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«The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1224: The Story of Ling and Heng (487)

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Chapter 1224: The Story of Ling and Heng (487)

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Feng Ling didn’t react at first. A few seconds later, she understood what he meant.

She said gloomily, “I’m not married to you. It’s not appropriate to call you that.”

Li Nanheng sneered. “You’re really stubborn.”

However, even if Li Nanheng wanted to tell her that Feng Ling had married him three years ago, the untimely cry in her stomach interrupted his plan to immediately acknowledge her as his wife.

After all, she needed to eat.

“How long has it been since you ate?”

“Not too long ago. Maybe it was noon? Or maybe I was too busy in the morning and forgot.” In fact, Feng Ling had only eaten once in the morning and hadn’t eaten much since then. She didn’t have much appetite, and because of her period, she didn’t feel well. She was too busy with the assessment today and didn’t want to eat anything.

She didn’t expect that such an embarrassing thing would happen to her. She was chatting with Li Nanheng, and her stomach was rumbling…

At this time, newbies had already come out one by one. When the members of Team Two came out, they saw Boss Li and Drillmaster Feng Ling still outside. All of them immediately looked embarrassed and scared. They couldn’t wait to take a detour, afraid that Boss Li, who had been secretly scolded by them several days ago, would be unhappy and start a fight with them.

Although Li Nanheng wanted to educate the boys alone, he remembered that Feng Ling’s period was uncomfortable and that she didn’t eat anything. He called the drillmasters of Team Two and asked them to go out for a meal.

The newbies of the two teams were originally worried that they wouldn’t even be able to survive in front of Boss in the future. When they came out, they were all dejected. When they suddenly heard that Boss Li was treating them to a meal, they didn’t know if he wanted to drive them away or if the base planned to give them another chance. All of them were extremely nervous, but they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to eat with their idol, so they all agreed.

What was even more unexpected was that Boss Li, who had given them the word ‘scram’ on the training ground today, would actually treat them to hot pot!

The weather was so cold. The legendary Iron Mask King, Boss Li, was actually so heartwarming!

Li Nanheng sent people out of the base to book a place. The sky had just turned dark, and the base had sent more than ten cars to send the newcomers to the location for dinner.

Of course, although Boss Li was treating, he would definitely not sit at the same table as them. However, this was the United States. It was not easy to find such a big, luxurious, and delicious hot pot restaurant. Furthermore, with Boss’s invitation, even if they could not sit at Boss’s table, everyone would feel honored.

At Li Nanheng’s table, Feng Ling, Ah Feng, and several old men in the base hall, including several members of the sniper team and Han Jin and Xiao Xu, were all familiar faces.

Because they were too familiar with each other, Feng Ling felt much more at ease. She didn’t want to be poked by the gossipy eyes of the newcomers again and again.

Not long after, the waiters of Hotpot City brought in all the ingredients they needed.

Tam shouted excitedly and pushed K at the same time, “Brother, I never thought that one day, Boss Li would treat me to food, and it’s even hot pot! Oh my god! Boss, how did you know that we’ve been craving hot pot recently? It’s really difficult to eat something so delicious in Los Angeles!”

“I don’t know.” Li Nanheng brought two plates of Feng Ling’s favorite food to her. “I only know that Feng Ling likes to eat it.”

Tam laughed shamelessly. “Whatever, as long as I have something to eat. Aiya, the weather is so cold now. Eating hot pot is a perfect match. Feng Ling, in the future, you have to order more delicious food in front of the Boss. This way, we might have a chance to have a few meals together! Aiya, have you ordered beef? Come, come, come, give me two more plates of beef!”

“There is.” Han Jin glanced at him.

Tam turned around and saw two plates on the table. He smiled and put the meat into the hot pot.

Li Nanheng took the fruits that Feng Ling liked to eat and put them in front of her. “The hot pot I brought you last time was from a chain store near the hotel. I’ve asked around and found that the taste of the chain stores is the same. It’s not much different and the place is very close to the base. If you want to eat more, I can bring you here often.”

Feng Ling picked up a red cherry tomato from the plate and put it in her mouth. The sour and sweet taste made her feel comfortable. She then took the initiative to put the vegetables in front of her into the hot pot, picked up an orange, peeled it, and naturally brought the orange to the man’s mouth.

Li Nanheng, who always hated eating orange: “… ”

He watched as the woman brought a white finger to his lips and a piece of orange to his lips. Under everyone’s gaze, he opened his mouth and ate it.

Xiao Xu, Han Jin, and Ah Feng who knew Li Nanheng’s habits well: “… ”

Damn, did they see wrongly?

Boss Li actually ate an orange? He didn’t vomit? He actually swallowed it?!

“Eat it yourself.” Li Nanheng, who had been fed three times in a row, could not hold on any longer. Although he would most likely be able to drink poison if Feng Ling fed it to him, this orange was too powerful. He could not take it anymore and pressed her hand down. “Eat what you like first.”

The man then fed her another fruit, successfully cutting off her thoughts of feeding him.

In fact, Feng Ling was being so welcoming because the fate of so many newbies was still in his hands. What if Boss Li was unhappy and kicked all of them out of the base? So, even if she was embarrassed, she still wanted to do something. However, she didn’t know how to please others, so she just took the fruit nearby as she felt that orange petals were easier to feed.

When she realized what she was feeding him, she turned around and met the man’s smiling gaze.

“I say, the two of you…” The two of them were feeding each other, and the whole table was stuffed with dog food. Ah Feng said, “Can’t you restrain yourselves a little? There are so many people here waiting to eat hot pot, but you are feeding them with dog food first. Can you let them eat?”

“This is not the base. I’m being intimate with my woman. Why do you care?” Li Nanheng glanced at him. “After staying in the Li family for so long, have you really not learned to read people’s expressions?”

Ah Feng: “… ” She knew that Boss Li would hold a grudge against him for affecting his relationship.

Ah Feng’s twitching expression and the other people who pretended not to hear him clearly did not affect Li Nanheng’s desire to date his little wife.

Feng Ling felt that she should restrain herself because of Ah Feng’s words. She was about to stand up and move to another seat when the man reached out and placed his arm on the back of her chair. His voice was mild but intimidating. “Sit down.”

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