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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2529 The Guilty

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Chapter 2529 The Guilty

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As soon as he heard what Kendrick knew, Minos left his party's cave. He made his way to the guild council area, heading for the same place he had gone after returning from the Spiritual World.

When he arrived, Minos didn't hesitate to say that he might know who was behind the attack on The Blue Field before he could enter the council area and head for the Chief Commander's office.

From what he had heard from Kendrick and overheard on his way to the council area, the guild was investigating who might be behind the attack, but they were not sure who the enemy was.

When Minos was too sure to say who was behind it, the man with an eye on the council entrance didn't hesitate to take him to the Commander.

The level 117 Supreme was also quick to greet Minos. Less than five minutes after the human with brown hair and a few white streaks entered the council area, he was in the office of the giant leader of the Armhands' operations.

"Officer Minos, I didn't expect to see you in my office again on such short notice." The man said as he looked at the small level 105 creature in front of him, and couldn't help but notice the Hydra Amulet around Minos' neck.

As much as the Sovereigns couldn't sense this artifact, he, a powerful Supreme, could clearly sense a powerful presence sealed within it.

'Oh? He didn't have that before.' He watched Minos as the young man clenched one of his hands into a fist in greeting.

"Commander, I've just returned from a mission in the Lost Soul region. Firestone Mines had built a portal on the main road in the area that was causing problems for the guild." Minos cut through the small talk and got right to the point.

"Firestone Mines? Hmm, I've heard of such a portal. Those old men have lost their sense of danger by acting so arrogantly." The Commander's face grew angry, but not to the extent that Minos thought this man should. "But how does this relate to the attack on The Blue Field?"

"I believe that those who attacked The Blue Field were the very ones behind the portal that I helped destroy."

The Chief Commander's eyes narrowed as he stared silently at Minos, his thoughts converging on the subject, analyzing the young man's suspicion.

"Why do you think that?" Asked the right hand of the Chief Commander, standing at the entrance of this office, which was as large as Minos' Imperial Hall in the Dry City.

Minos looked at this level 114 man and opened his mouth. "The Lost Soul Trail is an important area for several high-ranking forces in the central region. A force that wants to monopolize the area with a portal and a group of high-level Sovereigns are declaring war on all other organizations in the area and telling the world they are superior to everyone else.

When I arrived at Lost Soul Trail, I did not know the portal I had to destroy was so important. But when I encountered a group of several level 113 and 114 warriors, a portal so large that dozens of beings could pass through it at once, I understood this couldn't be a naive attempt to take advantage of others."

The Commander's gaze grew solemn, his dormant aura floating out of his control, a flicker of anger escaping from his enormous eyes.

"That…" The General felt his facial muscles twitch, his veins bulging.

He was not an inexperienced warrior. He knew such moves were not ill-considered. The problem was not that Firestone Mines was investing to show dominance in the Lost Soul region, but that they were investing heavily in something that couldn't work.

None of the major forces in the central region were powerful enough to dominate Lost Soul so much. And yet, Firestone Mines had made such an enormous investment?

Firestone Mines weren't run by amateur fools!

"So they're looking for a reason to attack us? That's why you think they're behind the attack on The Blue Field?" The Commander looked at Minos with a different mind, seeing before him not just any junior, but a man of great importance to the guild.

"Yes, Commander. That's quite a coincidence." Minos said, before adding what had happened in his experience in the Lost Soul region.

"I wasn't the only one who attacked the enemy portal. Besides me, ten aliens, members of the Aspiring Thugs, Bitter Predators, and Ebonbrows sects, took part in the battle that resulted in the death of the men from Firestone Mines and the destruction of the portal.

This leads me to believe if my analysis is correct, these forces will be attacked soon, if they haven't already been."

The General looked at the Commander and said. "I will send men to investigate if these three forces have been attacked. I'll put our spies in position near the Firestone Mines headquarters to move as well."

"Do that. I'll talk to the elders about this problem. If Minos is right, there may be more to it than we can see. Firestone Mines is not easy. If they want to start a war suddenly, maybe one of their elders has overcome a cultivation bottleneck!"

The General almost immediately broke out in a cold sweat, fearing that this was the case.

When someone reached the 12th stage, breakthroughs were so rare that those beings usually stayed at the same level for several generations.

Like the Commander of Armhands, he had been at level 117 for 3,000 years, and at that level, he had seen several generations of guild members join, grow up, die, and be replaced. In the meantime, his cultivation had not changed.

Supremes could stay at the same level for a long time. But when one of them advanced, or even when one of them was about to die, well, troublesome problems might arise!

The General nodded to the Commander and then left.

"Officer Minos, come with me. Today you'll meet with the Council of Elders." The Commander motioned for Minos to follow him as he led the way.

"This…" Minos hesitated for a moment, not expecting the Commander to take him to the strongest of the guild so easily.

"It is strange that your mission has led you to such strong opponents. We'll deal with it later and correct this mistake. For now, just come with me. The elders will want to see what you saw in the Lost Soul."

"All right."

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