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«Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart (Web Novel) - Chapter 1410 It Was Indeed Shameful

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Chapter 1410 It Was Indeed Shameful

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Long Xuan's expression softened as he watched the woman return to her seat obediently.

“I wasn't eating slowly on purpose. I just don't have any appetite right now.” Long Xuan explained after a while when he saw the dark look on her face. He even began eating more quickly.

Lin Qingyuan was not moved at all. She picked up her chopsticks and poked a bun on the plate to vent her anger.

Long Xuan's expression darkened slightly when he saw this. He grabbed her wrist and warned, “You shouldn't spoil food this way even if you're done eating.”

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback. She lifted her head to see the man's serious face. She had no choice but to awkwardly stop her actions.

Long Xuan picked up the bun poked with a few holes by her and began eating it.

Lin Qingyuan noticed he was frowning all the while and did not seem to enjoy the bun. Despite that, he seemed unwilling to throw it away. This reminded her of his words last night when he had bought the sugar-coated haws.

This triggered a thought in her.

It was probably because of what he went through when he was young that made him cherish food so much.

With the position he was in today, there was no need for him to do this.

Nevertheless, this sentiment lived on within him, which was quite rare to see in people.

Thinking of this, she suddenly felt guilty and ashamed when she looked at the table of breakfast that she could not finish.

Lin Qingyuan actually could not eat that much, but she was angry with how he was always bullying her, which was why she had purposely ordered an excessive amount of food. She wanted to make him pay more for it.

She had even forgotten the hard times she had experienced when she was reduced to being a beggar.

She felt ashamed and unsettled.

Unable to stand it, she began eating the leftover breakfast food on the table.

Long Xuan looked at her in surprise.

Sometime later, he frowned again when he saw that she had not stopped eating.

She looked like she was forcing herself and was clearly unable to eat anymore. He could not help saying softly, “Stop eating if you can't take anymore. Just remember not to be so wasteful next time, alright?”

Lin Qingyuan seriously could not eat anymore. When she heard his words, she put the food in her hands down, but she still felt bad about it and asked, “What should we do with the rest of the food?”

“We'll ask the server to pack it up and we can give the food to the hungry beggars going on the streets,” said Long Xuan.

Lin Qingyuan's eyes lit up and she hurriedly instructed the server to pack up the food.

After the leftover food was properly packed, Lin Qingyuan felt guilty again as she stared at the two massive bags of food.

On the other hand, Long Xuan did not make any comment this time and simply carried the bags in one hand while holding Lin Qingyuan's hand in the other as they walked out.

Even during peaceful times, there would still be beggars.

They walked out of the inn together and turned into an alleyway. Several beggars were huddled together there.

Long Xuan distributed the food to them and they thanked him joyfully.

Lin Qingyuan was moved by the satisfied smiles on their faces.

While she was wasting food, there were many people starving in places that she could not see.

Wasting food was indeed shameful!

However, Long Xuan helped her understand something that day.

She would never waste food again.

Lin Qingyuan was exceptionally quiet while on the way to the medical hall.

Long Xuan cocked his head to the side and glanced at her. “Are you still thinking about what happened just now?”

Lin Qingyuan glanced at him and did not hide her thoughts. “Yes.”

“You shouldn't judge yourself too harshly. It's not your fault if you weren't aware.” Long Xuan rubbed her head comfortingly.

“It's not that.” Lin Qingyuan shook her head. “You might not have known this, but I've been a beggar for a while in the past.”

Long Xuan stopped in his tracks and looked at her in astonishment. “What?”

“Her Highness didn't tell you about this, did she? In fact, she was the one who saved my life,” Lin Qingyuan said with a sigh.

Long Xuan had no idea about this. His Royal Uncle had sent him out on a mission during that time and he was not aware of many happenings in the imperial capital.

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