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«The Steward Demonic Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1294: Seizing

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Chapter 1294: Seizing

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Writer: StarReader

Zhuo Fan was surrounded in black energy, but he was still able to listen through the waves of surging power coursing through him.

“When the universe was in its primordial state, heaven and the earth were pure and clear, all things were honest, and there was a flourishing vitality. The prevalent upright energy made it the clearest time in the entire cosmos!”

Heavenly Sovereign paced around, “With the coming of humanity, the world’s vitality twisted. With humanity having demons in their hearts, the world’s righteousness was challenged by the demonic path, confusing it further. Yes, the demonic path was never a part of the world, it came from people. In other words, the heart is the root of all evil. Doesn’t that mean cleansing the world one has to purge the source?”

Zhuo Fan’s shaky voice came from behind the black energy, “Isn’t this funny, talking about eradicating demonic path when I’m part of it?”

“It’s because you reached its peak that you understand the wretchedness of a human heart. I’m asking you in all honesty.”

Heavenly Sovereign was filled with bloodthirst, “The vile humans have only worked to doom their fate with countless crimes. They should all die, right?”

Zhuo Fan took a deep breath, “Yes, humans are vile, but…”

“No ‘buts!’ In your long journey as a demonic cultivator, you’ve sought any little reason why humanity shouldn’t be purged. It’s how you became a true demon from a nobody. You see the good and bad in their hearts and know that humanity must die. Then you should be supporting me this time, right?”

[When have I gone against you? Can I even do that? This is absurd… or maybe there is a way out of this hopeless situation.]

All the Sovereigns gave him their paths willingly, some through deadly trials, to further each side’s grand design. He knew they held the key to his survival.

Zhuo Fan focused his attention inward, giving cultivation only the minimum attention not to lose himself in the maelstrom of grudges and hatred the victims flooded his mind with, or the wild and chaotic energies he sucked to make his own at the insistence of Heavenly Sovereign.

He gave all the Sovereign paths within him a much closer look, poking and prodding at them. Sometimes nudging them closer together, other times further apart, all to see what made them tick, to understand them, to unite them. For he knew from past experience with the black thunderflame’s fusion, that this was a potentially unlimited source of power. The only problem was how to tap it without getting burned. [Or a bit of singeing might do me good.]

It wasn’t just a reckless thought, having mulled on this direction in the safety of the Luo Clan, only now spurred by the worsening situation against a seemingly invincible enemy.

As he toyed with the paths, and his life at the same time, he managed to mask the violent clashes that shook his body as result of his tampering with unknown forces as repercussions from taking in so much foreign energy at once.

In the meantime, Chu Qingcheng scrounged up her courage to dispute, “Humanity is evil, but has a great potential for good and honor. You can’t condemn it all only for the bad. You may be a Sovereign, but aren’t you a human first and foremost?”

“I was once, but ever since I attained my void path to become Heavenly Sovereign, I no longer saw myself as such. I’m cultivating the Heavenly Dao, emptiness. All my traits as human are now void. I’m Heavenly Dao’s envoy, enacting judgment in its stead to remove any filth poisoning it. It’s my duty!”

He sneered, “It’s because I was once human that I understand how deep this poison runs. Reap the world once so that it may be pure again. As for that honor and good you spout about, ha-ha-ha…”


Zhuo Fan shuddered and his strength exploded before subsiding. The constant clashes and absorbing of the paths and energy resulted in an explosive increase of power and harm. His insides did not come out unscathed. [That was too close for comfort, but it pointed me in the right direction. The energy coming from the paths’ friction was beyond what I even got from the Saints.]

Heavenly Sovereign patted his shoulder, “Well done. Demon Transformation Art is truly incredible, as the fastest cultivation method in the world. You’re already at mid Saint Stage. There’s just something I can’t fathom though. Why do you appear to regress to the 5th layer of Foundation Establishment Stage? It’s really baffling, ha-ha-ha…”

“This is the True Self Art, having learned it from an elder in the mortal domain. At the peak of your path, you return to your origins. Isn’t this something big players like you strive for?”

“No, since I never heard of anyone among us speak of such a clever cultivation method. Every Sovereign drew their cultivation method from their paths. Seize the moon and sun, block the stars, ruin the world, all of these are incredible. This True Self Art looks odd, but so plain, made for nobodies.”

