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«The Villains Need to Save the World? (Web Novel) - Volume 6 Chapter 346: Tyrannosaurus Rex VS Stegosaurus, Dark Tyrant Dragon and Thunder Lizard’s Time Space and Dimension

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Volume 6 Chapter 346: Tyrannosaurus Rex VS Stegosaurus, Dark Tyrant Dragon and Thunder Lizard’s Time Space and Dimension Surpassing Duel

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Translator: The Light

Edits by Grandia

The area around the nameless lake of The Forest of the Wild. The Dark Goblins’ vanguard of over ten thousand Dark Goblin Warriors were finally defeated in battle by an army of skeletons summoned by Demon World Princess Diaz. Their goblin marshal, Lurban, was also killed by Assassin Noreya with her crossbow. After losing their commander, the army of Dark Goblins eventually scattered and routed.

Apart from the occasional accident during the battle, the skeletons were able to recapture the entire outer area of the fortress. Due to the distance as well as the special environment of the rainy night, none of the girls who were on duty behind the fortress walls could see anything strange going on outside. The only ones who really knew that the Dark Goblins were defeated by the skeleton army were Bella and her roommates, Kriss and the others, as well as President Isaman, who could be considered a “semi-roommate”.

Many battered corpses of Dark Goblins and skeletons could be found in the ruins of the battlefield. Both sides had fought intensely as there was no such thing as surrendering in a fight between demonic beings. Be it the Dark Goblin Warriors or the Skeleton Soldiers, they took no prisoners and were all destined for death on the battlefield.

The rain was still falling with no signs of stopping at all. This war wasn’t over yet. According to the information brought by Demon World Princess Diaz, the camp for the other girls in Olsylvia Academy on the other side of the lake, so to say, the girls of the Golden Legend Society and the Mask of Darkness, as well as the girls of the societies allied under them, were still under the control of the Dark Goblins.

Long before the Dark Goblin Warriors attacked the fortress, the camp on that side had already fallen first. Even though the Golden Legend Society and the Mask of Darkness had always been fighting against Bella’s Rose Society, the girls were still willing to help Bella out.

Bella wasn’t doing it for the Golden Legend Society’s Chairman Carlos or the Mask of Darkness’s Chairman Samson, the two male chairmen, but rather their girls. She’s just doing them a favor since Carlos’s younger sister, President Caroline, from an outside school had already been “pushed down” by Bella, and Bella had also taken a liking to Samson’s older sister, Eye of Darkness’s Chairman Sally Roy.

The first to fall hadn’t been the camp on the other side of the lake, but the human stronghold that was also near this nameless lake. The nameless camp was located at the back of the girls’ camp on the other side of the lake. They had originally been the bounty hunters stationed in the Forest of the Wild to protect the students. That camp was also now under the control of the Dark Goblin Warriors. The army of skeletons summoned by Demon World Princess Diaz had already surrounded these two regions in layers, but they were unable to force their way in due to certain factors.

Bella left a large number of Skeleton Soldiers to surround the fortress so they could protect the girls there before she rushed to the girls’ camp on the other side with Kriss and their other roommates. President Isaman had wanted to stay behind to watch the fortress, but she had no idea what was up with her legs, they mysteriously ended up following Bella and the others. The image of a normal priest marching amidst a large group of skeletons looked seriously out of place.

Now, the armor on Bella and the others in the military professions was basically shattered and each of them looked as if their clothes had “burst apart”. Bella wasn’t planning to go as hard later. If the mithril chain armor underneath was broken as well, then she’d be no better than naked.

There were more than ten thousand Skeleton Soldiers in the army summoned by Demon World Princess Diaz. Skeleton Soldiers were considered cannon fodder in this other world so she could just summon a huge bunch of them at once. The heavy skeleton infantry supporting Bella and the girls belonged to a very small number of elite warriors while most of them were cannon fodder troops with no decent weapons or armor.

