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«The Strongest Interstellar Commander (Web Novel) - Chapter 219: Two Years Later.

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Chapter 219: Two Years Later.

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While the situation of the war suddenly changed, a huge fleet was being assembled on the Orion’s Arm Branch.

It took a year to gather forces from several important garrisons in the core area of ​​the Babawi Empire. A full 100 legions, numbering 30 million warships, were now lined up in a neat formation, waiting for orders!

Speaking of which, the last time the Babawi Empire assembled such a large-scale fleet was during the Second Galaxy War.

It was also the Second Galaxy War that established the new pattern of the four major Alliances. The Babawi Empire was defeated during that war and fled to the Orion’s Arm Branch to start anew. Then they were finally conquered by the Vera Alliance and incorporated as an Affiliated force!

Among the Level 4 Civilizations in the entire galaxy, only the Babawi Empire was an Affiliated force. The other Level 4 Civilizations were all official members of the major Alliances. It could be seen how poorly mixed the Babawi Empire was compared to the others.

But thinking about it, the Level 4 Civilizations on the Main Spiral Arm of the galaxy could dispatch a billion or more warships without any problem.

Meanwhile, the Babawi Empire taking out 30 million warships was all of the power they could mobilize. The gap was not small!

However, the Babawi Empire that was the most miserable Empire in the entire galaxy, became the overlord of the entire Orion’s Arm Branch.

The main reason for this was that the planets and resources on the Orion’s Arm Support Branch arm were too scarce. Compared with the four Main Spiral Arms, it was a huge difference.

Therefore, in the 100,000-year recorded history of the Milky Way, the indigenous Civilizations on the Orion’s Arm Branch could only max at Level 3. There had never been a Level 4 Civilization.

This was also the reason why the Civilizations on the Four Main Spiral Arms looked down on the Orion’s Arm Branch, and why they didn’t bother attacking it.

Even Sith, if it wasn’t for his disgust with the Vera Alliance, taking the opportunity to make some small moves and pick things up, he wouldn’t have had any idea about the Orion’s Arm Branch.

“Marshal, the expedition force is ready to go!”

“It’s been a year since Barbarot entered the Star Path, yes?”

Inside the bridge of a huge warship, Barbanir did not immediately order to set off, but turned to ask his Adjutant about Barbarot first.

“Yes, Marshal. Barbarot is expected to take two years and three months before he arrives at Vellas!”

“Well, I hope he can bring us good news!”

After listening to the Adjutant’s reply, Barbanir nodded, then closed his eyes and stopped talking.

As said before, Barbanir’s sense of crisis had always been accurate. Since he took over this crusade, he had always felt a strong sense of crisis entangled in his heart.

This feeling was stronger than any time in his life, which made Barbanir extremely cautious. It was also the reason why he had to convince the Emperor to let Barbarot’s ten fleets explore the way first.

But even with a path finder sent, Barbanir’s sense of crisis still lingered. In fact, it was getting stronger.

It even made him almost want to convince the Emperor to give up this expedition!

But obviously, Barbanir understood that it was impossible to convince the Emperor. He also couldn’t just tell Babarea to halt the operation just because he had some bad feelings.

Stop joking, if he said this, Babarea would directly slap and replace him!

It’s fine if he was slapped, but it might be for the worse if someone else took his position. After all, at least he could still do something with this hunch.

Three minutes later, when the Adjutant was hesitating whether to remind the Marshal again, Barbanir opened his eyes.

“The expedition fleet is to set off to Taylor!”

Barbanir stood up and waved his hand.

“Yes, Marshal Barbanir!”

With Barbanir’s order, the whole fleet started to move. They started their Warp Engines, one after another, locked on to the coordinates assigned to them, and set off.


- ווו

Two years later.

Since the Zola Alliance announced its participation in the war two years ago, they quickly broke through the defense line on the Vera Alliance’s Silver Heart Channel, then had driven straight ahead and entered the territory of the Vera Alliance.

At the same time, the Freedom Alliance also announced that it would increase its troops on the battlefield at the Silver Heart Channel, with a number of 50 billion, which caused the Vera Alliance to suddenly feel an increase in pressure.

One must know that on the main battlefield of both sides, the combat power was originally 100 billion, but after a year of fighting, both sides lost tens of billions of warships.

At this time, if the Freedom Alliance adds 50 billion warships, what will be the result?

The comparison of the strength of the two sides will become 140 billion against 90 billion, and the balance will be broken in an instant.

Originally, this was not a big problem, as the other party could also just increase their troops.

However, the reality was that the Vera Alliance really couldn’t add troops to the Freedom Alliance’s battlefield for a while. The gate of the Theo Alliance on the Silver Heart Channel had been broken through by the Zola Alliance, and now there was a massive invasion into their own territory!

They also had to send troops to defend.

On the battlefield of the Freedom Alliance, even if there was a gap in the strength of the army, it would not be able to reflect the strength of the army for a while.

After all, the galactic center channel was huge. Even with 1 trillion warships, one could only fit 10 billion at a time.

Of course, this was also based on the premise that the Vera Alliance quickly finishes the matter with the Zola Alliance, and then immediately goes to support their forces on the battlefield. Otherwise, the problem of insufficient reserve forces will gradually manifest itself there over time.

It took a whole year for the 50 billion warships, that were urgently assembled by the Vera Alliance, to finally arrive at the front line, stopping the army of the Zola Alliance and entering the confrontation stage.

However, Verto forgot one very important thing. That was, the Zola Alliance was not like the Freedom Alliance, with more than 100 billion warships still fighting in the Silver Heart Channel.

The reason why only 50 billion warships came to this invasion was because Hussein had assembled 50 billion warships in half a year since he was in a hurry.

The Vera Alliance had stopped the Zola Alliance’s forces, but the Zola Alliance’s follow-up 80 billion warships had now been assembled and entered the Vera Alliance through the Silver Heart Channel.

Immediately, the situation changed drastically again. The stable line of defense once again became shaky!

Faced with this situation, Verto had to issue an order that had never been issued since the formation of the Alliance, which was a mobilization order for the entire alliance!

Only through this, would they be able to withstand the pace of the Zola Alliance’s attack!

However, the entire First Main Spiral Arm had now lost more than 10% of its territory. Even the two Level 4 Civilizations located near the center of the galaxy had been completely destroyed.


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