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«Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart (Web Novel) - Chapter 1408 Are You Sure You Aren't Taking Advantage Of Me

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Chapter 1408 Are You Sure You Aren't Taking Advantage Of Me

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Lin Qingyuan's ears turned red as well at this point.

A long moment passed before she said through clenched teeth, "How is it the same?"

"How isn't it the same?"

Lin Qingyuan found something not quite right about the situation. It sounded like he was right by her ear.

She put her hand down and saw that Long Xuan had walked over to her without her noticing it. He was standing right in front of her, looking at her evenly.

She gulped and did not dare look down.

Long Xuan rather enjoyed seeing her face turn red. He could not help taking another step forward.

Lin Qingyuan's expression changed when she saw this. She reached out to push him away frantically. "Don't come any nearer!"

Long Xuan lowered his head to see her fair, petite hands, sweeping erratically about his chest. He could not help smiling. "Are you sure you aren't taking advantage of me?"

Lin Qingyuan's face turned red and she quickly pushed him away forcefully. She darted into the bed quickly and drew down the bed netting as fast as she could.

She did not want to end up getting her eyes burned.

Long Xuan sighed when he saw her hiding under the covers and he stopped trying to force her.

Lin Qingyuan finally felt relieved when she heard him hopping back into the bathtub while she hid under the covers.

The room might have been too quiet—she could hear him splashing the water in the bathtub quite clearly.

The thought of the man's lean and muscled body flashed in her mind and her mouth suddenly felt a little dry.

She wondered how much time had passed when the covers were pulled away from above her. Long Xuan appeared in front of her with some water dripping off his face. "Why are you suffocating yourself under the covers?" He reached out to touch her forehead as he spoke and his hand came back full of sweat.

He stared at the beads of sweat on his palm and then raised an eyebrow to look at her. "Why are you so nervous? You're sweating from the heat. The water in the bathtub is quite clean. Do you want to take another bath?"

Lin Qingyuan felt like coughing up blood when she heard this. She said unhappily, "Are you asking me to take a bath with the bath water you just used? That's so unhygienic!"

"It's not really that dirty. Take a look if you don't believe me." Long Xuan was not angered and even tried to convince her good-naturedly.

Lin Qingyuan was not about to be tricked by him. There was no folding screen in the room at all and she was not as thick-skinned as he was to be bathing in front of another person.

"It's fine. I'd like to go to sleep." She pulled the covers over herself and lay in bed again.

Long Xuan sat at the side of the bed and wiped his hair nonchalantly.

Lin Qingyuan darted a look at him and decided to ignore him as she shut her eyes to get some sleep.

Just as she was about to drift off to sleep, she felt something heavy pushing on her body.

She opened her eyes with astonishment, only to see Long Xuan's handsome face right in front of her.

Before she could push him away, his lips had already covered hers.

The next day.

Lin Qingyuan was full of anger at the sight of the satiated man.

She had been feeling tired last night and ended up being unable to have a good sleep.

The sight of him being so energetic and full of spirit made her furious.

She took the opportunity to kick him in the butt while he was heading downstairs.

However, it was as if Long Xuan had eyes behind his back. The moment her leg reached out, he suddenly turned and grabbed her ankle with ease.

"What's wrong? Do your feet itch?" Long Xuan looked teasingly at her.

Lin Qingyuan struggled to escape and her gaze was a little shifty after being caught. "Not anymore."

Long Xuan stared at her feet for a while and suddenly said, "This seems like a nice position. Let's try it at night."

Before Lin Qingyuan could process what he meant, he had already released her and was helping her straighten her skirt properly.

"A girl should be decent and not reveal her bare feet. Understand?"

Long Xuan straightened up as he spoke. He gave a small smile at the sight of the woman clenching her teeth.

He caressed her face and said helplessly, "Alright, you shouldn't mind it too much. Just be careful next time. I'm not such a strict and unreasonable person!"

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