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«Transmigration with QQ Farm (Web Novel) - Chapter 519 – Remembrance of the Past; Startling Truth (9)

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Chapter 519 - Remembrance of the Past; Startling Truth (9)

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Cheng Xiao Xiao started distributing their resources basing on everyone’s cultivation level - crystal fruits, snow ginseng, yexian grass - were produced in front of them one after another. Old Man Ying was short of drooling over them. His eyes widened, and his look filled with envy.

Old Man Ying wasn’t the only one whose eyes were burning was passion. Even the other five elders were excited. These were all treasured items. Each of them difficult to come across even once in a lifetime.

“I have provided each of you with more than sufficient resources. If you still can’t breakthrough, I will be docking your share next time as a punishment. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss!”

“Alright. Now go cultivate behind closed door. Don’t let me down.”

“Yes, Miss!”

The five very emotional men took off immediately without another word. Never mind that nobody want to fall behind, they must advance to martial monarch if it was only for the next reward.”

“Kekeke…” Old Man Ying gave her an obscene smile as he rubbed his hands together and said with a grin, “Miss, what about me? You haven’t given me my reward yet? Hurry up and…”

“Oh, what? I haven’t given you yours yet?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao put on a regretful look purposefully and said, “I’m so sorry, I have on prepared resources for them. I didn’t have any for you. Maybe, next time?”

“Nooo, Miss…”

Old Man Ying almost jumped up from his chair. Grabbing his own goatee, he jumped up and down and shouted, “How could you forget? I want reward too! Miss, days without rewards are awful. C’mon, Miss, give me rewards. Pleeeeease…”

Finally, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but snickered. Her rotated her wrist and a very fragrant crystal fruit appeared in her hand. Handed it over to him, she said, “Alright, knowing that you haven’t had one before, I will let you try one. Remember, don’t slack off. Else there will be no rewards for you!”

“Kekeke, of course not. Never. Young Mistress. I am the most hardworking first elder!” Old Man Ying smiled so much that one could see more teeth than eyes on him. He was short of pounding on his chest and making her promises.

Looking at the old man who behaved exactly like Little Yuteng, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but smiled and scolded him, “What you still waiting for then?”

“Miss, kekeke…”

Seeing that there seemed to be something else that he wanted to share, Cheng Xiao Xiao casted him a sideway glance and asked, “What is it? What do you want now?”

“Miss, I am thinking, kekeke, Miss. That jade bee honey was so good. I have already finished both bottles. Miss, may I have a couple more?”

As he said that, he looked straight at her. His face filled with anticipation.

Cheng Xiao Xiao paused for a little and, the next moment, her eyes widened and she couldn’t help but raised her voice, “Old man, how are you so greedy? I have given you a crystal fruit and you are asking for more?”

“Not the same. Totally different. Miss, jade bee honey is good stuff too. Very good stuff for me!”

He was old and shameless. Old Man Ying wasn’t bothered by what kind of a look was Cheng Xiao Xiao giving him, he just wanted more honey from the jade bees.”

He had been having the jade bee honey daily for the last month. Its effect was incredible. Not only did he feel more energetic, he also felt that even his coarse skin had become smoother and he looked much younger. He looked more like a middle-aged man in his fifties rather than an old man who was closed to 100.

Plus, he was addicted to the jade bee honey now. Even the mystical water from the well was no match to it. Only the jade bee honey would make him feel good.

Cheng Xiao Xiao found his shameless look both laughable and annoying. She fished out two more bottles of jade bee honey from her dimension ring and handed them over to him. “Ration these. I only have so much and almost depleted by you!”

“Yes, yes, Miss. I shall!” As though receiving the most precious thing in the world, Old Man Ying broke out into a bright smile and quickly put them away. He shouted back as he ran outside, “Miss, I am leaving. I am leaving right now!!”

“That annoying old man…”

Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled and said to herself after he had left. She shook her head. She didn’t care about 1~2 bottles of jade bee honey and she could very well afford them. Mainly because she quite liked Old Man Ying’s personality and he didn’t really bother her. She would only provide him with more and more in the future. He was worth that.

That very night!

It was bustling in Sacred Land Zhongyuan. One by one the elders broke through and, once again, alerted the several hundreds of people at Sacred Land Zhongyuan. The guards and the disciples, in particular, was extremely envious.

“Little girl Xiao Xiao, don’t play favoritism so much now.”

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