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«The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 1029 A Little Dizzy

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Chapter 1029 A Little Dizzy

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Seeing Xia Xibei drink the water, Xia Jun’s originally nervous heart suddenly calmed and he immediately smiled with joy.

“Good! After drinking this cup of water, we will be reunited as father and daughter!” He laughed loudly, “Come, let’s eat!” He enthusiastically gave Xia Xibei some food, looking very happy.

Xia Xibei took a look at the dishes and didn’t hesitate to pick up her chopsticks and start eating. She didn’t eat anything before she came here today.

The dishes Xia Jun ordered were all made with very high-quality ingredients, and the prices were not low.

Moreover, this was the first time Xia Jun had invited her to eat, so she had to eat more.

Xia Jun watched as Xia Xibei ate almost all the dishes on the table, while he only had a little food.

Xia Xibei’s appetite dazzled him!

This was simply horrible! Was her stomach a black hole?!

He couldn’t help but carefully look at Xia Xibei’s… Stomach.

After eating so much, how come her stomach didn’t show any changes?

What kind of stomach was this? After a while, he reacted.

She had drank the water a while ago, how come she had no reaction yet?

Was there nothing in the water?

That couldn’t be! He had put the stuff in with his own hands!

Could it be that they had made a mistake?

If there was a mistake, how would they proceed next?

While Xia Jun was anxious, Xia Xibei finally rubbed her eyes with a puzzled look.

“Why am I so sleepy?” “Sleepy?” Xia Jun seemed pleasantly surprised. “If you’re sleepy, go to sleep! There is a room here! How tired you must be, flying around all the time!”

This hotel was very thoughtful.

You could only think about certain things when you were warm and fed…

So, after preparing the room next to this one and eating and drinking enough, they could let it play out. Xia Xibei smiled coldly to herself as she saw Xia Jun’s excitement.

She nodded, “Ok.”

Xia Jun led her inside while he mumbled, “I’m not trying to nag you as your Dad, but a girl does not need to work so hard. Hust find a good family to marry into, and you’ll be set up for life. Wouldn’t that be great…”

Listening to these silly remarks, Xia Xibei’s eyebrows lowered to keep herself from exploding and kicking him out.

Looking for a good family?

What was a good family? And who could guarantee that they would be good for life?

Especially the so-called good family in Xia Jun’s opinion, which was even more horrific.

Xia Xibei didn’t say anything, just followed him inside.

Xia Jun asked while looking back at her, “How do you feel? Still not feeling well?”

“A little dizzy, a little hot,” Xia Xibei replied.

Xia Jun was even happier, but said with concern, “The weather in G City is like this. It’s November and it’s still so hot. I’ll turn on the air conditioner for you, take a rest.”

Soon, the two of them went into the small room next to the dining area.

The room was small, but it had everything, and the bed was huge.

When she saw the bed, Xia Xibei’s mouth stiffened, and then she walked over.

“You sleep for a while, I’ll wait for you outside. There’s no rush.”

“Okay,” Xia Xibei nodded obediently, then laid down on the bed.

Looking at her lying down and closing her eyes, Xia Jun was even happier. Hearing the sound of the door closing, Xia Xibei opened her eyes but did not sit up. After a while, there was movement outside.

Then, the door opened.

Several people walked in.

“Young Master Qiao! Don’t worry, she has fallen asleep.”

Xia Jun’s irritating voice rang out, full of flattery. “Great, you’ve done a good job!” Qiao Haoming nodded in satisfaction.

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