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«The Rest Of My Life Is For You (Web Novel) - Chapter 1118 - Unreal

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Chapter 1118: Unreal

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Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

This was still City H, Yu Yuehan’s turf.

They were not afraid of King of Hell trying anything funny.

Under the cruiser were all Yu Yuehan’s men, in an hour, if they hadn’t left the cruiser safely, King of Hell’s cruiser wouldn’t be able to leave City H.

Nian Xiaomu picked up the cup, shook it in front of Yu Yuehan and asked carefully, “It really can’t be drunk?”

Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “I will let you drink if you don’t say that I am worse than Tan Bengbeng.”

Nian Xiaomu was in disbelief.

She thought that there was something wrong with the tea, who knew that he was just jealous.

What a stingy person!

Her Bengbeng was missing and she was unsure if she was alive. She was so worried.

It didn’t matter if he did not comfort her, but he got jealous when she mentioned Bengbeng?

Upon seeing that the tea was fine, she narrowed her eyes and drank from it.

The faint fragrance was lingering in her mouth and it brought about a calming effect.

No wonder he was the King of Medicine.

Even such a normal cup of tea was so different.

Immediately, Nian Xiaomu’s confidence that he could cure Tang Yuansi increased.

Now, they just had to convince King of Hell to help.

Thinking of this, Nian Xiaomu looked at Executive Assistant Yang. “We can’t go out, but you can. Just say that Yu Yuehan tasked you to do something and walk around the deck. If any woman appears, remember what she looks like and immediately check her background!”

Executive Assistant Yang understood Nian Xiaomu’s words immediately.

He left the guest room.

“Mischievous!” Yu Yuehan flicked a finger at her forehead.

She had just agreed to be obedient and in a few minutes, she was up to no good.

Yu Yuehan let her be.

Anyway, he was here. Even if she got into a huge mess, he would clean up for her.

It was better than Nian Xiaomu and Yu Yuehan expected.

In ten minutes, King of Hell appeared.

There was a sound of wheels rolling from the door, Yu Yuehan and Nian Xiaomu turned around together.

Upon seeing King of Hell’s appearance, there were some slight changes in their eyes.

His long silver hair was tied loosely behind his head.

His eyes were narrowed.

His pupils looked white, however, on a closer look, it became grayish-silver…

He had an aquiline nose and thin lips.

He did not smile, he had no expression on his face.

However, there was this unsettling aura emitting from him that made people uncomfortable.

“So handsome…”

Nian Xiaomu gasped and was glared by Yu Yuehan.

She spat her tongue.

“You are the most handsome. It is just that he looks as if he has walked out of a comic book, it is a bit special.”

It was not just a bit!

Nian Xiaomu had never seen anyone like that in her life.

Yu Yuehan and King of Hell were two different kinds of good looking.

When Yu Yuehan was not smiling, he looked chivalrous. It was only when he grinned that he would look bewitching.

Till this day, Nian Xiaomu had never seen anyone who looked better than Yu Yuehan.

However, King of Hell looked like someone out of a manga.

So unreal.

Just by looking at him, one would doubt his own eyes.

That was how enthralling he looked!

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