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«The Ring That Defies The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1273: Face to Face

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Chapter 1273: Face to Face

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“Calm down. This isn’t me saying my final goodbye. Alone, I can at least escape easily. But with you guys… I might actually be forced to fight till my last breath,” Jiang Fei laughed as he retorted.

Jiang Fei was only so calm because he still had one last trump card he could use to kill his opponent for certain. The Core of Will had already recovered a little bit of energy, allowing Jiang Fei to use its powers to enter the 10th Dimension. Even if Alexis was stronger than predicted, he could never chase after Jiang Fei into the 10th Dimension.

Things would be entirely different if the girls were coming with him. He was not able to protect everyone and if they were in danger, he would have to buckle up even when he couldn’t. The girls were too weak; even the strongest, Isabella, was an ant compared to Alexis. Rather than helping him, they would be causing trouble for him.

Everyone understood and even though they did not want to leave Jiang Fei alone to face an enemy stronger than everyone combined, they had to lest they be deadweight for him.

With Jiang Fei’s order, the ship disconnected from the moon base and headed straight for the sun. 0541 controlled the ship to make it orbit around the Sun’s pole. In the worst case where Jiang Fei failed to defeat Alexis, 0541 would then take the helm and head toward another star system to save the last of homo sapiens.

0541 had already locked on all humans that Jiang Fei had deemed worthy to live. If Alexis defeated Jiang Fei and had his fleet approach the Sun itself, 0541 would forcefully teleport everyone aboard. Even though they would be confused about the situation, 0541 would be able to handle the crowd.

Amongst the selected humans were sect leaders with whom Jiang Fei had good relations, Level 5 Metahumans, and of course, his parents. Teleportation of Braveheart was so powerful that not even Level 5 grand masters such as Bai Shien could escape from its grasp. They would be saved and sent into the sea of stars, like Noah’s Ship; an exodus toward salvation.

“O great Earth, pray that I will be able to save you,” said Jiang Fei to himself as he took one last look at the Blue Marble. That would be the last time he had a good look of Earth as he headed toward a certain doom. If he failed, and all was lost, the Valsalrians would surely destroy Earth and the Solar System.

Now, Braveheart was long gone and Jiang Fei was alone on the moon base with the small cutter prepared by 0541. Five hours later, Jiang Fei arrived at the asteroid belt and stopped around Ceres, the same place where Isabella fought Balsris for seven days straight.

“Activate radar system,” Jiang Fei order. The small cutter was not linked with Braveheart and everything had to be done manually. Its function was incredibly limited as it was only recently put together to transport Jiang Fei across the Solar System. Activating the radar system was a purposeful move as he wanted to find the Valsalrians and be found by them.

He was there to stop them from proceeding further. He could never ambush the enemies since a single one-man cutter could only deal as much damage as a hammer to a building.

Jiang Fei sat quietly as he waited. There was no sense of time passing as time meant nothing in the large scale of the cosmos. Even though he was nervous when he arrived, he soon calmed down and awaited the second wave.

After waiting for an unknown amount of time, the dashboard lit up and showed several red dots across the board.

Jiang Fei sucked in a deep breath and prepared for the worst. There were at least ten Wayfinders appearing in space. After the defeat of the first, the enemy had become wary of the threat that lay within this planetary system.

In no time, the entire fleet of Valsalrian Ravagers appeared within sight. It was a small fleet of spaceships. Surrounding a larger Destroyer-class spaceship was four Corvette-class spaceships. The large Destroyer was only tens of kilometers long, a minute construction when compared to Braveheart. The others were also very much smaller but were carrying the latest technology, a far cry from the old and obsolete model that was Braveheart.

“Come at me! I’m right here!” Jiang Fei roared as he saw the incoming fleet. They were all surrounding and forming a blockade around Ceres. They had actually found him before he had found them. The only reason being the rest of the universe having had more than 10,000 years to develop their technology while Jiang Fei was stuck with the 10,000 year old spaceship.

“Hello? Hello? Come down if you can hear me, or are you expecting a door gift?” Jiang Fei taunted using the ship’s communicator via an unsecured public channel. Since Balsris could speak flawless Mandarin, the rest would surely be able to understand him.

“Hahahah! Savage of Earth! You’ve got some guts to be taunting like that!” Alexis laughed. Like the other Valsalrians, Alexis shared the same thirst for combat and violence. How could he reject such an invitation?

A flash of light was seen in front of Jiang Fei and Alexis was teleported there. He was even floating in front of Jiang Fei’s ship’s turret! The alien was not afraid that Jiang Fei might accidentally pull the trigger!

“F*cking hell!” Jiang Fei gasped as he saw the readings on the disc. Balsris was telling the truth; Alexis was indeed a fighter at 4,500,000 combat level.

“Come now… Are you going to stay in the ship and leave me alone out here?” Alexis commented as he glared at Jiang Fei through the front window. The alien had actually gotten interested in Jiang Fei for being able to taunt him like that. But seeing that he was still hiding in his ship, he started to losing interest.

As a Valsalrian, Alexis liked those who were brave and strong. He had actually thought that Jiang Fei was someone of the same calibre and was disappointed when he saw him behaving cowardly.

“Hmph, please. You merely caught me with my pants down. Well, since you’re so eager, I shall come to you. Stand still and don’t piss yourself. I wouldn’t want anything disgusting to drift around my backyard!” Jiang Fei retorted. He had always been pretending to be someone stronger than he really was. It was his trademark move even when he was still playing Dawn Break.

“Tsk… Only 60,000.” Alexis clicked his tongue and grunted when he took a reading of Jiang Fei’s combat level. It was an unexpected number but as a commander of the 7th Division, Alexis was experienced enough to not underestimate him, or anyone.

Space was huge and there were a plethora of species across the cosmos. They might first appear meek and weak but once they entered a battle state, they would become something else entirely. Sometimes even the Valsalrians would give up and ran.

However, based on public records of the Solar System, Earth was the only planet hosting intelligent life form and the Terrans were nothing but a weak species. Even so, to dare to stand against a small fleet of Valsarians set Jiang Fei from the rest of the Terrans.

While Alexis was examining Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei was doing the same to him. The alien was almost identical to Balsris in terms of appearance; having pink colored, rough skin, a harden carapace skull and head. As how humans looked slightly different from one another, it would be hard for Jiang Fei to notice the difference between Valsalrians.

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