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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2527 Battle and Destruction

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Chapter 2527 Battle and Destruction

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The moment Minos stole the cultivation of those three and finished killing them, the six level 114 Sovereigns in the camp raised their auras along with the other guards in position.

In the blink of an eye, 15 seconds after the start of Minos' flashy move, every single one of Firestone Mines' men in the camp had their attention on Minos and his three companions.

The three had already reached the portal and were setting up their detonators, a horrible sight for the men of this unit.

"Sh*t! Invaders!"

"Prepare for battle!" Shouted the first men, half of them moving against Minos, the other half going for the heads of the three who had just finished installing their bombs in the portal.

As they flew off, already attacking Minos and the three level 112 Sovereigns acting with him inside the camp, the enemies' seven companions attacked the members of Firestone Mines, now with their backs to them.

Of the seven, three were level 111, two were level 112, and two were level 113 individuals, with the level 112 Sovereigns now at level 113, and the level 111 Sovereigns at level 112.

Feeling the movement of his charges, Minos approached the weaker enemies while deflecting the attacks of the stronger ones. He went in search of the temporary level increase of his level 113 companions and the three allies who had just finished installing the detonation devices!

Three more level 113 allies appeared in Minos' group, while two level 114 men opened their eyes wide as they attacked the enemies from behind.


"Fuck! It's a trap!"

Several of the strongest Firestone Mine members trembled as they felt the spiritual fluctuations of the enemies increase, while deadly attacks approached them while they were unprepared.

Minos didn't stand still as he increased the total power of his group, surprising each of his allies with this sudden strengthening of the group.

While the three corpses felt their cultivation reach level 113 and moved around with a smile on their lips, thirsting for blood, Minos moved against the strongest in the area, looking for a challenge.

Using Invisibility and Intangibility, he appeared two meters behind one of the strongest opponents in the area. Then, using Temporal Sands, an hourglass formed around the man's body, slowing him down as his energies drained from his body and soul.

A golden sword materialized in Minos' hands and he moved it horizontally toward the enemy's neck.

Using gravity to his advantage to strengthen his attack and his ability to confine the unprepared enemy in front of him, Minos reached the enemy's neck.

He didn't sever it, nor did he manage to kill the enemy with this single blow. But before Minos disappeared and moved on to another opponent, this level 114 enemy fell to the ground, his body paralyzed as he bled profusely.

Surrounded by blades and with a wound that was sapping his strength, he was in dire straits! If he didn't flee or get high-level medical help in a hurry, he might die from this attack alone!

Unfortunately for this mighty warrior, not as strong as Artaud but tougher than Minos' old enemy, the one who wounded him wasn't the only worrying enemy around!

One of the Sovereigns who was temporarily at level 114, took advantage of the exciting feeling of being at that level to attack the strongest enemies in the area.

Seeing Minos' enemy was wounded, he dodged the counterattack of another level 114 Sovereign before using his octopus legs to break the wounded man's body in half.

At the same time, Minos used his remaining energy to wound two more level 114 Sovereigns, while his other strongest ally in the area took the chance to kill another peak opponent.

The remaining 8 living companions and 2 corpses also used as much of their temporarily borrowed power as they could, killing over 15 creatures 20 seconds after the battle broke out.

With half the group dead and the blood and corpses of the enemies spreading like a plague, Minos gave the signal for his companions to activate the sabotage devices.

The bombs of these three groups were activated and their timers began to work, giving 30 seconds to anyone who wanted to flee.

Minos collected the strongest corpses in the area, avoiding all other opponents while feeling his cultivation drop to level 107.

His innate ability could strengthen him, but how long these temporary powers would last depended on how he used them. If he used it to deal with a level 112 fight, these powers would last for several minutes. But if he used them against level 114 opponents, seconds would be all he had.

As his powers dwindled as half of his enemies died and his allies weakened, Minos prepared for his escape.

Everyone was to leave, as previously planned, when there were 18 seconds left before the bombs detonated—the time needed to ensure the enemies could not disarm the bombs and they could escape in time.

At the count of 11 seconds since the bombs were activated, Minos abandoned the other bodies in the area and began his escape at the same time as the rest of his temporary allies, each group fleeing in different directions.

The remaining enemies, three level 114 Sovereigns, seven level 113 Sovereigns, and the rest level 112 beings, tried to follow them for a moment, angry with today's enemies.

But after moving for two seconds, they looked back, knowing they would lose their portal if they just left everything behind and ran after the enemies.

"You weaker ones will chase them; their power will fall and they'll be vulnerable to us," said the strongest of the remnants as he and two others returned to disarm the bombs placed around the portal.

The weaker ones did what they were supposed to and headed off in four different directions while the three of them approached the portal.

Just as they were about to reach the three high-level bombs, they ran into barriers in their path.


The three of them shouted at the same time as they saw the timer was about to reset, while barriers stood in their way that would take them at least 10 seconds to overcome.

Realizing there was nothing they could do, they turned to run.

Three seconds later, the three bombs reached 0 and self-detonated!


The three level 114 men were too close to the area affected by the explosion. The moment the flash appeared at the position of that portal, their bodies were engulfed in flames and disappeared amid the disaster.

A strong wind spread out, and a few moments later, those who had fled were the first to hear the powerful bang, which could scare people up to several hundred kilometers away from the focus of the explosion.

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