Four Heavenly Kings Are Nothing, Eight Million Immortal Hall Reinforcement Soldiers

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Chapter 1804 The Immortal Hall's Four Heavenly Kings Are Nothing, Eight Million Immortal Hall Reinforcement Soldiers

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True Emperor Dragons appeared once again in the Immortal World. Each dragon was over three million meters long, carrying a terrifying aura that distorted the void around it.

At that moment, Chu Kuangren’s energy reached its peak.

“That’s the Ultimate Human Emperor Technique!”

Everyone was shocked as they were no strangers to the technique unique to the Human Emperor.

“Over three million meters long True Emperor Dragons? Where did he get that kind of human fortune?!” Mo Liqing asked seriously.

The Ultimate Human Emperor Technique required a lot of human fortune to reach its ultimate form.

However, in the current Immortal World, the human race was under the Immortal Hall’s control, so where did Chu Kuangren get that much fortune to cultivate the technique to such a high level?

“I heard he founded an empire beyond the Immortal World. It seems like it’s true,” Mo Lihong said.

“Regardless, we must be careful.”

With the buff from the True Emperor Dragon, Chu Kuangren’s terrifying aura was at peak of the Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal Realm.

Every move he made released boundless Immortals Sparks that could flood and crush a planet. He was like the superior Human Emperor that triumphed over all.


The myrtle ferret beside Mo Lishou roared and grew larger before throwing itself toward Chu Kuangren.

“Fool,” Chu Kuangren said with a grunt.

The True Emperor Dragons reacted.

All nine dragons launched themselves at the giant ferret. They were countless times more terrifying than the ferret, and in a blink of an eye, the dragons tore the ferret into countless pieces.

“Argh! My ferret!”

Mo Lishou felt so infuriated that his eyes were bloodshot and his face was red.

He had had the ferret for many years, so how could he accept it dying terribly in front of his eyes?

“Chu Kuangren, I’ll kill you!” Mo Lishou roared and dashed forward in the form of a lightning bolt.

At the same time, he cast various Immortal Techniques at Chu Kuangren in succession.

Chu Kuangren, however, was unfazed. He raised his hand and released his Immortal’s Core energy that had a layer of gold to it. With the buff from the True Emperor Dragons, he blasted it at the incoming attacks.

All the Immortal Techniques were crushed and destroyed.

“Fourth Brother!”

The other three responded by casting their own techniques at Chu Kuangren.

Mo Liqing swung his sword in a flurry, releasing sword ray after sword ray. The wind and fire that contained tens of thousands of spears and swords and the golden fiery snake were hurled at Chu Kuangren again.

“Your sword is impure, and the technique is useless.”

Chu Kuangren gripped the Heaven Stabilizer, channeled his Immortal’s Core energy, and swung his sword forward. The sharp and domineering sword ray shone in all directions and enveloped Mo Liqing whole.

Immortal Destruction Sword Qi, Immortal Collapse!

When the two different sword qi clashed, it was Mo Liqing who fell into a disadvantageous position.

Sword qi then ravaged his body, leaving more than a dozen bloody slash marks on his body. He bled profusely and soon turned into a bloody mannequin.

“Chu Kuangren, this is as far as you go!”

Mo Lihai continued to pluck his pipa, playing a powerful melody containing the power of earth, wind, water, and fire as an attack at Chu Kuangren.

“It hurts my ears.” Chu Kuangren scowled and unleashed another slash at Mo Lihai.

Mo Lihai’s expression sank. Under the sword qi’s attack, the strings of the jade pipa he wielded broke.

Before Chu Kuangren could follow up with a lethal blow, a large shadow appeared above him and covered the sun.

It was the Primordial Umbrella!

The umbrella expanded into the size of the sky and attempted to capture Chu Kuangren.

“Immortal Destruction!”

Chu Kuangren swung his sword again and cast the final technique of Immortal Destruction Sword Qi.

With the buff of the nine True Emperor Dragons, the powerful slash was surging with Arch Gilded Immortal Intent that was as strong as a tsunami. Then, the dazzling sword ray formed a light pillar and perforated the umbrella.

