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«Douluo Dalu 4: Ultimate Fighting (Web Novel) - Chapter 241: Goodbye, you’re not working properly

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Chapter 241: Goodbye, you’re not working properly

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On the stage, Li Han nodded towards Lan Xuanyu. “It’s only right that you persevere till the end, since you’re already here. Let’s go for a bout.” While saying that, he waved his hand and got Li Bin and Jia Yu to unleash their Martial Souls and rush towards Lan Xuanyu’s team.

A faint blue stream bubbled forth from Li Han’s body, and it seemed to have some sort of resonance with the Sea God Lake. The blue color surged from behind him and transformed into a large overflowing wave. His first and second soul rings, turning bright, soon followed and transformed into a tide that surged towards Lan Xuanyu and his team.

To be able to participate in the semi-finals, how could the opponents be weak? Hence, he chose the most dependable method to gain victory in the battle. The disparity in soul power between both teams was too great; he simply had to overwhelm the opponent without giving them the opportunity to reverse the odds.

Although his opponents were weak, he did not have any intention of being careless.

Jia Yu’s body flickered with a white light, and a jadeish white scepter appeared in his hand. He pointed it towards the tide as his second soul ring bloomed with light. White figures that resembled fish appeared within the tide. The combined interweaving auras made it extremely sharp.

It was Li Han’s Martial Soul, Tide! This was a rarely seen Martial Soul. Being an ocean type Martial Soul, he had lived by the east side on the mother planet since childhood. The vastness of his Martial Soul made it extremely proficient for an omnidirectional attack.

Jia Yu, who came from the same academy as him, also had a rare Martial Soul. Hailed as the Sea Scepter, his ability allowed him to summon energy-type marine creatures as a form of attack. Although it was not a Martial Soul fusion technique that coordinated with Li Han, it was still mutually beneficial. At the moment, he had summoned a school of swordfish.

The school of swordfishes had undoubtedly become even stronger inside the tide as compared to being summoned in the air.

At the same time, Li Bin did not stay idle either. A full moon appeared above his head and beamed its moonlight onto the wave. The presence of the bright moon above the sea resulted in both the huge tide and the swordfishes becoming substantially stronger.

That’s right, his Martial Soul was equivalent to an attack and support combined together.

A bright full moon above the waters, a school of swordfishes within the ocean. It was an all-rounded and suppressive attack. They were definitely not giving their opponents a chance.

Lan Xuanyu frowned and truly became serious. Not only were their opponents strong, but they did not even relax despite being pitted against a weaker team. Although the attack they had formed was not their strongest, the tri-support they had made felt as though the three attacks had completely merged into one. Could they stop this attack? The opponents were, after all, a four-ring and two three-ring soul masters!

They no longer had a choice at this time.

Lan Xuanyu took a step forward and unleashed two golden patterned Blue Silver Grass vines from his right hand, splitting them in the direction of the Gate of Summoning that Qian Lei had summoned and toward Liu Feng’s waist.

Liu Feng’s White Dragon Spear buzzed as the Silver Moon Wolf Right Arm’s aura congealed. The spear began undulating with a special light aura.

Amidst a low growl, a red armored dragon charged out of the Gate of Summoning. Unlike the swordfishes that were made out of energy, this summon was one with intelligence. Upon seeing the incoming tide that seemed to cover the sky, it immediately had the thought to turn tail back inside the Gate of Summoning.

Lan Xuanyu’s body flickered as he unleashed a kick at the red armored dragon’s waist, pushing it a few meters away and preventing it from running back into the Gate of Summoning.

He then took a step forward and unleashed the silver patterned Blue Silver Grass from his left hand and congealed a layer of ice in front of him.

Their minds were linked as Liu Feng and Qian Lei ran and hid behind him. The three formed a straight line.

The layer of ice in front of Lan Xuanyu formed a triangular shape that flew forward and faced off against the earth-shattering tide.

