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«The Ultimate Evolution (Web Novel) - Chapter 1374: A Nuisance?!

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Chapter 1374: A Nuisance?!

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Sheyan had reached out with an unbelievably nervous feeling, like a prisoner about to be sentenced to execution. He was as tense as a taut string, without an ounce of lustful thoughts in his mind at all.

When the soft, elastic sensation transmitted over from his fingertips, a huge weight was instantly lifted off his chest. If the Queen of Blades had any intention of devouring him, she would surely have retaliated before Sheyan could even touch her.

But Sheyan suddenly had his doubts again. What if female Zerg had stronger lust than female spiders, female mantises, and female scorpions, so they would mate twice before they eat their partners?

After weighing the gains and losses for a while, Sheyan came to a very sad conclusion - no matter how much he tested the water, his survival still depended on the Queen’s decision. This was what happened when there was a huge gap in strength. It was like, no matter how smart a tactician was, if the enemy was powerful enough, no scheme would work against him because he would just destroy everything with pure power.

So after some deliberation, Sheyan made up his mind and decided not to guess what the Queen was thinking anymore. He was currently naked, and his hand was feeling up a sensual, luscious body. A sexy figure was laid bare before him. The situation immediately gave birth to a dirty and shameless idea. Sure, the Queen could totally kill him later, but right now, he would have his pleasure first!

Women were born with advantages in carnal aspects. Otherwise, the line “Honey, I want more” would not be one of the top ten lines men were most afraid of hearing. The Queen of Blades was only pretending to sleep, so when Sheyan’s hand moved up and down her body, her desire that had not extinguished yet was soon provoked again. A tumultuous storm followed…

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…After the passion subsided, Sheyan gasped heavily for breath on top of the firm body of the Queen of Blades. While he was still immersed in the aftertaste of the sensation, he saw the Queen sigh gently from the corner of his eyes. The Queen raised her left hand and pressed it softly to the back of Sheyan’s neck. The nails that were every bit as sharp as Evil Sword Apophis popped out of her fingers!!

They stabbed deep into the muscles around Sheyan’s spine!

The situation now was equivalent to the Queen wrapping her five fingers around Sheyan’s spine. A gentle flick, and Sheyan would be paralysed for the rest of his life!

“Oh no, this woman is really trying to kill me!” As soon as the thought passed through Sheyan’s mind, the toxin secreted by the Queen of Blades was directly injected into his nerves. Despite how powerful Sheyan was, he instantly lost consciousness!


Sheyan was found by Ronnie.

Rumour had it that when he was found, he was sleeping soundly with his body completely naked. Of course, Sheyan would never admit to such an embarrassing thing.

After Sheyan was found, under the strong request of Pontin, who was now an important figure, both the humans and the Protoss had joined hands to treat him. However, despite their highly advanced medical technologies, nothing they tried was effective.

In the end, it was a Protoss High Priest who solved the problem. The thing to note was that, although the priest had lived for over seven hundred years, he had no medical knowledge at all…

He was someone who claimed to be able to see the future. His tribesmen called him an oracle. Others called him a religious charlatan.

He predicted that Sheyan would wake up in six hours… The others looked at each other in doubt. Sheyan was sent to various advanced devices for multiple kinds of treatments, and six hours later, he really did wake up.

It was hard to say whether the treatments had worked, or the old priest was simply too good at prophesying…

Sheyan remained in a daze for a long time after he woke up. After hearing of how they found him, he naturally understood that what the Queen of Blades had injected into him was not poison, but a type of powerful anesthetic. He pondered over it for a long time. The more he thought, the more it didn’t make sense. Finally, he figured it out — the Queen of Blades had first pretended to sleep to let him escape, and when it didn’t work, she knocked him unconscious to get rid of him in the wild. This kind of behaviour… she was treating him as a nuisance that would not leave the next morning!!

A hard-to-describe sense of humiliation washed over Sheyan. He was cursing madly in his mind. If the Queen of Blades was in front of him right now, he would surely grab her and ask her if he was really that bad. This painful feeling of being disdained to the point of being thrown out was something Sheyan had never experienced before.

Even before he entered the Nightmare Realm, Sheyan had always been pretty direct when it came to women. He was always respectful of them but never obsessed over them. Even if he had feelings for a woman, if he was not confident of things working out, he would not bother her.

