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«The Villains Need to Save the World? (Web Novel) - Volume 7 Chapter 418: The Demon King who was Latched Onto by a Radiant Holy Dragon and the Maid Cafe’s Booming Business

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Volume 7 Chapter 418: The Demon King who was Latched Onto by a Radiant Holy Dragon and the Maid Cafe’s Booming Business

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Translator: The Light

Edits by Grandia

On the outskirts of Olsylvia City, at Rose Society’s new territory, Margarita Resort Plains. Bella was at Fallen Angel Monarch Jasmine’s stall, looking at a box costing two hundred thousand gold coins. Unfortunately, she realized she wasn’t the only one eyeing the box the moment she tried to grab it. Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil was also interested in it.

It was true that Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil saw the box before Bella did, but she couldn’t produce two hundred thousand coins immediately due to the size of her storage ring. She had just turned around to find two other dragon princesses and asked them for help to bring money over. Unexpectedly, she returned to see Bella making a transaction with Jasmine.

The two other dragon princesses who came with Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil were Silver Dragon Princess Isabel and Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman. When they saw Bella, both of them stepped back subconsciously almost at the same time, faces flushed. The two of them had been bullied so much by Bella previously at the dorm that they could hardly get out of bed, so it was inevitable for those shameful memories to be brought up when they saw Bella.

The three dragon princesses were wearing the free version of Alessandra Academy’s uniform, which provided no fan service. If it weren’t for the striking pair of small dragon horns on their heads, outsiders wouldn’t be able to associate their identities with dragon princesses.

Hetivil still hadn’t realized the reactions of her two friends and was still trying to talk Bella into giving her the box. She had only seen Bella’s true form, Sacred Demon God Samantha, and had no knowledge of who this beautiful blonde female knight in front of her was as she had never met her before. Seeing as Bella was a knight, Hetivil felt that there should be room for discussion.

“How do you know my name? Forget it, that’s unimportant. Could you give me that box? You’re a knight, aren’t you? I can recommend a few members of the Dragon Race for you. But of course, not the two behind me.”

Bella was completely unmoved by Hetivil’s offer. What’s more, the two dragon princesses behind here were already completely in her possession. Other than Hetivil herself, she wasn’t interested in anything else on that other side. Of the beauties on the light side, Bella had only pushed down ladies at the level of the Radiant Pope. Bella hadn’t thought about whether she could push down the Goddess of Light and beauties at the level of the Radiant Holy Dragon with her Demon King body yet. However, she still wanted to challenge this taboo matter and infect the light with her dark energy.

“No, I refuse. I already have a dragon mount companion. Sorry, shopkeeper. Let’s get on with the deal. Here’s three hundred thousand, keep the change.”

“You…How could you be like that? That’s my box! Isabel, Sulliman, why are you two so quiet? I thought you’d run off or something.”

Amidst the various envious gazes of the onlookers, Bella turned her back to the crowd and carefully poured out the gold coins from her storage ring. Three hundred thousand gold coins was no small amount, and the great number of gold coins quickly piled up to form a gold mountain. Jasmine’s storage ring also seemed to be rather large. She had begun to put the money away while Bella poured it all out.

It took almost half an hour before their transaction was completed, transferring three hundred thousand gold coins directly over. Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil who was watching them from the side felt a little annoyed. The three of them were barely able to fit two hundred thousand gold coins into their storage rings. Bella was able to take out three hundred thousand gold coins on her own. Wasn’t she bullying them with how little their storage rings could hold?

But just as she was about to go up to Bella, Hetivil was stopped by Silver Dragon Princess Isabel who was standing behind her. She whispered quietly in her ear and was able to dispel Hetivil’s doubts for now. After confirming that Bella was the fabled Grand Duke Bellina who had the Thunder Dragon Queen as her mount, Hetivil’s attitude became a little more cautious.

Bella was already a well talked about character in the Dragon Race, and the Dragon Race was interested in her ability to summon dragons from other worlds. Several times, they tried to send people to investigate Bella, but they encountered numerous obstacles from several empires of the human race. The Nation of the Knights, homeland of Bella’s surrogate Princess Felia, and the Octavia Empire both found various reasons not to send any men to help the Dragon Race in investigating Bella’s case, always citing a lack of manpower as the reason for refusal.

Empress Manya Felan of the Manasvir Empire who had already been dragged over to Bella’s side issued a strict injunction to restrict the Dragon Race from sending any new members to visit the area near the empire’s capital for a short period of time, showing clear signs of favoritism towards Bella. The most obvious protector of Bella is the southern Nation of the Sword, the Gabriel Empire. They directly announced that dragons were not welcome into their kingdom and the ones who have always been inside would have people sent to monitor them.

There was nothing the Dragon Race could do and it was useless even if they went to the unified human council to complain. Three of the five major empires were trying to keep Bella from being investigated and even if the remaining two voted for it, they were still in the minority. The most crucial point is the Radiant Church’s stance towards Bella, which was also rather ambiguous. Even though they did not say anything, the Four Holy Maidens, the Holy Swordsman, and the Radiant Church’s papal heir, President Maria, all shared a close relationship with Bella and it was also obviously implied that their relationship wasn’t just ordinary.

