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«The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 2218: Helping the Wen Family (2)

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Chapter 2218: Helping the Wen Family (2)

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Half an hour later.

“Bring a clean basin over.” Qi Xibei said.

“A basin? Good!”

Wen Juncheng immediately nodded. He gave a look to the person serving him at the side, and that person rushed out.

Soon, a basin was brought over.

Qi Xibei placed the basin next to Wen Guqun and took back the silver needles.

Then, she used a silver needle to cut Wen Guqun’s wrist and made a cut. As soon as the wound appeared, blood immediately came out of Wen Guqun’s hand.

After the thick black and sticky blood came out, everyone could not help but take a step back.

Even Wen Luochun, who had just come out, couldn’t help but take a step back.

He had killed countless enemies on the battlefield and had seen all kinds of smells and scenes.

However, when the blood came out, the smell was really too terrifying!

If Wen Luochun was in the modern era, he would definitely think that this was the most terrifying biochemical weapon!

Even Wen Guqun’s expression froze.

The smell of the blood was too terrifying. Due to the distance, the terrifying smell rushed straight into his nose, causing him to be in a daze. His vision almost went black and he fainted.

Liu Yiya and the other two also retreated until they were outside the door. They breathed a sigh of relief when they could breathe in the fresh air.

This smell was too terrifying!

Among so many people, only Qi Xibei’s expression remained the same.

She already knew about the situation of the Wengu Group, and she had also forced out the poison inside, so naturally, she would not be attacked by these smells.

She had already blocked her sense of smell, so she naturally could not smell these scents.

She calmly tapped on Wen Guqun’s hand a few times, and the blood flowed out crazily.

If there were medical students here, they would definitely feel terrified. This was a cut on the artery!

If this blood flowed too much, wouldn’t people die?

As the blood continued to flow out, Wen Guqun’s face became paler and paler.

He had lost so much blood that he was about to faint.

Looking at Wen Guqun’s expression, Wen Juncheng was very nervous.

Did something happen?

However, he did not dare to say anything.

Since Qi Xibei had made a move, he naturally had to believe in her abilities. Qi Xibei continued to press down on Wen Guqun’s hand, letting the blood flow.

“Master Maverick, is that enough…”

Seeing his son’s pale face, Wen Juncheng’s face also turned pale.

He could not help but remind her in a low voice. If this continued, even the healthiest person would die!

Qi Xibei glanced at him. His mouth moved, but in the end, he shut it.

“It’s fine. Master Maverick, please continue.”

Wen Luochun looked at his son and said to Qi Xibei.

Qi Xibei nodded and continued to press the acupuncture points on Wen Guqun’s hand mercilessly, making more blood flow.

Wen Juncheng was also slowly becoming numb. Perhaps after the blood ran out, his son would die?

Just as Wen Guqun’s face was about to turn as white as a sheet, Qi Xibei finally let go and tapped Wen Guqun’s hand.

Then, Wen Guqun stopped bleeding.

“Master Maverick…” Wen Guqun’s smile was very ugly, and his lips were pale.

Qi Xibei’s hand moved, and a bottle appeared in his hand.

She poured out the pill inside and stuffed it into Wen Guqun’s mouth.” I ate it.’”‘

Wen Guqun was already exhausted, but he still opened his mouth and ate the pill.

After the pill slipped into his mouth, Wen Guqun felt that his originally weak body finally had a lot of strength…

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