Diaz had summoned a total of over a hundred thousand Skeleton Soldiers. The remaining ninety thousand were busy encircling the girls’ camp as well as the bounty hunters’ camp on the other side. There weren’t many Dark Goblin Warriors holding the scene, only about a few thousand. Their most elite forces of more than ten thousand Dark Goblin Warriors had already gone down during the previous encounter at the fortress.

Most of the Goblin Warriors were the Forest Goblin Warriors that were completely bullied by the girls before this and under the enslavement of the more advanced Dark Goblin Warriors, these Forest Goblin Warriors came to help as well. The number was visually estimated to be around twenty thousand, but they were still no match for the skeletons. Even the Dark Goblin Warriors who fought 50-50 with the Skeleton Soldiers were no different from the Forest Goblins who were stomped.

However, the Skeleton Soldiers just couldn’t attack the two places. When Bella arrived at the frontlines, she saw a bunch of scorched bones scattered along the ground on the road to the girls’ camp, some of which were even carbonized. Charred bones that were left behind after the Skeleton Soldiers were defeated could be found all over the road. The Skeleton Soldiers had already tried many times to attack before Bella arrived, but all of the attempts ended in failure. Demon World Princess Diaz, who was commanding them, was no fool. Since sending them in straight was useless, she decided to go for the encirclement route instead.

During this rainy night battle, neither the Dark Goblins nor the Skeleton Warriors brought any magic units with them, so it was a battle between militant units. However, the Dark Goblin Warriors were somehow able to get the S-rank magical beasts, Thunder Lizards, to help them in battle. These S-rank Thunder Lizards chose to stay in the two camps since they couldn’t move fast enough and did not participate in the previous fortress encounter. If they did, then they may have been able to change the outcome of the fight.

With an imperceptible, nasty grin on her face, Demon World Princess Diaz carefully handed a monocular to Bella so Bella could see what was going on at the girls’ camp. Bella took the monocular and didn’t pay attention to that strange smirk on Diaz’s face, but in an instant, her eyes were instantly drawn to the gigantic Thunder Lizards at the camp.

The Thunder Lizards, demonic beasts said to be S-ranked among bounty hunters, were called lizards, but Bella felt that the knowledge of the people in this other world was too shallow and they were just bad at names. This so-called Thunder Lizard was shaped just like one of those Jurassic dinosaurs on Earth. It was shaped like a stegosaurus and about as long as one at around 7 to 9 meters long and about 3 meters tall. It had light green skin and the same spikes on its back as the stegosaurus as well as four protruding spines on its tail.

The Thunder Lizard still had its differences with the Jurassic Stegosaurus on Earth. If it really was a dinosaur then it wouldn’t be as troublesome, but the problem was that this was an other world. The Thunder Lizards looked like dinosaurs, but they were super sub-dragon type demonic beasts that could use lightning magic. Compared to the Stegosaurus, the head of a Thunder Lizard was much larger, and it had a thick horn on it that can be used to summon lightning attacks, which could also be used to craft weapons with lightning-based magical properties.

The strongest weapon the Thunder Lizard had was that Thunder Horn. With its ability to gather lightning elements, the Thunder Lizard would be able to unleash a wide range of lightning magic in a short period of time, and its lethality was comparable to a bolt of thunder from the sky. The cause of those skeleton remains was all instant death from the lightning, and with the heavy rain now, everyone was drenched. If they were hit by lightning, the damage would be magnified.

The girls’ camp and the former bounty hunter camp had Thunder Lizards stationed to hold pressure, and it was only by relying on the Thunder Lizards’ lightning attacks that the remaining Dark Goblin Warriors could survive for so long under the skeleton siege. Large numbers of Thunder Lizards could be found in the Forest of the Wild’s secret zone, but how these Thunder Lizards came to be here was unclear. S-rank magical beasts couldn’t be summoned the normal way as the limit is A-rank for demonic beasts. If they really want to summon an S-rank, then the summoner can only pay for the summoning with their life. Only by expending their life force would they be able to gain a certain rate in summoning them.

On the back of the Thunder Lizard, Bella saw its controller. A Dark Gobin General, similar in stature to Goblin Marshal Lurban who was shot to death by Assassin Noreya’s crossbow. It was also the stout type that was wearing the marshal’s armor. There should be more than one Dark Goblin Commander, and this might be one of the Dark Goblin Army’s marshals.