Though Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil was looking at Bella in dissatisfaction before, her gaze had now turned into one of interest. Silver Dragon Princess Isabel, who was secretly observing her each and every move, thought to herself that her friend was done for. Once you take interest in that demoness Bella, you’re only one step away from being pinned down and bullied. As her friend, Isabel should be discouraging her. But unfortunately, she had already fallen a little. When she saw her friend walk step by step into the invisible trap, Isabel didn’t feel a single trace of guilt in her heart, but instead a sense of inexplicable excitement.

“You’re really capricious, aren’t you? I seem to have told you I’d give you a 50% discount so you could have just paid me a hundred thousand gold coins. Since you bought this box, how about this. You can choose six items here as freebies. I’m a capricious one too, you know?” Fallen Angel Jasmine didn’t seem to care about profits or losses. Other than all sorts of contraband, she also had gifts that girls would like.

Bella very smoothly selected the gifts she wanted to give to Lisha and the others. After getting them packed up, she prepared to bring them back to Lisha and the others so they could open them up themselves. Since Bella was standing with her back to everyone else, Princess Kriss and her little sister Lisha had no idea what gifts she bought.

As for the black box, Bella didn’t buy it as a gift. She just sensed a rather interesting scent from the box and decided to buy it. Even if Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil bought the gift before Bella, Bella wouldn’t be adverse to stealing it or any other illegal ways to obtain it. From the very beginning, Bella had her mind set on the box as soon as she set eyes on it.

“These are all I’ll be getting today. Be sure to let me know if you get any more interesting items next time, I’ll pay twice the price, no upper limits. Of course, I would also be able to afford to trade for them with other precious objects too.”

“Pleasure doing business with you. It really is a first for me to meet a customer as interesting as you. Sure, if I ever get anything interesting, you’ll be the first to know. Here is my personal contact crystal, free of charge. Right, my name is Jasmine. And you are?”

“Bella. Just an ordinary knight student.”

Just as Bella was about to say goodbye to Fallen Angel Jasmine and return to her Rose Society’s booth, Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil secretly followed her. She was completely unperturbed with reaching out to grab Bella’s other hand, the one that nobody was holding. It didn’t take much to see that this Radiant Holy Dragon princess was in some ways more open and daring than the other dragon princesses.

“What’s wrong, Princess Hetivil? Please have some self-respect, I’m not your knight, I’m a taken Dragon Knight.”

“I…I’m not like Black Dragon Princess Clariss or anything, so don’t misunderstand! That box is too dangerous, can you let us dragons deal with it?”

“No. I refuse.”

Under the astonished eyes of the crowd, the Radiant Holy Dragon princess stuck to Bella, and Bella didn’t want to let go. She would be a fool not to take advantage of a “little lamb” who came knocking on her door herself. The other two dragon princesses felt like scurrying off when they saw this, but unfortunately, they were caught by Bella. After an evil stare from Bella as a warning, Silver Dragon Princess Isabel and Fire Dragon Princess Sulliman’s faces blushed and they lowered their heads like misbehaving children before following Bella and the others obediently.

Based on Bella’s previous assumptions, there’s a high possibility that Radiant Holy Dragon Hetivil is a closet foodie. She didn’t rule out the possibility that she was trying to scrounge for food from Bella under the guise of asking for the sealed box. The appetite of the dragons was quite large and ordinary residents wouldn’t dare receive dragon customers without express requests from the empire. It wasn’t about whether they could pay the bill or not, but whether they had the ingredients to even fill the gaps of their teeth. The goal of this Radiant Holy Dragon princess could possibly be Bella’s maid cafe. Admittedly, getting the maid cafe shut down early by eating up all her ingredients could be a “special” form of revenge.

With the three extra dragon princesses, Bella headed for the Rose Society’s booth, the maid cafe. The maid cafe was located near the center of Margarita Resort Plains, right in front of the Ancient Saxton Battlefield’s memorial tower. This three-story restaurant was able to accommodate more than thirty guests at a time.

When Bella and the girls returned, a long line had already formed in front of the maid cafe’s entrance, all girls. The maid cafe only accepted reservations from female customers, not male customers. Even so, business was still booming and the entrance was overflowing with people. There were two main reasons for this boom in business, the first being the fact that the food served here really was delicious. Much of it was made from ingredients Bella gathered from the God World’s remains, Sky Jungle Veblen. The humans on the ground have never even seen them before so it would be strange if they weren’t curious about it.

Secondly, it was possible to see the usually proud and hard to approach student presidents of the branch campuses as well as the Chief of the Disciplinary Committee in maid dresses. There was no need to mention how exciting it was to see a side of these idols that were usually hidden from the public.

In addition to that, there was also a hidden reason, and that was that the customers here were all girls. It was suitable for girls to talk about issues that they don’t want the boys to know while they dined.

To the left of the maid cafe is the Fraternity’s bodybuilding club. The guys going in and out were all wearing black hoods like those worn by robbers, gangsters, and terrorists. There were only holes for the eyes, mouth, and nose. Many of the boys were also wearing black barbed chains around their necks with a strong “philosophical” aura floating over them.