An explosion erupted in the sky, tearing a large opening in the dark sky above Chu Kuangren.

Mo Lihong felt heartbroken seeing his umbrella destroyed by Chu Kuangren. “My umbrella!”

The Four Great Heavenly Kings had teamed up to attack Chu Kuangren, but they all ended up injured. The ferret was killed, the pipa’s strings broke, and the umbrella had a hole in it.

That dominating power shook everyone to the core and struck fear in their hearts.

As they looked at the man in the sky surrounded by nine dragons, their eyes flickered in fear.

They thought they were looking at the Human Emperor of ancient times making a return.

Countless humans were moved by the scene.

Chu Kuangren stood in the air, looking at the injured Four Great Heavenly Kings and their destroyed weapons with an indifferent look.

He swung the Heavenly Stabilizer again, and the runes on it shone once more.

“The Four Great Heavenly Kings are nothing,” Chu Kuangren said indifferently and wanted to deliver the final blow.

Just then, a massive crack appeared in the void, and a loud and unison stampede sounded.

Warships flew out from the void, followed by stern-looking armored soldiers.

There were soldiers who possessed the power of lightning, the power of a tornado, the power of fire, and also the power of water.

They were the army of the Immortal Hall’s Four Divisions.

Among the army, there were also a few Arch Gilded Immortals who were as powerful as the Four Great Heavenly Kings.

They glanced at the battlefield when they arrived and ultimately locked on to Chu Kuangren.

At that moment, another large crack opened on the other side of the void.

Soldiers equipped with runed armor marched out of the crack, riding either chariots or wild beasts.

They possessed a grand and powerful aura that rivaled the army of the Four Divisions.

It was the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall’s Imperial Spirit Army!

The Four Division Army and the Imperial Spirit Army, a total of eighty million soldiers, had arrived. The aura from the military formation alone was enough to suffocate the audience.

“Hahaha! The reinforcements are here!” Mo Liqing cackled.

The elders of the Ji clan were delighted as well.

“Even the Restricted Area has to take such a massive army seriously,” a Restricted Area’s Arch Gilded Immortal said in shock.

The others looked at Chu Kuangren and could not help but shake their heads, pitying him.

“With such a large army here, no matter how capable Chu Kuangren is, he won’t be able to destroy the Ji clan completely.”

“That is unless he asks the Seven Celestial Demons for help. But even then, the Immortal Hall’s Embodier wouldn’t allow to the situation exacerbate.”

“This isn’t just the battle between the Hundred Academy and the Ji clan. It’s the battle between the human race and Immortal Hall.”

Chatters could be heard from the crowd.

They all looked at Chu Kuangren curiously, wondering how he would respond.

“Chu Kuangren, surrender now!” Mo Liqing shouted.

“Eight million soldiers? It seems the Immortal Hall sees the Ji clan as an important ally, but it doesn’t change anything. I said I will level the Ji clan to the ground, and I intend to do it.”

As soon as he said that, a massive planet beyond the sky shone brightly.

A beam of light shot out from the planet and landed on the Ji clan’s territory.

Then, countless figures started to emerge from the pillar of light. They were the forces from the Violet Emperor Planet that Jue Wushen led, and there were almost ten million of them.

The cultivators of the Celestial Demon Tribe were among them as well. However, that was not the end.

Chu Kuangren swung his sleeve and summoned a massive Hell’s Gate from the ground, with endless Yin qi erupting from within.

Underworld Solders rushed out like the tide, and the Yin qi, rage qi, and death qi filled the sky above the Ji clan.

“I, Meng Yi, am here to serve the Emperor and charge toward the enemy!”

Meng Yi shouted, leading a million of Emperor Qin’s Underworld Terracotta Army out of the Underworld.

Every warrior looked stern and was filled with battle intent.

The Underworld Terracotta Army was an army forged solely for war and destruction.

Although there were only a million of them, the aura they released rivaled that of the eighty million Immortal Hall soldiers.

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