The red armored dragon was no longer able to make it back to the Gate of Summoning because the huge tide was right in front of it.


The red armored dragon was immediately struck away by the huge tide. Its body exploded with a red light as all it could do was defend with everything it had.

In contrast, the huge tide struck Lan Xuanyu’s triangular ice wall and immediately forced the trio backwards all the way to the edge of the stage.

On an elevated stage, whoever was struck down from the stage would be considered the loser.

Liu Feng and Qian Lei retreated with him, as they were incapable of doing anything.

Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath as his gaze focused. It all ended here. He placed his right hand behind his back as he gestured to Liu Feng and Qian Lei.

He was very clear that they stood no chance in terms of pure strength, so they could only do something to catch the opponents off guard.

It’s not like he had no ideas against the incoming attack. He could use the rainbow colored Martial Soul fusion technique. He had confidence that once he exploded, he would be able to resolve the opponent’s attacks and definitely surprise them.

Right then, Liu Feng suddenly exploded forth and launched a sneak attack on Jia Yu under Lan Xuanyu’s full amplification. But the true killer was Qian Lei’s Emerald Demon Bird!

When Lan Xuanyu unleashed his Martial Soul fusion technique, although he would not lose all of his combat ability, the consumption would be extremely large. However, the combat ability of the Emerald Demon Bird, after having devoured a few strong opponents, was definitely much stronger. Especially its terrifying speed. In the case where their opponents were certain of victory, a sneak attack would most probably succeed.

And the opponent’s pressurizing attack was their opportunity.

Lan Xuanyu was confident in his Martial Soul fusion technique, especially after the mutation where everything had changed.

Ling Yiyi remained focused on Lan Xuanyu. Bing Tianliang wasn’t the only one to have seen through Lan Xuanyu’s act. She had practically followed Lan Xuanyu and his team through the qualifier. So when Lan Xuanyu revealed the exaggerated expression, she knew that he had a plan.

She wanted to see what surprise he had in store for the desperate situation. This was a single-elimination open tournament, which placed the most pressure on an individual’s planning capability.

When Lan Xuanyu and his team were pushed to the edge of the stage, Lan Xuanyu squinted his eyes and folded his hands together. Right when they grasped together, he unleashed his Martial Soul fusion technique.

Against his expectations, a strange scene occurred.

The huge surging tide suddenly disappeared like snow. Not only did the huge tide disappear, but the school of swordfishes too. Only the round moon remained above, but it no longer had a target to strengthen.

Lan Xuanyu felt his entire body become light, as though the gigantic pressure on him had become nonexistent. At the same time, the triangular ice barrier shattered upon coming in contact with the tide.

What in the world?

The audience below was dumbfounded. Did Li Han misstep?

Jia Yu and Li Han were even more bewildered.

Just when they thought that the huge tide was about to push Lan Xuanyu and his team down the stage and end the round, a bone chilling fear suddenly surged from deep within their bodies. In their eyes, Lan Xuanyu had turned into a colossus being. Regardless of whether it was three or four rings, all the rings crumbled into powder due to the fear.

Yes, crumbled. Lan Xuanyu watched with surprise as Li Han and Jia Yu’s total of seven soul rings crumbled, their faces pale white as they retreated.

This was not a show! Victory was in their grasp and they had no intent of acting.

Lan Xuanyu suddenly floated in midair with both hands clasped together. Meanwhile, Liu Feng felt the pressure lift. In his mind, he felt that Lan Xuanyu had used his Martial Soul fusion technique to block the opponent’s attack. Without hesitation, he transformed into a white light. A dragon roar erupted as he pounced straight at Jia Yu with lightning speed.

Qian Lei had the exact same thoughts as Liu Feng. His second soul ring blossomed and an emerald green light flickered as though a lightning bolt had appeared in the clear sky. The Emerald Demon Bird shot straight for Li Bin

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