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«The Rise of the Black Plain (Web Novel) - Chapter 2169 Prehistoric Egg

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Chapter 2169 Prehistoric Egg

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After Minos started digging into the seabed, he took his time, breaking huge boulders in his path. His goal was to reach the underground of this area, where he believed his object of interest lay.

He would have to be careful with his digging, as there were several roots on the surface of the seabed due to the presence of the great spirit root in that area.

Even amid the Ice Age, the spiritual roots still had extreme properties that would cause anyone careless enough to touch them to catch fire from the high temperature of the root's branches or even explode from the immense amount of spiritual energy inside.

But Minos had virtually perfect control over his abilities because he also had a very powerful body, both because of his inheritance from the Dragon God and his Divine-grade Physique.

While using his Soul Avatar, Minos gradually approached something that would far surpass the value of a Divine Medicine.

As he gave one of his last sword strokes to open the path before him, Minos saw a light source coming from the deepest part of the place he had excavated.

Not only that, but he felt a distinct energy emanating from the depths of the area and suddenly spreading to the entire surroundings as if an expert had just appeared there.

Minos made his last move to remove the remaining layer of rock and sand from above his object of interest.

However, as he did so, he saw and felt the spiritual root of this area move against him while a branch of the root partially enveloped what looked like a large orange-golden egg.

"Oh?" Minos opened his mouth as he saw the lava-colored branches of that spiritual root chasing after him as if he were the supreme enemy of that living being.

Spiritual roots were living beings. No one knew for sure whether they were rational or not, but it was a fact that these subterranean organisms were alive.

But when he saw and felt the movement of that root, Minos realized that it was acting rationally to prevent him from taking that egg full of immortal energy and natural laws condensed within it.

He quickly understood why. 'It looks like you were secretly using that thing, huh?'

Minos dodged the first branches of the spiritual root that tried to attack him like snakes and spears. But he soon stopped moving by activating his most advanced techniques, infused with immortal energy.

As powerful and mysterious as spiritual roots were, they were not warriors and rarely moved. Fighting an intelligent, combat-oriented creature would not be easy. But when it tried to attack Minos, this root went very wrong.

Not only could Minos steal the cultivation of opponents of practically any nature, but he could also fuse almost all of his techniques, use his supreme weapon, and even use immortal energy. With a Divine Physique and a body as strong as a dragon's, it wouldn't be easy for the temperature or speed of those roots to hurt him.

The moment Minos activated Nullification, the branches of the spiritual root that tried to attack him began to disintegrate as if they were decomposing.

At the same time, the weight of gravity on the spiritual root increased many times over, slowing it down.

Several powerful blades formed around Minos while a golden dragon emerged from his body to protect him.

Within seconds of the spiritual root's attack, Minos saw the underground being in that area struggling as it tried to attack him while he felt his connection to the giant egg disappears.

He looked at the egg and scanned it, seeing that it seemed to be petrified, which made a lot of sense considering how much time had passed since the end of Panvuter.

Standing in front of the egg, Minos was certain that it belonged to the world of Fah'um of Dunov, a remnant of Panvuter!

Considering the millions of years that had passed, it was obvious it couldn't be alive.

But it was still extremely interesting to Minos, and he quickly bound it to himself with his energy, making the large egg float toward him.

As he did so, he felt the spiritual root of this area becoming more aggressive, but he didn't care and quickly collected the large prehistoric egg.

With it in his possession, Minos had no reason to stay in the area and soon began his escape to the surface of the sea, where the spiritual root attacking him could never reach him.

Spiritual roots had several weaknesses. One of them was that they couldn't move very far from where they lived underground. That meant that anyone who had the problem Minos had today would only have to fly into the sky or onto the surface of the sea to escape the reach of one of them.

Minos had stored the large egg in one of his spatial rings, so it was easy for him to move and get out of reach of this unexpected enemy.

Seconds after moving, he reached the sea's surface, where he changed his clothes and tried to warm up a bit from the freezing climate of the surroundings.

But he didn't decide to return to the Black Plain Empire right away. It would take him weeks to make his way back to his capital, but his curiosity about what he had just collected was too great.

He searched for an uninhabited floating island in that sea area and soon began to fly towards it at high speed.

After a few minutes, he would land on a relatively quiet and small island where there were no living creatures other than himself.

There, he would summon the large egg from his space ring to investigate the true value of this prehistoric remnant.

When he used his glowing eyes, he would notice some important characteristics of that being when it was still alive, clues from the past, but also a possibility within his grasp.

He had grown up a lot in the past few years and had come into contact with many innovative technologies and information that could shake the Spiritual World.

Considering all this, some possibilities that would be laughable to others didn't seem so impossible to the current Minos.

Finally, thinking about how advantageous it would be for him to be alive, Minos came up with the absurd idea of turning back time for this rest until he came back to life!

With this in mind, he would spend the next two months using his power over time to try to somehow alter the ancient egg he had found buried at the bottom of the sea!

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