The Thunder Lizard must be under the control of some sort of magic, and on the back of the Goblin Marshal’s hand was a spell similar to the ones used by the Seven Masters during a certain “Seven Heroes Fight for a Wishing Cup” battle. Bella took her eyes off that ugly Goblin Marshal and looked instead for any signs of the girls in the camp.

Bella saw the girls in the camp, but…These days, even low IQ demonic beings such as these Goblins had strangely increased intelligence when it comes to the ero stuff. Seems like Bella had previously underestimated the intelligence of these Goblins before. Though they were extremely short of it, they still had enough in certain areas.

All the tents had been overturned and the Olsylvia Academy girls had been driven out and gathered in a clearing. Their clothes had long been stripped away and their hands were bound one by one to with rope and suspended on both sides of a wooden cross with rope that came down from the cross.

The captive girls had their legs opened into an M shape and were suspended in mid-air by ropes coming down from the cross. Their faces were filled with fear. They were unable to close their legs in this humiliating position, and if they weren’t forced to hold the special metal rods in their mouths, they would probably want to bite their tongues to end themselves.

On each of the girls’ sides was a Dark Goblin Warrior who was currently leering at its “snow-white prey” with beastly desire. Unlike the usual Forest Goblins, these Dark Goblins had normal bodies like human men with the same parts. Naturally, they had those strange desires too. In certain dimension worlds, the Dark Goblins really were comparable to certain “black beasts” in those hentai content who would capture women of human or other races and do all sorts of savage “***” acts with them.

Just like now, the “savage beasts” underneath the Dark Goblins’ pants that were clearly pitched made all the girls tremble in fear. If they really had to be defiled by a goblin here, then…They didn’t dare to imagine it. Their faces were drenched with water, and nobody knew if those were rain droplets or their tears. Due to it being in a stormy state, though some of the girls actually peed themselves from fear, it wasn’t easy to see under the rain.

“Bella, do you see the girls yet? They aren’t in danger, are they?! Can you pass me the monocular so I can see?”

“Isaman, they’re fine. Only…the monocular seems to be broken. I…Let me go with you. I’ve thought of a way to break the stalemate.”

“You…Bella, you really…You don’t have to break it on purpose if you don’t want to lend it, right?! I know you’re not lacking money but…this is too wasteful.”

With some force, Bella crushed the monocular in her hands. She didn’t want to let President Isaman see such an ero scene. They still need President Isaman’s support for the coming thunder breakthrough battle. If she really did see such a shameful image and didn’t participate due to embarrassment, then Bella would have to rearrange her plans.

On the back of the S-rank demonic beast Thunder Lizard, Dark Goblin Marshal Lurs was lightly stroking the jewels in front of it and it couldn’t even stop its smile. The Dark Goblin Warrior invasion this time consisted of a total of three Goblin Marshalls, and they were brothers. The brother Bella and her friends killed previously was the eldest brother, Lurban, who loved to fight. This was the greedy second brother, Lurs. Finally, there was the ambitious third brother Lurbah who was currently controlling another Thunder Lizard at the former bounty hunters’ station.

“Heheh, these human women are rich! If we can capture the camp across the lake as well, I may be able to obtain even more wealth! Big brother’s seriously slow, he moved away the most elite troops and he’s still taking this long. And we have so many of those skeletons who mysteriously popped up here!”

Second Goblin Marshal Lurs was simply greedy for wealth and not lust. It ordered the captured girls from Olsylvia Academy to be stripped just so he could swipe all their possessions. The reason for stripping them was so it can prevent the girls from keeping a secret stash, but as for why the posture was so ero, it was entirely because those Dark Goblin Warriors were evil so they ordered the Forest Goblins to do it.

Since Marshal Lurs still hadn’t given them the go, those Dark Goblin Warriors could only endure their lust for now, waiting for that scrooge marshal to finish counting its treasure before it gave them the order to have their fun. If Bella hadn’t appeared tonight, then the imprisoned girls really would have to enter the “man x beast” scenes in those ero mangas.

