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Chapter 923: Frequented The Empress’s Maiden Room At Night

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Hmph, thanks to Master forcing him to eat stinky tofu, all food now smelled like stinky tofu to him and made his insides churn terribly. He would probably not be able to eat anything for the next few days.

It was all because of Master!

“I’m not sure.”

If it were any other day, he would definitely offer to find out right away. Now, however, he remained dull and slow as if he did not understand the purpose of his master’s question.

His reaction angered Long Yang.

“Well, can’t you find out? Why do I even keep you around?” A Palace Memorial flew through the air, heading straight for his head.

Zhao Qian did not dare to dodge and ended up getting smacked right in the face.

Master was such a bully. He already forced him to eat that mountain of stinky tofu last night, and now he would not even allow him to sulk? What a difficult life he had!

“I’ll find out right away,” he replied reluctantly.

Hmph, he would take his sweet time finding out and stress the heck out of Master!

He was allowed to sulk too!

Long Yang flung his brush down, the irritation in his heart only growing more intense than yesterday.

He clearly did not wish to see Lu Liangwei, but at the same time, he could not help longing to get close to her.

He had been kept awake all night and only managed to sleep for a while at daybreak.

He could not even settle down to mark Palace Memorials.

Could it be that he needed Lu Liangwei to sit beside him the way she did yesterday, so that he could calm down and work?

His face turned a few shades darker at the realization.

What kind of love potion had Lu Liangwei given him? Why did he… yearn for her so much?

The uncontrollable emotion was driving him insane.

Unable to focus on his work, he rose from the imperial table and left.

The moment he reached the doors, Zhao Qian returned.

“Master, Her Highness is taking a walk in the imperial garden. Would you like to go there?”

Long Yang wrinkled his brow, feeling a little exposed.


With that, he strutted out the doors.

Zhao Qian was about to go after him when he heard his master say, “I don’t want anyone following me.”

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi exchanged glances. Where was Master going?

A moment later, Zhao Qian shook his fly-whisk and said in perplexion, “I thought Master was going to see the Empress.”

Chu Qi shot him a look. “He is going to see the Empress.”

Zhao Qian was briefly taken aback before recovering his senses. “You mean Master doesn’t want us to know?”

Chu Qi remained silent.

Zhao Qian sighed with emotion. “Master’s being really awkward. What’s there to hide from us? When he was courting the Empress, he used to frequent her maiden room at night and forgo his dignity just to see her. Now that she’s already his woman, what else does he have to worry about?”

“Master,” Chu Qi suddenly lifted his head and called out.

With a start, Zhao Qian fell to his knees, almost ready to raise his hand and slap himself.

“Please cease your anger, Master. I was running my mouth, please forgive…” He looked up, only to find that the master was nowhere in sight.

Realization dawned on him, and he immediately shot up and glared at Chu Qi. “You brat, how dare you fool me? I’m going to beat the living daylights out of you!”

Before he could pounce on Chu Qi and strangle him, Chu Qi had already darted off.

Zhao Qian roared with rage.

In the imperial garden.

Lu Liangwei had finished her stroll and was about to go back when a shadow suddenly fell over her.

Looking at the man who had appeared before her, Lu Liangwei blinked in surprise, and collecting herself, she took a step back and curtsied to him. “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang’s gaze landed on the top of her head. After a while, he said airily, “Rise.”


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