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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2444 The Positioning of Neutral Civilizations

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Chapter 2444 The Positioning of Neutral Civilizations

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The day after Minos' party returned to The Enchanted Realm, he and his Armhands companions were already facing the terrible consequences of sacrificing their Flashdrain parasites.

Minos and the others returned to their normal cultivations, weakened, their bodies in terrible shape.

They were now in seclusion in the deepest and most secret areas of the Banished Crossfire headquarters, slowly recovering from their losses.

Given the situation they were in, it would take the entire group a few months to recover and cultivate again to become stronger. Meanwhile, Kendrick and the others had already recovered from the previous battle, having received help from the sect to treat their fatigue and minor injuries, which could be quickly cured with local help.

Now, the seven individuals who had sacrificed nothing to become temporarily stronger were cultivating the resources they had received the day before.

Vico, the robot, and Ruth had distributed the items from the spatial rings they had received from Minos the day before, giving each of their team members artifacts and resources compatible with them.

With great resources from different parts of the universe in hand, the group concentrated on cultivating in seclusion for the time being, leaving the war in the galaxy to the native forces, while there were no more internal problems for them in this world.

Grisdi, too, had recovered and would be at the disposal of the entire group to help them in the time to come.

But for the time being, she would have little or no contact with them. Interested in enjoying the peaceful time ahead of them, everyone in Minos' group would spend the next few months concentrating on improving themselves!

In the blink of an eye, the first month after Minos and his group returned to The Enchanted Realm following the death of the level 114 Sovereign from The Blossom World, the war had rapidly changed pace in that brief interval.

While Minos' group was cultivating on the planet with the largest time distortion in the galaxy, news of The Blossom World's two major defeats in recent weeks was spreading throughout the galaxy.

A month ago, a powerful warrior had invaded The Blossom World and killed a level 114 native and a dozen opponents between levels 113 and 112.

On the same day, reinforcements from The Blossom World landed on their world, but they weren't the only ones to arrive on it. On the same day, space portals opened there, and a small army from The Enchanted Realm invaded these lands, destroying everything in its path.

In just one day of attack, the forces of The Enchanted Realm destroyed 5 cities and took the lives of over 30 cultivators between levels 111 and 113, all of whom were natives of the area.

On that fateful day, there was a battle between two level 114 Sovereigns!

They fought for an entire hour, causing a great commotion that was felt even in the neighboring world of The Blossom World.

In the end, the sovereign of The Enchanted Realm won the battle, killing the native of The Blossom World before disappearing.

Now, no one in the galaxy knew exactly what happened to the battalion that had brought death and destruction to The Blossom World. Were they alive? Had they died in the battle's aftermath?

These were the questions not only of The Blossom World alliance but also of The Enchanted Realm alliance.

The fact was that the war had taken a new turn, and the forces of The Blossom World were losing power in a war that had been much more favorable to them until recently.

With the fall of two level 114 Sovereigns on the side of The Blossom World alliance, the war situation was now much less favorable to them!

In The Mirror Realm…

In this world, which had been neutral in the war, the local leaders met at the headquarters of the planet's sovereign organization.

In a place where some beings of different races were gathered, a level 113 individual said. "We must take a stand in the war now, or it will be too late in the future. With the fall of The Blossom World Sovereigns, that world has become very weak. It's possible that their alliance will fall apart soon. At that time, the victors of the war will take all the spoils for themselves.

We can't ignore the resources that will end up in the hands of the likely winner of the war, The Enchanted Realm."

The Mirror Realm was neutral in the current confrontation, but not because it didn't want to get involved in the confrontation, but because it didn't want to side with the losers!

One alien behind that civilization said. "I vote we ally ourselves with The Enchanted Realm. There are rumors among my people this civilization has gained a powerful ally, the one who is truly responsible for the death of the old man who stood guard in The Blossom World."

"If that's true, we'd better not oppose them. Even if the old man is dead, having such an ally would be enough to give them the upper hand in the war." Said another person.

"If everyone agrees, I suggest we send our men to eliminate The Blossom World's allies who are on world and Dream Station. This will be a good entry request for The Enchanted Realm alliance."

Everyone agreed to the offer, more than willing to take the minor risks of joining a war when one side of the confrontation was weakened and the other was strengthened.

But this situation in The Mirror Realm was not the only one in the galaxy. Around this powerful area of the universe, several civilizations that had not yet positioned themselves in the current conflict were emerging with new positions amidst the rumors.

While various civilizations were discussing the future of the war and how to position themselves at this time, Egerton reappeared in the galaxy, returning to The Enchanted Realm after a month's disappearance.

Emerging from a spatial distortion in the same area where Minos' party first arrived on this world decades ago, Egerton activated a communicator and said.

"This is Egerton, I'm alive. I have won the battle against the damned Ophion!" He said, sending this message not only to his men at the headquarters on this world but also to the other native of his world with level 114 cultivation.

"It's about time we won the war!"

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