“Marshal Lurs…no good…A…A dragon is coming…”

“What dragon, are you blind? It’s raining! What do you mean dragon? There’s only me and this Thunder Lizard here! Can’t you see I’m counting my treasure? You idiots. All you think about is doing that with women all day… What’s the rush? Wait…”

Before Marshal Lurs could finish scolding, it saw the dragon-type demonic being that its men were talking about. In the middle of the storm, a huge figure of a sub-dragon type demonic being was currently marching over with heavy steps towards the camp. The demonic creature in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex was the mount of Bella’s younger sister Lisha, the Dark Tyrant Dragon.

The appearance of the Dark Tyrant Dragon is similar to the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the ancient dinosaur era on Earth. This time, the Thunder Lizards similar to the Stegosaurus that was sent on the attack could make this a remake of a duel between two giants like in the ancient dinosaur era on Earth in this other world. After seeing the Dark Tyrant Dragon, the Thunder Lizard’s body shivered inexplicably, just as if it was really a Stegosaurus meeting a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Bella sat on the back of the Dark Tyrant Dragon with her younger sister Lisha, Assassin Noreya, and Priest Isaman. This time, the four of them were going to be in charge of the operation while the skeleton army behind was commanded by Demon World Princess Diaz. They were just waiting for the Dark Tyrant Dragon to kill the Thunder Lizard that was in their way, then they’d charge.

The Dark Tyrant Dragon was being commanded by Lisha, who was the knight of this gigantic dinosaur-shaped demonic beast. It was her task to drive the Dark Tyrant Dragon. Bella and Assassin Noreya were in charge of killing the Goblin Marshal on the Thunder Lizard’s back. Since it was the controller, killing it would drastically cut down the Thunder Lizard’s battle power. Priest Isaman was in charge of providing barrier defense, and Mage Ariel, who was at the very back, would provide long-range magical support. Meanwhile, Swordsman Kriss and Marionette Master Elaine were in charge of protecting the mage.

Since they were worried about the metal’s conductive effects with electricity, Bella, her younger sister Lisha, as well as Assassin Noreya had long traded their ruined armor for thin cloth armor. You don’t even need to mention how depressed Bella felt, but since the inner metal layer she wore could conduct electricity, she could only take it off. Besides that thin outer shirt she wore, she was completely nude underneath. However, time was short. She didn’t have the time to find a normal pair of underwear.

If she didn’t get rid of that Thunder Lizard, then Bella wouldn’t be able to relieve her anger. Fortunately, it was raining. Nobody noticed that Bella wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Lisha and President Isaman’s attentions were all on the Thunder Lizard at the camp in front.

“A Dark Tyrant Dragon above S-rank…Don’t be afraid, the Thunder Lizard can just zap them to death. It’s a stormy day, the sky is on our side!”

Second Goblin Marshal Lurs wiped the liquid off of his forehead, unsure if it was rain water or sweat, then he gave the order for the Thunder Lizard to attack. Under the control of the enslavement magic, the Thunder Lizard gathered its courage and fired a thick bolt of lightning at the Dark Tyrant Dragon’s direction. If it had been a normal day, then it would have run off long ago. The skin of a Dark Tyrant Dragon was thick and it could also do magic attacks. It was brutal and it was in its nature to battle. On a rainy day like this, the Thunder Lizard would only try to fight the Dark Tyrant Dragon because it was in an advantageous venue.

However, the Dark Tyrant Dragon wouldn’t concede as the weaker one. It didn’t even dodge and charged right at the Thunder Lizard’s lightning magic, resisting it directly with its body. As it prepared to receive the lightning attack, the Dark Tyrant Dragon also gathered magical energy in its mouth. It could do magic attacks too, but it wouldn’t be much fun without a bit of struggle.

The moment the Thunder Lizard made its lightning attack, the Dark Tyrant Dragon’s side also spat out a mouthful of deep red hellfire, colliding with the lightning directly. The two magical attacks clashed together, erupting in a bright light that illuminated the entire camp.

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