Bella was stunned for quite some time when she saw this. She thought that collars were just for girls, but now it seems they were equal for both girls and guys. Everyone could use this kind of equipment. Even though they were dressed strangely, the figures of the boys who came in and out were undoubtedly good. In these days, even philosophers from another world took importance in one’s appearance. You couldn’t be a philosopher if you didn’t have the looks.

To the maid cafe’s right is the Wronged Angels Society’s masquerade ball. Rows of lolis in beautiful dresses, fancy get-ups, and butterfly masks on their faces were waiting for customers to come in. Don’t look at how cute and easy to push down these lolis are, it’s only a facade. Don’t let their harmless appearances fool you. Otherwise, once you push them down, their little buddies under their dresses might even be bigger than yours. Then it’ll be hard to say who’s pushing who after that.

However, true gentlemen are fearless. Bella saw with her own eyes a large number of brave warriors packing the entrance of the Wronged Angels Society’s ballroom entrance full. The traffic and the length of the queue was far greater than even the Fraternity’s bodybuilding club, and slightly greater than even the Rose Society’s maid cafe. What a world, not even lilies and philosophers can beat the traps.

At this point, Bella even wondered if the Fraternity and the Wronged Angels Society had deliberately put up their stalls next to the Rose Society. At many of the Rose Society’s events, they would find their neighbors were the Fraternity and the Wronged Angels Society. It took a long time for Bella to realize that the Fraternity and the Wronged Angels Society really chose to set up this way on purpose.

They were both philosophical societies in nature, but their only difference is one was the burly western series while the other was the crossdressing island nation series. If you put them next to each other, it was easy to get people more confused. So, they chose the Rose Society which was filled with lily girls to be a buffer, which was just right to separate their societies apart and they’ll be able to avoid a lot of outside gossiping. The girls of the Rose Society were basically lilies anyway, there were no “threats” of them coming over to snatch any men from them.

The maid cafe was well planned with each of the three floors corresponding to different dining environments. The first floor of the restaurant was decorated in an ancient Chinese style and offered a variety of Chinese-style dishes, decorated completely in the Chinese way with a lot of oriental decorations. These decorations are all authentic Chinese goods that Bella spent a large number of lollipops and chocolates to commission specially Dimensional Creator Alfreia and one of the Chaos Bringers, Time Space Demon Noesha, to transmigrate through time back to Earth to obtain them.

As for whether this was considered inter-dimensional smuggling or not, Bella had no idea. Anyway, Dimensional Creator Alfreia was higher in rank than the Earth dimension’s Creator. Plus, they had Time Space Demon Noesha as a “partner in crime”. Even if Earth’s Dimensional Creator found out, they probably wouldn’t try to collect any “import tariff” from them.

The second floor of the maid cafe is a Japanese-style restaurant that provides a variety of Japanese cuisine bentos, sushi, and whatnot. There were also many Japanese style decorations and the performances were predominantly in the Japanese theme. Without a doubt, these were also things that Bella spent a lot of candy and toys to get Dimensional Creator Alfreia and Time Space Demon Noesha to transmigrate to Earth and obtain.

The only thing that wasn’t smuggled in and was created in this other world’s original style is the maid cafe’s third floor. The third floor of the maid cafe is a restaurant with a medieval European style, which was basically the same as the architecture in this dimensional other world’s human continent. Similarly, the food provided were the common dishes of this other world’s human continent.

Of course, based on Bella’s personal taste, the maid restaurant wasn’t limited to three floors. There was also a hidden basement floor that was reserved only for the core members of the Rose Society, also called the Forbidden Hall. The special service provided inside was simply unimaginable for normal folk. But of course, the Rose Society isn’t the only one to build a basement floor. The Fraternity’s bodybuilding club and the Wronged Angels Society’s masquerade ball had basement floors too. While declaring their project to the organizers, they all said it was an underground wine cellar. As for what it was created for, everyone may have an idea, but they just didn’t voice it.

The service staff of the maid cafe were all wearing black and white maid uniforms with all sorts of beast ear headdresses. Not only the maids, even the girls who came in to dine had a dress code. You had to put on the clothes provided by the maid cafe that matches the theme of the restaurant before you’re allowed to enter.

They did not have to change for the third floor of the maid cafe. That place was a medieval-style restaurant so they just had to wear their own uniforms. If they were going to dine at the second floor’s Japanese restaurant, they would change into a Japanese kimono. Similarly, dining at the first-floor Chinese restaurant meant they had to change into Chinese-style costumes before entering. There were two types of Chinese-style clothes to choose from. The more conservative type girls can choose the qipao, while those who are more open can choose to wear the hanfu, which is the cleavage-revealing type they wore during the Tang Dynasty.

“Hetivil, how long are you going to pull my hand for? I’ll bring you to the third floor and buy you a meal. Go back after you eat.”

“The third floor is so high. You bad knight, are you trying to tire me to death? I refuse! Just the first floor is enough.”

“You’ll have to change if you want to dine on the first floor. Your clothes are inappropriate.”

“I’ll just change then, I don’t mind.”

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