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«The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 671 - Why was it her?!

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Chapter 671: Why was it her?!

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“It was Xing Li!” Yu Yuehan finished her sentence with conviction.

“How could it be her though? Xing Li is your sister. Plus, you had been taken away. Why did she go to your room to burn things?” Xing Fang asked.

This question had confounded her for the past decade.

Since she could not figure out the reason, no one would believe her despite what she said.

“That was because from the start, she never wanted this sister!” Yu Yuehan raised his hand slightly and picked up the picture frame from the metal box.

They had never been able to verify where Nian Xiaomu had been at the time of the fire.

Why was she the only one who escaped unscathed?

Xing Fang’s words were like the last missing piece of a puzzle that could help them resolve their doubts.

It was a well known fact that the Xing couple doted on their younger daughter, Xing Xing, very much. The madam even gave up her job to look after Xing Xing so that she could devote all her time to her.

In other people’s eyes, it was simply parental love. However, in the eyes of Xing Li who was still a child, what did it seem like?

It appeared that her parents only loved her younger sister and not her.

If they were biological sisters, she might still have been able to accept it.

From the start, Xing Li knew that Xing Xing was not her biological sister.

An outsider had appeared to steal her parents from her.

She had stolen the love that should have belonged to her…

Xing Li was only older than Xing Xing by two years. When she saw how her own parents were doting on Xing Xing like she was a princess, she could not help but feel neglected.

If no one provided any guidance, the hatred she harbored toward Xing Xing would intensify as time went by!

This was why of all days, the fire had happened on the day that Nian Xiaomu was sent away.

It was because Xing Li had waited for that day to come for a long, long time…

The day she had been anticipating had finally come. The person who had snatched her parents away from her was gone.

She was delighted.

On top of being thrilled, she was also worked up and felt indignant…

That was why on the day Xing Xing left, Xing Li had run into her room to burn up everything that she had left behind.

She wanted to make it seem like this person had never existed so that her nightmare would come to an end.

However, she did not expect to knock over the fire pan and cause the fire to spread…

This was all Yu Yuehan’s conjecture.

To prove this point was not difficult though.

“When the fire broke out, where were the bodies of the Xing couple found?” Yu Yuehan asked.

“Right outside Xing Xing’s room. It’s said that they had rushed to save Xing Xing, which was how they got burned to death.” Xing Fang sighed as she spoke.

“Where was Xing Li found injured then?” Yu Yuehan asked again.

“As for that…” Xing Fang wanted to ask something, but suddenly, a thought struck her!

“That’s right! Why didn’t I think of it? Xing Li was found outside her bedroom. She was holding a photo frame and some toys. We thought that she had escaped from her room and fainted from inhaling too much smoke. What everyone failed to realize was that Xing Li’s room was right across from Xing Xing’s! She could have run out of Xing Xing’s room!”

Yu Yuehan narrowed his eyes and coolly answered, “We’ll know if we are right when we find Xing Li.”

He took out his cell phone and dialed his assistant’s number.

“Master Han, we have checked the surveillance cameras. Just like you guessed, Xing Li was seen on camera secretly leaving the Xing villa and was not kidnapped. Her motive is very clear. She hailed a taxi, and her current location is… at the Fan villa!”

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