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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2442 Minos’ Story

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Chapter 2442 Minos’ Story

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Minos looked at his staff and smiled. Then he said. "I know you have many questions. I will explain some things in the future, when I have the chance. Certain parts of what I experienced cannot be revealed, unfortunately. For now, I can only say I've been in a different place for the last 44 years, taking advantage of certain opportunities. In that place, I made the improvements you will learn about in the future. Among them are new skills and my ascension to the peak of level 103."

"Peak level 103? Is that your true cultivation?" Vico asked with a strange expression on his face.

They had thought that after four decades, Minos would be at the same level as Ruth, level 105. They hadn't expected him to have cultivated so slowly in the meantime.

"The place I was in was by no means simple. Although it had impressive opportunities, it was also extremely difficult to cultivate. As a result, my cultivation didn't progress as much as I would have liked while I was there. Fortunately, I'm stronger than my level shows."

This was the truth. His development itself wasn't impressive to him. But Minos couldn't help but be happy with his current situation. His physique was about to advance to the Celestial grade! When he advanced to level 115, he would probably have a good chance of achieving this qualitative advancement!

This was the greatest of all the benefits of his nearly 450-year stay in the Red Expanse!

"But you were lucky." Minos laughed in relief. "I should have spent another 55 years away. Fortunately, my time in that place was shortened. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to save you today."

Reflecting on their close call with death, each member of Minos' group couldn't help but feel a profound sense of gratitude and relief.

"But don't think about it. Now that I'm here, I have many things for you." Minos threw three spatial rings toward Vico, Ruth, and the robot. "I have separated these for you to divide among yourselves. I think these artifacts and resources will help you."

The three of them checked out what was in the spatial rings while the others looked at them curiously.

Ruth's eyes widened as she looked at Minos in surprise. "How did you get these?"

Vico and the level 106 robot had the same reactions as Ruth, looking at Minos' smile as he flew ahead of the group.

"That's only 10% of what I've accomplished in the nearly 450 years I've lived there… Everyone I fought was as talented as me, so don't be too surprised. There's plenty more where that came from."

"Unbelievable!" Vico muttered, looking at the many resources and artifacts that could easily enrich even a level 105 Sovereign.

Minos' opponents in The Red Expanse were only newly promoted level 100 Sovereigns. However, they were all the greatest geniuses of the worlds they came from, each of whom had achieved similar or even more impressive successes than Minos.

Minos, alone, when he left Zocarro, had an impressive fortune in his spatial ring that could attract the attention of even mid-level Sovereigns. It wasn't so far-fetched he had amassed great wealth with the hundreds of space storage items he had collected in The Red Expanse!

'There are things here that can help Lily and Hollie advance a level or two quickly… But even we might advance one level each in a few months.' Ruth thought to herself, considering they would need a few weeks to recover from their sacrifices and then cultivate to become stronger.

In addition, among the items Minos had collected, there were 5 absorbable weapons, as well as armor and weapons that could greatly enhance the potential of an 11th level mid-level warrior.

Some of these components were especially valuable to the level 106 robot, who needed higher quality weapons and components to increase the power of his physique.

Vico, Ruth, and the robot thought about how to share the resources Minos had given them with their companions, figuring that they would have to go into seclusion once they reached the sect they were returning to.

Minos continued to make way for the group until he spotted the location of the sect headquarters, where he had already spotted the sect's leaders and the strongest men in the area.

Minos sped up his speed, leaving his group behind as he entered the headquarters.

The moment he appeared there, the entire sect was alarmed, and the strongest people there, level 111 and 112 Sovereigns, dropped what they were doing to move against him.

When the sect leader saw Minos' face, he changed his expression.

The words of the level 114 Sovereign earlier were valuable not only to those who heard him announce his alliance with Emperor Stuart. Everyone who sees Minos in this world now felt he had all the authority of the planet's leader!

Sensing that something big had happened, the six strongest individuals in the sect lowered their guard as they looked at each other and gradually approached Minos.

"Your Excellency Minos Stuart, I presume." The sect master identified Minos by his appearance, which closely resembled a more mature and powerful version of Kendrick.

"Senior Kaith, it is good to meet the man who has taken care of my family in my absence." Minos appeared in front of the sect master, touching one of the man's shoulders without hesitation and with a smile on his face. "I hope you can forget the little escapade of Kendrick and the others. As you can see, no one was hurt. We're all on the same side in this current confrontation."

Kaith looked at Kendrick and then at Grisdi, his only niece, one of the exceptional talents of his sect. "So it seems… Well, Your Excellency, I'd like to apologize for what happened. We didn't intend to have problems with each other, but a war forces us to make terrible decisions."

"You did the right thing. If you hadn't held the group as long as you did, I wouldn't have been able to save them." Minos looked back and saw Kendrick and the others landing in the area where he was. "Then let's forget each other's mistakes. From now on we'll be partners until the destruction of The Blossom World!"

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