With such a view of love and his natural charm, he had not really suffered a lot of setbacks when it came to women. Moreover, after entering the Nightmare Realm, he had become a lot more powerful, and with the increase in power came the increase in his personal charm. His luck with women had been smooth ever since, so much so that he had become quite picky.

But this time, after being “used” by the Queen of Blades, he was regarded as a nuisance that she had a hard time getting rid of!!

Sheyan was depressed for as long as 48 minutes because of this. After that, he found something which distracted him.

Unbeknownst to him, he had actually made a breakthrough.

More precisely, he had broken through from an Awakener to a Temperer.

When a person became a Temperer, it meant that they had now understood their optimal fighting method, and their body was starting to evolve to better complement the way they fought. When they fought at full strength, a part of their body, such as a limb or an organ, would mutate.

In Sheyan’s case, he could vaguely sense that the ‘Stairway of the Sun’ had shrunk to two thirds of its original size, and all abilities related to it seemed to have improved slightly. Besides that, his Awakening Skills had all been upgraded.

For his Survival Awakening Skill, ‘Survival Mark’, the duration had been prolonged from 3 seconds to 4 seconds.

For his Offensive Awakening Skill, ‘Hunter’s Eyes’, the ability was now able to mark the prey, so the dodge rate of the target locked on by the ‘Hunter’s Eyes’ would drop by 30%.

At the same time, Sheyan had gained the ability to transform his right arm into a giant mutated arm. The transformation could only last for 60 seconds and had a cooldown of 60 minutes, and it may have an adverse impact on his life force, but when he attacked with this arm, he would gain an additional 25% of Strength.

Besides that, when performing an ability using the giant arm, the cost would be reduced by 50%, and the power would increase by 10%-30%. He could also unleash some special abilities of the mutated giant arm.

But what Sheyan found really strange was that, when he tested the power of his right hand, he found that not only did it possess some abilities akin to the tendril of the ‘Stairway of the Sun’, it had also obtained the acid spraying ability of the Hydralisk!

This discovery came as a real shock to Sheyan. When he looked inside himself, he saw that there were now many patterns and spots on the ‘Stairway of the Sun’ that were usually only found on the Zerg. Even on Sheyan’s skin, there were purplish-red patterns like those on the Queen of Blades.

This situation seemed really bizarre, but when he thought over it carefully, he realised that it must be the consequence of the ‘Stairway of the Sun’ absorbing the weird fluid. In addition, because Sheyan had an intercourse with the Queen of Blades afterwards, something which happened by sheer coincidence, it had hastened the integration of the absorbed fluid with his body. Therefore, Sheyan’s body now contained a small portion of the genetic fragments of ancient male Zerg.

This was the most fundamental reason the Queen of Blades had left him alive. She knew how rare a “thing” Sheyan was. Barring any unexpected circumstances, Sheyan was most probably the only thing alive which was connected to the ancient male Zerg strain in any way.

He was weak and useless to the Queen of Blades now, but she herself could not be certain that she would not have any trouble after absorbing the genetic fluid of the ancient male Zerg. If any accident occurred, Sheyan may very well be the solution.

As for why the Queen of Blades did not keep Sheyan by her side, there were actually two reasons. The first was that Sheyan’s +2 Legend Level had played a role.

The Queen of Blades knew that Brigadier General Seaman was a somewhat well-known figure among the humans. If he stayed with the Terran Dominion, based on the current situation where the humans were allied with the Protoss to fight against the Zerg, Sheyan’s enemy would be just the Zerg. With the genetic fragments of the ancient male Zerg hidden in his body and the Queen of Blades ensuring his safety in secret, he would encounter almost no danger.

On the contrary, if he were to stay with the Queen of Blades and his identity was exposed, he would be branded a traitor, and the Protoss and the humans would never show mercy to a traitor. Comparing the two options, it was obvious that Sheyan would be much safer if she let him go.

The second reason for driving Sheyan away, and truthfully, the main reason, was because the Queen of Blades was honestly unwilling to be ravaged by Sheyan anymore… She might be extremely powerful, but she could not resist the reproductive instinct of the Zerg. That is to say, she was unable to resist anytime Sheyan, who had inherited the genes of the ancient male Zerg, wanted it.

The most powerful aspect of the Zerg was their terrifying reproductive ability, which had been integrated into their blood. Mating and reproduction was natural instinct for them. It was just that among the current Zerg, this function was performed by the Hatchery. Of course, it was obviously impossible for Sheyan to have any sexual interest in a Hatchery…

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