Heavenly Sovereign shrugged, “Keep going. Demon Transformation Art takes everything in creation. The mortal cultivation method won’t affect it, ha-ha-ha…”

Zhuo Fan closed his eyes, ignoring his mocking. [I don’t plan on stopping it anytime soon either. Something about it just calls to me. I wonder what is one’s true self? Rising above the human condition? Endless compassion, love, happiness and all that sappy stuff? Or is it becoming one with the world, the universe?]

Heavenly Sovereign smiled and said, “Now where were we? Right, Miss Chu said something about honor and good. Humph, hypocrite, that honor and goodness you speak of are nothing but covers to hide the twisted and vile hearts. It has no relation to true righteousness.

“Humans only care about themselves, their wants, even beguiling others to stop them from targeting them. They need a good excuse to take the main role on the stage. What purging evil and vanquishing demons? They’re nothing but excuses to invade and remove all their threats. Who’d act otherwise? You’re sort of a righteous cultivator. Think of all the times when righteousness was invoked, wasn’t it to steal or cheat, or kill some threat? Was there any time they fought for a fellow human being?”

Chu Qingcheng was shaken up and Heavenly Sovereign let her be, turning to Zhuo Fan, “You know this better than most, Zhuo Fan. In dealing with the Eight Emperors and Sacred Mountains, you used the moral high ground, didn’t you? It was the only way to avoid others from surrounding you when you attacked, giving them a common cause. It’s why I said you’ve done right by going to mortal domain, turning into a full-fledged demon by understanding the other’s demons and use them.

“However, I have to admit that some, the very rare kind, truly are kind like a flower.”


Zhuo Fan shuddered and his power surged once more. He was at late Saint Stage in power and his cultivation regressed to the 3rd layer of Foundation Establishment Stage. [That’s it, almost there.]

Heavenly Sovereign gave him a long look, “I never denied the world not having true kindness. But what good did it do, when the human mind still gets twisted? Once this kindness gets swallowed by the filthy of the world, all it spat out is demons, vile and abhorred. By seeing their evil, you understand this better than anyone. Human heart is the least reliable in the world. An angel can become a demon overnight, sullying the world. The kindness of humans is nothing more than the incubation period of demons. They all turn given time.”


Thousands of Saints were now dust, with but a few still alive.

Zhuo Fan’s power grew, to the peak Saint Stage. [Yes!]

The Sovereign paths within him drew nearer and nearer, their clashes milder as a new and incredible power was unleashed in minute amounts, propelling his cultivation further.

Heavenly Sovereign grinned like a winner, his right eye shining in ten golden halos.

“Little brother, just like before, you have no way of convincing me. So just the same, lend me a hand and help me reach the Supreme Stage, to become the ultimate being so that I may destroy the world and remake it.”


The sky changed as a huge eye appeared above everyone. Ten golden rings shone in its center.

Zhuo Fan shook and felt crushed, unable to breathe. His bones felt like they might give.

“Heavenly Sovereign, what are you doing?’ Zhuo Fan cried out.

Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “Taking out the Sovereign paths those guys gave you. Divine Eye of the Void 10th stage, Void Abyss!”


The ten golden rings in the sky shone brighter and Zhuo Fan felt his strength boiling. His skin turned red and blood seeped out. He felt his strength was pulled from his very being.


Zhuo Fan heard a shriek, forcing his head to turn with gritted teeth.

Chu Qingcheng suffered the same, looking in pain and crying out from the torment as something was being pulled away.

“Heavenly Sovereign, it’s me you want. Leave her out of this!”

“My word is my bond. Miss Chu will be free, but I need to take something first.” Heavenly Sovereign smiled, his eyes shining golden.

A prismatic glow shone out of Chu Qingcheng and flew in the sky, vanishing inside the huge eye.


“Yes, Nine Serenities’ path you left on her.” Heavenly Sovereign explained.

Chu Qingcheng fell limp on the ground, pale and weak.

Zhuo Fan was worried and Heavenly Sovereign mollified, “Worry not, I only want the path, not her life. She just needs some rest. Though after I reborn the world, I can’t promise she’d survive, ha-ha-ha…”

“Heavenly Sovereign, isn’t the path for the owner to decide…”

“That’s for common people. I am Heavenly Sovereign and my 10th stage Divine Eye of the Void, Void Abyss, can take anything, even a Sovereign path.”

Heavenly Sovereign chuckled at his confusion, “Of course, if she had a Sovereign’s strength, it might’ve been harder. But this is all she amounts to. Next up is you, my little brother, ha-ha-ha…”

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