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«Tower Defense Survival: I Defend the Whole Country Alone! (Web Novel) - Chapter 259: Light Godhood!

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Chapter 259: Light Godhood!

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In the dark environment in front of him, Pierce held the soul fire in his hand and kept looking at the surroundings. Along the way, other than corpses and various items, he did not see anything valuable.

Perhaps he had been too careless in his search. After all, the body of this whale was too big, and in order to pursue speed, he had overlooked some things.

However, under the hint from the hint system, the treasure this time was definitely very unique, so Pierce only glanced at the irrelevant objects briefly and walked past them.

After walking for about half an hour, Pierce finally arrived at the location of the whale’s tail. He did not know how far he had walked. He could only rely on his senses. After all, there were thousands of meters between them.

He finally saw the shining thing. It was a stone shining with burning light. It looked extremely exquisite. It was only the size of a fist, but the various symbols on it were very dazzling.

This thing dyed the entire surroundings white, and there was no longer that dark feeling. Pierce removed the soul fire in his hand.

In this situation, there was no need to activate his soul fire. The stone in front of him already served as a bright source of light.

This was probably the thing that the hint system had mentioned. This stone in front of it was similar to the stone Pierce had obtained last time.

However, the stone he had obtained last time was wrapped in black death energy. It was half of the godhood of the Death God.

Pierce was suddenly excited. He felt as if he had discovered a huge treasure.

If he had not listened to the system and entered this whale’s body, he would never have discovered this thing. This meant that the hint system could always be trusted.

Pierce arrived in front of this stone. He felt that this stone did not reject him at all. It even vaguely stimulated the angel bloodline in his body, or rather, formed a connection.

This pleasantly surprised him.

In other words, this thing that was like a godhood had a correlation with his angel bloodline. Both sides were of the same type. If this stone was really a godhood…

Pierce did not dare to think further. After all, he was not too sure now. His main goal was to confirm this stone through the hint system.

At the thought of this, Pierce stared at it for about half a minute with his eyes filled with soul fire.

The news that followed made him wild with joy. As expected, it was exactly as he had imagined. He sighed at his luck.

[Detected that this stone in front of you is similar to the Death God’s godhood you obtained last time, so you should know what this stone is, right? This stone is the opposite of the Death God, the godhood of the God of Light. If possible, I suggest you use it on the Seraph…]

[Only she can perfectly showcase the power of this godhood. Their compatibility is above 90%, and your current compatibility is 70%…]

After seeing the system notification, Pierce was not depressed. After all, he could give this stone to anyone. Even if he gave it to the angel, he could obtain the power of this godhood through the connection. At that time, he would have the power of two godhoods.

He felt his heart beating rapidly. It was a reaction from his main body. The few people in the distant city, especially the Elven Queen, saw Pierce’s excited expression and did not know how to treat him.

After all, he looked like he had obtained a treasure. However, no one knew what Pierce had obtained, since they had not connected with the undead.

Pierce touched this godhood that was filled with light and warmth. He felt a unique warmth, as if a power was constantly surrounding the angel bloodline in his body!

The frost bloodline was completely suppressed. The power of the angel bloodline was constantly surging.

Pierce did not feel anything wrong with this situation. After all, this was a connection between the compatible bloodlines. In any case, the one who was going to use the godhood was not him, but Vivier.

However, the power of this godhood was too strong. Pierce could feel the strengthening of his bloodline even in the Sky City.

He did not dare to imagine how much his strength would increase if the Seraph completely fused with this godhood.

Pierce’s lips curled up at the thought. It seemed like if this godhood was completely fused, they would have another surge of increase in combat power.

He believed that this battle power would far surpass the Undead Archangel. This godhood was not like the Death God’s godhood that was fragmented.

The godhood of the God of Light was complete, and a complete godhood could completely give birth to a god.

Pierce’s heart was pounding crazily. He could not control his expression at all.


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